33.65% The System Of Somatosensation( On Hiatus) / Chapter 32: The Golden Key

Chapter 32: The Golden Key

The key is color gold and its bigger than a regular key. The key was made of pure gold as Tetsuo tried to put it on a vinegar to test if it is a real gold. Seeing the gold key remained the same. The only peculiar about it is that it can't be melted by his (Crimson Flames) and even the corroding power of (Poison Bullet) is rendered useless. Instead, the key absorbs every power he directs on it. Even normal fire can't smelt it to ingot. He did it without touching it and just used a tong to pick it up. He is a bit hesitant to touch because it might have some sort of curse. Now that he can't identify the key at all, his only choice is to touch it and read the database of his Somatosensation System. As Tetsuo touched the key, the notification he is waiting appeared.

"Ding! Congratulations for learning (Mana Drain)! Ding! Database updated: (Key of the Heavens)!"

As Tetsuo read the name, he felt he is touching something legendary. Also, different from the most items he touched, this is the only item with the name colored into Violet.

"I think I have stumbled into something incredible!" Tetsuo murmured to himself.

As he scan the database, he frowned seeing the content of the Key.

"Data locked. Unlocked only if the user reaches level 300."

"F*ck!!" Tetsuo wanted to berserk seeing the content being locked. It was restricted to him unless he reached level 300! And he want to spat blood seeing the number 300. That is a ridiculous level requirement! He was still level 18 and grinding experience is the hardest thing to do. And seeing the level 300, will he ever achieve that? Helpless, he decided to scan the library of Butatsu for an information of the key. Despite only interested in drowning on lust, Butatsu's library is very huge and has many varieties of books ranging from history, artifacts and most are compendium of beasts. He looks around and pick the books of artifacts.


After scanning the books for about 5 hours, his eyes are now droopy and he only finished reading 12 books out of 100 books of artifacts. It is really insane and scanning the 12 books already drained his willingness to read the books left. As Tetsuo throws away the book, his eyes are very tired and sooner or later, he will fall asleep. He was not able to finish that many books in his past life in just a day. His system has no library function that can accumulate books and its contents. He envy the system of the person from a novel in his past life where he can store a duplicate book in his mind once he reads or look for flaws in it. This time, he wanted to borrow the system of that person for this situation. He didn't realize that he slowly drifts to dreamland and sleeps on the stacks of books..


Tetsuo is drowning in the deep sea. He is not good in swimming because he has no opportunity to practice in the past because of his sickness in Leprosy. Hey struggles to swim but failed. Soon, a large snake appeared in the surface and coils him on his neck and body. He slowly can't breath and he saw the snake opens its mouth and swallows Tetsuo whole....

Tetsuo woke up and feels something heavy being stacked near his neck. He then realized that it is a leg. And the owner was Sumire, sleeping with her mouth open and her feet is resting on Tetsuo's neck.

Dumb*as!! Are you going to kill me?!" Tetsuo throws her leg off on him. Sumire didn't respond and just keeps on sleeping with her saliva slowly dripping on her mouth.

The snake that coils him in his dream is the leg of Sumire and the reason why he is in the sea is because of the sweat on the bed. The waves of the sea is Sumire's irregular sleeping movements and he was really struggling for real not because his drowning or being coiled by a snake but due to the leg Sumire rested on his neck preventing him from sleeping normally. Tetsuo remembered that he was in the library that time and has fallen asleep in there. Though he is wondering how he get in the bed together with Sumire, he didn't want to experience that experience again.

Tetsuo angrily gets off the bed and Sumire continued sleeping. As he leave the bed, he saw Suzaku on the sofa of the bedroom holding the peculiar Key of the Heavens. Looks like Suzaku is the one who put them on the bed. Also, it is already nighttime. Looks like he sleeped very long. Suzaku noticed Tetsuo and smiled.

"You're awake, are you hungry? I have a bit of barbecue here," Suzaku said.

"Ah, I'm not hungry," Tetsuo walks on the table nearby and sits on top of it. Suzaku continues to examine the peculiar key.

"Do you know about it, Suzaku?" Tetsuo asked.

Suzaku looks at him and then returns on looking back on it.

"How did you find this?" Suzaku's tone is serious.

" I found that key to the wall were the paintings earlier. I discovered that key after burning the paintings down," Tetsuo explained.

Suzaku shooked her head and she looks confused.

"How did a person living this house gets his hands on this?" Suzaku keeps on examining the key.

"Huh? Is something wrong with it?" Tetsuo gets curious after seeing Suzaku's reaction.

" I know little about it. I heard it from a god similar to me who knows a lot. Though that god isn't sociable much. The God of Knowledge, Thoth knows this key much better. Anyway, this key is known also as a legendary item called Key of the Heavens. It has something to do with the city called Chained City in the Sky. It has something to do with some sort of seal in that city but I don't know the full details," Suzaku explained. Tetsuo was stunned. He read a story of this city once when he was 4 years old but it is considered as a myth so he didn't pay much heed on it. He didn't expect something like a storybook location which is considered as a myth is really existing. Looks like the skull shaped key is an object not meant to be obtained.

"If you want more info about it, we should ask Thoth," Suzaku suggested.

Tetsuo shook his head and take the key from Suzaku's hands.

"Let's do that when I become stronger," Tetsuo clenches the key on his hands. To face what that key really holds, he needs to get stronger soon..

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  • Morvian


    ckckckck!~ dislike this type sumire girl no matter how many times I see!~

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