86.76% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 59: Evacuation order of Toul

Chapter 59: Evacuation order of Toul

H.A.U.N.T.S. Second in command, Lieutenant Colonel Gwen Oswald POV.

"Ready to touchdown!"

After the pilot say that, he then open the back door.

"Copy that! Team! Diamond formation! Conrad, you take point! Feli take three! And Yuri take nine! I'll stay with the VIP! Captain Iskandar, you with me at all time!"

When we landed, Conrad, Yuri and Feli then quickly exit the helicopter, while captain Iskandar and I stay inside.




"Copy! Exiting the bird!" After hearing all clear from Conrad, Yuri and Feli, captain Iskandar and I then exit the Osprey, while the pilot turn the engine off.

Few moments later we were welcomed by a group of armed soldiers that had their guns aimed at us.

"All of you stand down! I am Captain Iskandar, leader of the 34th Golem squad! I am here on direct order from his majesty King Alexander himself!"

Hearing this, one of the soldiers then holster his weapon and approach us. "Iskandar my friend! It realy is you!" The soldier then remove his glasses and mask.

"Faizal! It's been so long!" I guess they are friend with each other. Captain Iskandar didn't beat around the bushes and immediately tell his friends the news. "Faizal take me to viscount Jamal. I'm afraid it is the worse scenario."

"So it's true then. His majesty realy did order the evacuation."

Gloominess then appear on the soldiers' faces, including Faizal's. I guess it can't be helped considering they have to abandon their hometown.

"That's true. But fear not, his majesty manage to recive some reinforcement from the Eldia kingdom."

"Lieutenant Colonel Gwen Oswald, H.A.U.N.T.S. vice commander." After I introduce myself, this soldier named Faizal then looked at me, my team, and then at the Osprey.

"You have my thanks for trying to help us. But I think your help will be in vain. The enemy is approaching faster than we had anticipated."

"What do you mean? The enemy is still around 3 days away from us right?"

"That if they are normal army. Our forward scouts has report that this army didn't take any rest, not even a short break. They just keep on marching without stop. We estimated that they will arrive tomorow, at sunset."

"This is not good. Lieutenant Colonel Gwen, what should we do."

"The Halo squadrons will be here in less than 7 hours. The evacuation it self should take at least 20 hours. While the enemy will be here in 26 hours, maybe less. We are cutting it to close. We have no choice, we will set up some defensive around the city to buy some time. Mr. Faizal, how many soldier do you have in this city?"

"Not enough."

"Drop the melodramatic and give me the exact number!"

"Including me, 388 men!"

"That will do."

With that number, all we need to do is provide them with better weaponaries. I then run toward the cockpit. "Pilot, patch me trough to Admiral Hughes."

"Yes ma'am. Aircraft carrier Queen Eliza, this is OSV-17. Requesting an emergency call to Admiral Hughes."

After few time repeating that request, Queen Eliza finaly gave an answer. "OSV-17 this is Admiral Hughes. What's the emergency?"

"Admiral Hughes. This is Lieutenant Colonel Gwen Oswald of the H.A.U.N.T.S. team. We have an update about the enemy's ETA. They will arrive in 26 hours, maybe less."

After some pause, Admiral Hughes then ask me again. "I understand. What do you need?"

This is the question that I was waiting for. "I need 20 M134D Minigun, and 20 MK-47 Striker with enough bullet for three time reload. Next, I will need 400 M4 Carbine, 100 M110 with 15 magazine each. Then, 50 M32 MGL with enough rounds for ten time reload. Lastly, I need 500 S-mine, 500 claymore, 500 km long barbed wire, and 100 radio."

"Noted. All of the things you requested will be send by air, ETA one hour. I will also speed up Halo squadron's departure, they will arrive in less than 6 hour. That should buy you more time. Good luck and god speed."

"Thank you admiral." I then cut the com and head toward Faizal and tell him what to do. "Mr Faizal, I need you to gather some volunteer to help us build defensive. Also, order the rest of the people to gather their belongings and tell them to leave the food behind. They may bring all of their valuables as long it didn't hinder the evacuation."

"Do you think we will made it?"

"Help will arrive less than 6 hour, and all we need to do his hold the enemy for few hours. Or what, do you wish to surrender? If you do, let me tell you something. Those things are called the uruk-kai, is a hybrid between human, elf, and ogre. And from what I hear, they didn't take prisoner, they turn them into food."

After I said this, some of the men began to shudder. I guess I gone too far. But, it's better than them not knowing and decided to surrender.

"Conrad, find a suitable drop site and ready the signal smoke. Feli, Yuri, both of you with me."


"Now, captain Iskandar, let us meet viscount Jamal."

"Yes miss Gwen. Faizal, just do what she say."

After captain Iskandar said those word to Faizal, we then head toward viscount Jamal's mansion. Few minutes later we have arrived at viscount Jamal's mansion that is the highest building in the city. From here, I can see the soon to be battlefield perfectly.

When we enter the mansion, an old man is waiting for us.

"Viscount Jamal."

After called out to the man, captain Iskandar then bow down. So this old man is the Viscount.

"Iskandar, welcome back."

"Thank you, I wish it was for a better reason. Let introduce you, this is Lieutenant Colonel Gwen Oswald of the Eldians army. She's here to help us evacuating Toul."

"Thank you for your help miss Gwen. But if I may ask, what is your plan to help us."

I then explain Viscount Jamal the entire plan. The Halo extraction, our close call evacuation, and my plan to set up defensive around the city to buy more time.

"I see... In that case, you may use me and my personal guards as extra soldiers."

"But Viscount!.." Captain Iskandar shocked after hearing Viscount Jamal's decision. But he can't say another word after the Viscount gave him his reasoning.

"What kind of leader would I be if I'm the first person that run away from this city. No, I will be the last person that leave the city or the first one that died protecting it's people."

"Thank you Viscount, your help is appreciated. I already ask for some weapons from my superior officer, enough to weaponize more than 500 people. It should..."

When I say this, suddenly some one called me trough the radio. "Haunts 2, this is Rodan 1. We're approaching the airdrop zone."

"There you are! That was fast!" I answer the call while ran toward the balcony. Viscount Jamal and Captain Iskandar became curious, and follow me out.

"It's a special delivery. Give us the coordinates."

"Conrad, pop the smoke. Rodan 1, search for a blue smoke."

"Blue smoke sighted. Enjoy your presents."

After the C-130 near the blue smoke, I can see a box being thrown out from the back of it.


"You're dropping it from that high!? It'll break!"

Captain Iskandar and Viscount Jamal were shocked after seeing the cargo being thrown out. But their shock turn into confusion, when they saw the cargo is descending slowly thanks to the parachute. I always can't help myself from smirking, when I see the reaction of the people outside of Eldia after they saw these technologies and gadgets. After the cargo landed, I can see Conrad immediately check the cargo.

"How's the cargo Conrad?"

"Still checking.. 500, 500, 400, 100, 100, 50, 20, 20, 500 kilo.. All radio, weapons and ammo checks out. They even send us 500 vest to hold the M4 and M110 ammo, and some 40mm ammo belts."

"Nice. We'll heading there with the Vicount."

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"Roger that. Out."

I then look toward the plane. "Rodan 1, cargo accepted, all checks out. Thanks."

"Copy. Also, there's a message from the Admiral. 'Dispose the toys after use'."

"Message recived."

"Roger that, returning to base."

I then see Rodan 1 heading east, toward the fleet. I then speak toward the Vicount. "Just as you heard just now vicount, we will go to the cargo to grab the weapons. I sugest you bring all of your men."

"Very well miss Gwen."

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