97.16% Redeeming the Sins of Xu Rouguang [BL] [Revised] / Chapter 137: Intolerable Existence

Chapter 137: Intolerable Existence

Red Lotus Garden...

The legendary city of the old world which held its stand against the demonkind for centuries until Emodao the Bleeding brought down its walls from the inside. It was also the first place where the gods descended and shared their blood with the mortals.

Lai Mingjie looked away as he heard those words again. Wenrou said that he sold his memories of that place for peace. What did he discover within those walls that he had to ask someone else to make him forget? What did he do that he basically gave birth to a monster that soon hunted him to death? He met Xu Rouguang—his sworn love—within those walls, and yet he had wiped them out of his head.

"I don't know what you're talking about..." Lai Mingjie sighed and happened to glance at his wristwatch. It was past ten already, and the party wasn't even halfway there. He felt so tired that he wanted to sleep already. Then again, Zhenye was going to attack... "Can you find Tianshi? She walked out on me earlier..."

"The collapse of Red Lotus Garden is attributed to you. Why are you telling me that you know nothing about it?" Chartreuse huffed as she placed a hand on her waist, the other waving emphasize her points. "Xu Rouguang basically didn't exist prior to its destruction. I need to know more about this... if we're to fix him."

"Fix him..." Lai Mingjie brought his eyes at Chartreuse. Right, Xu Rouguang might look okay for now, but he still hadn't severed his connection to the Abyss. Without fixing his heartache, he would be forever bound to it. Now that Wenrou stepped out and talked about Xu Rouguang's bad standing in his family, perhaps... there's a chance to figure out what really happened.

The demon king shook his head, a hand ruffling his previously-slick-back hair. "I really can't help you. I forgot. I... have someone take it out of my memories..."

Brother Blue's expression grew graver as Chartreuse's expression didn't change. She only sighed, her shoulders dropping. "I... expected that much. Even the citizens of Red Lotus Garden had no idea how their city was infiltrated by the demons. Your previous soldiers only said that they waited outside until such a time that they were called to attack."

Her intended only hummed. "Someone purposely erased the memories of their raid in Red Lotus Garden?"

She only shook her head, making sure that Lai Mingjie was still paying attention to her. "It was a covert operation that only the sentinels knew happening. Red Lotus Garden had been hiding secrets that they had the need to isolate themselves. Almost twenty years prior to its fall, Red Lotus Garden closed its gates to everyone else.

"Emodao, didn't Wenrou say anything else? Listen, if you withhold any information from us, it would be the same as working with them. Are you really ready to bear the consequences of that course of action?"

"...She said she wanted to exact revenge on Han Tianshi on Xu Rouguang's behalf. Seeing that Xu Chenguang was alive was something intolerable to her or to Xu Rouguang. Notably, even to me." Lai Mingjie gritted his teeth as he fought the urge to escape them. If he was found guilty of anything against them, he would be sent back to heaven and would be executed. Even if he didn't die, that only meant he wouldn't be able to stay by Xu Rouguang's side for a long time.

He wouldn't be able to stop the abyssal demons from destroying Crimson City, and he would never recover Xu Rouguang's memories.

Right, he had to sit through all of this for Xu Rouguang. He had already failed him once.

Chartreuse frowned at the demon king before her. She then sighed and shook her head again. "I have a feeling that the sentinels had a deal with Xu Rouguang... to never tell you and let you remember on your own. Else, they would have told you everything they know." She placed a hand on her chin, her gaze moving to the floor. "Intolerable existence..."

As if something had hit her, she gasped in realization. She then chuckled lightly. "Ah, so stupid of me." Her eyes shifted back at Lai Mingjie's face. "Xu Chenguang and Xu Rouguang undeniably existed, and so we could rule out possibilities of them being the same person. Emodao, you need to tell me everything you know. How did Xu Rouguang react towards her? Did he realize something? Did he say something weird? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Memories might be very important, but some of them get embedded in the subconscious mind of a person. Xu Chenguang should have left a deep impression on him. Let's talk about that."

"Can we do this another time? I need to go back to the party." Lai Mingjie closed his eyes and huffed. There was a lot to be said, but he didn't want to do so in a place where a thousand ears might lie. He didn't know if Chartreuse or Brother Blue had put up an illusion zone around them as he didn't feel anything. Since he didn't know, he refused to talk.

"Okay, let's all go back for now." The dragon princess nodded before walking towards Lai Mingjie and leading him back to the function hall.

The maidens who had grown anxious had their eyes light up the moment Lai Mingjie walked in again. They all thought the dances were canceled, and the person who drew out the third spot almost fainted in her seat. Donning the gown prepared by the entire department, the representative of the Sales Department made her way to the dance floor. It made it harder to walk and not to smile when Lai Mingjie came near and reached out as if collecting her hand. This was it! She's really going to hold him for real... becoming the envy of the entire Sales Department.

Xu Rouguang only watched them as they made their way to the center of the dance floor. Someone else had taken over for a few hours so he and Xu Anqi could rest. They had been singing for quite a long while, and it would be bad if their throats got hoarse.

Even if the deathless general noticed the face Brother Blue was making when they returned, he chose not to break Lai Mingjie's newfound mood to dance again. Of course, he knew he was standing there by the door earlier. Then again, Han Tianshi's absence was making his eyes roam around. Something was off, and his guts were telling him something was bound to happen.

"Anqi, can you cover for me? Miss Han isn't back yet." Xu Rouguang managed to whisper to Xu Anqi. However, Xu Anqi shook her head. "You can't go alone. If you bring her back wounded, all these people would blame you for it."

"Bring her back wounded?"

"Big Brother, I am a high priestess once. My premonitions might have been... rusty now that I have stayed in a realm I cannot decipher. Coming back down here had my mind foresee quite a few blunders." Xu Anqi held onto his sleeve. "I foresaw what happened earlier with you and your sister. I also saw this other human woman... and Zhenye. I know you're supposed to protect her as a child of heaven, but... I doubt it would be best for you to go out there."

Xu Rouguang frowned at Xu Anqi. "It would be worse if I didn't go... especially that I know that something bad was going to happen to her."

The court performer hesitated, but her grip tightened before it relaxed. "Xu Chenguang had made you go through a lot, and it was unbecoming of a beloved sister you thought she was. I am afraid that you will... your body will remember that certain decision you had made before.

"Big Brother, you might send her to her death just like how you fed Mao Fuhua to the demons."

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I'm shaking! This novel is about to become contracted. Thank you for everything! Please continue supporting the story! QuQ

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