76.92% Aether Overlord / Chapter 10: Stop passing out

Chapter 10: Stop passing out

When the front door closed, the man made his way in to the kitchen with Ren in tow.

"Please take your sit, I'll get the meal ready." The man said as he took of an apron that was placed on the chair. He pulled it up and wore it over his ridiculously large body. It didn't look strange at all though because the apron was a perfect fit to his size. It was humongous just like a picnic blanket.

He pulled chair after wearing the apron. He did it gently similar to how a butler's open the doors for their masters. A professional chair puller, that's what he is. Ren how was floating just besides the man went over to the chair and he was laid down on the chair just like how someone would lie down on a bed.

"No no, not like that." The man waved his hands once again and Ren was properly sat on the chair.

"Good, now wait here okay? The man said.

No one knows if he was talking to Ren because he thought he was semi-unconscious and he could hear him or he was talking to him just because he wanted to talk. It was weird but there was no one who could criticize the man that's why he was like that.

Now, the man went off to the kitchen, he was still singing his awful song and together with the noise of food being cooked in a hot oil pan, it created a disastrous harmony that could drive even the most noblest and down-to-earth monks insane.

Ren sat unconscious on the chair. His head was drooped down just like how it has always been whenever it was 4 AM in the morning during breakfast before school. The water that brought him over to the house was gone. It went to where the man went when he left.


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"Dangerous entity detected! Suggested course of action is to run far away." The system continued to warn him.

Ren's body responded to the warning. He tilted his head a litte to the right. It looked like someone was shouting at him to wake up as a pained expression was all over his face.

"5 more minutes..." Ren muttered under his breath.

Suddenly his eyes opened wide. He moved frantically and pushed himself againsy the table.


The chair fell backwards and Ren hit his head at a bad spot. Unconscious once again.

The singing stopped and heavy footsteps echo across the kitchen. The man went back to where Ren was.

"This stupid kid..." The man sighed. He waved his hands once again, and Ren body floated, but this time he let placed Ren in the living room where there was a couch, a fireplace, a low rectangular table and a few other ornaments.

Ren was placed on the couch and the man left again.

"Just cook for yourself later." He said in a loud voice as he waltz back into the dining room then to the kitchen. Who knows what kind of food he was brewing in there. The torturous singing started once again.


Ren woke up again 3 hours later. The first thing he did was touch the back of his head. It hurts. He had a concussion because of the fall he suffered. Ren woke up, finally. The first thing that greeted him was the celling. He pushed himself up and looked around.

"A bed? Wait... this is a couch?" He placed his hand over the couch feeling its softness. The only way he knew that it was a couch because it had a backrest couch usually had. He looked at the doors as well and thought it was oddly huge.

"What is this place? Did I die and reincarnated somewhere else once again?" He thought. He got up and sneaked all over the place like a ninja. He looked like he was a kid playing pretend games but because everything was big in the house, he managed to hid himself from plain sight every time he stopped.

He went over to a bookself. The books were as big as his torso and the titles were written in using letters he never came across with.

"What is this place?" He spoke in a whisper.

Ren decided to check his event log.

He was presented with a long list of 'Dangerous entity' warnings. When he skimmed through it he immediately tensed up. Suddenly his heard his stomach growling as a wonderful smell was crusing throughout one of the doors.

Ren couldn't resist. He was unbelievably hunger so he pushed the gigantic door open and went straight for the food on the table. Just as he was about to gnaw down on the fried chicken, he stopped. He thought about the warnings he recieved a few hours ago. It was not a good idea to eat right now, specially if the food belonged to that 'dangerous entity'.

"First , I need to get out of here and-"

"Dangerous entity approaching! Suggested course of action is to hide." Another warning resounded inside Ren's head.

Immediately, he panicked.

'Where to hide, where to hide?' The thoughts ran amok in his head. He looked like those kids playing hide-and-seek and was not able to find a hiding spot when suddenly he heard the catcher saying "Ready or not here I come!".

Ren didn't have any idea where to go to, so he hid behind the door.

Heavy footsteps once again. It made the floor vibrate. The water inside the glass moved in beat with every step. The scene was a knock-off from the movie 'Jurassic Park'.

When he saw the water move, he began to think that it might really be a dinosaur that entered the house. His heartrate sped up and he couldn't help but close his eyes.

"Kid? Where did you go?" The man said in a loud voice. He just entered the living from outside and saw that the boy was no longer on the couch.

He made his way into the dining area. The only thing that seperated the man and Ren was the door. The man went in and closed the door of the dining room. Then their eyes met.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" Ren shouted.

In response, the man shouted as well.

It continued for a dozen seconds until Ren got tired. He collapsed in fear once again. The man saw Ren limply fall on the floor once again. He looked irritated and he said in a loud, angry voice-

"Stop passing out!"

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