33.96% Granting You a Second Life / Chapter 36: Didn't She Love me?

Chapter 36: Didn't She Love me?

Li Residence - Living room

Chen Meng and his wife Tan Lanfen had arrived at the Li Mansion, they were simmering with anger as they sat down gripping the handles of their tea cups.

Li Wang, Li Mei Wu, Li Yu Yan and Li Na sat quietly as they waited for the arrival of Chen Wei.

Li Wang broke the stale silence that had enveloped the room.

Li Wang: "My contact informed me that Li Xiuying was spotted working at Unity Hospital."

Chen Meng was seething, he roughly placed the teacup on the saucer: "Wang, we had a deal that Xiuying would work at our hospital. Did you not get her to sign the contract? How can she go and work at Unity hospital? Does she have no loyalty to us?!"

Li Wang was fed up of Chen Meng talking down to him: "Cheng Meng just who are you shouting at? Chen Wei was meant to get her to sign the contract; it's your son who's clearly incompetent!"

Cheng Meng: "How dare you call my son incompetent! If it wasn't for your daughter getting her claws into Wei, do you think we would be in this situation right now?!"

Li Wang stood up and pointed in Chen Meng's face: "Don't you dare say anything about my Yu Yan; it was Chen Wei who kept following her like a love sick puppy! He wouldn't leave her alone! Who asked him to always hang around her like a bad smell!!!"

How dare he blame my darling baby girl!

Li Mei Wu voice was stern: "This is not the time to be fighting among ourselves. We need to sort out this article which is jeopardizing both our children's future . If Li Xiuying is at Unity hospital we need to go and meet with her and get her to explain what's going on. She clearly hasn't been in her room since Tuesday morning. We can tell her to carry on with the engagement and work for Emerald hospital. After all she can't go against the decision of her elders."

Li Mei Wu was deeply unhappy at the comments the Chen family made about Li Yu Yan, she only decided to play nice now for the sake of resolving the issue at hand. She would note down everything today and would ensure that the Chen family were repaid.

Li Wang returned to his seat. A silence once again descended upon the room.

10 minutes had passed and a maid walked into the living room accompanied by Chen Wei.

Maid: "Mr. Chen Wei has arrived." She then rushed out of the room.

Chen Meng stood up: "Just where have you been? Your mother and I have been trying to contact you for the whole day!"

Chen Wei was hung over, his clothes where the same ones he wore the night before, he hadn't even showered. His hair was messy and he looked liked he had slept rough yesterday.

Chen Wei had gone over to his friend's house and had been drinking since his talk with Li Xiuying. He just needed to be alone with his thoughts. He always thought of Li Xiuying as a burden forced upon him by his family but now that she was gone he felt empty inside.

Chen Wei didn't even want to talk to Li Yu Yan, who he once thought of as the love of his life. All this time he was plotting ways to get Li Xiuying out of the picture for good so he would be free to marry Li Yu Yan, but now that he was free he didn't know if this is what he truly wanted anymore.

The more he thought about Li Xiuying, the more he regretted not holding onto her. Li Xiuying was highly intelligent, a brilliant doctor, she was loyal and kind and would always do whatever he asked of her no matter how outlandish the request. He kept drinking and drinking with thoughts of regret swirling around his mind.

As the saying goes; be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

He passed out at some point after 4 am. When he finally woke up he found himself on a sofa. Chen Wei checked his phone and found numerous missed calls, voice mails and messages. But he couldn't be bothered to check them right away. It was only after his friend had shown him the article did he realize that something was seriously wrong.

Chen Wei: "Where's Xiuying? I was at a friend's house."

Where is she? I have to see her.

Li Yu Yan noticed that Chen Wei didn't even glance in her direction since he came in.

And why is the first thing out of his mouth concerning Li Xiuying?!

Li Wang said with a voice full or urgency: "Wei come in and sit down, maybe you can help us make sense of what's going on. Someone has informed me that Xiuying was spotted working in Unity hospital. Did you not have time to get her to sign the contract for Emerald hospital? Have you seen her? And what's this about breaking off her engagement with you?"

Chen Wei subconsciously sat in the seat furthest away from Li Yu Yan.

Chen Wei put his head in his hands. He had a headache that just wouldn't go and he had a feeling it would be getting a whole lot worse.

Chen Wei: "I saw Xiuying at Unity hospital yesterday around 8 pm. She told me that our engagement was over and how she knew about Li Yu Yan and I."

I never thought she would go as far as publicizing our broken engagement. Didn't she love me? Why would she want to hurt me like this?

Li Wang and Chen Meng both shouted "She did what?!"

Chen Meng: "Why didn't you try to convince her? And what about the contract with our hospital?"

Chen Wei: "I don't know what you want me to say. Where is Li Xiuying right now? Maybe I can convince her to change her mind about the marriage."

Li Yu Yan blurted out: "What?!"

What did this B@$%&*d just say?! He wants to marry Li Xiuying?!

Everyone turned to look at Li Yu Yan. She quickly calmed herself and coughed lightly.

Li Yu Yan looked down at her hands in her lap. There was anger and resentment in her eyes.

Just because she didn't really want to be tied down by Chen Wei, doesn't mean that she would let him off his leash.

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  • ForeverTrash


    Thanks for the chapter - these two (Li Yu Yan and Chen Wei) are so shameless, getting only a taste of what they deserved ~

  • velvety


    I really cant wait to see the downfall those two families - thanks for the chapter

  • Loopie36


    Can't wait to see what happens to them. Thanks for the chapter. More updates please

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