23.52% The System Of Creation / Chapter 4: Over Heard A Sect Report

Chapter 4: Over Heard A Sect Report

I was teleported back to the place where I had found the black book and then I saw a red color martial arts manual in my hand and it name was Red Qi level 1 and then I opened it and started reading it and found that this book had an amazing way to gather energy from the different acupoints and expand my dantian.

As soon as I read the method I found it strange that I had successfully completely memorized it with just a single look and then suddenly I woke up back in the real world.

I then got up on my two feet and headed outside in the garden for a morning walk and while I was walking I heard someone conversation as I could not see them because of the wall let give them names

Cao and Congming( smart in English ).

So their conversation went like this

Congming narrated a report to Cao that " I was with Feng to escort him while we were headed north from the sect in a forest he said he wanted to see so I let him but then after waiting for 5 hole minutes I went in and saw no one there and I tried to sense his energy but I felt nothing and then I searched 50 km from there but could not find him so I returned to the place where I had left him and saw a hole in the ground and it turned out he hid himself underground".

" Pig !!! You are a Pig !! it is even humiliating a pig to call you a pig ! You are even stupider than a good damn pig " said Cao furiously said.

" You are a good damn level 8 profound state peak and are about to reach level 9 and break the world limit and you actually could not sense the Qi of a level 2 of spirit origin state "said Cao

" Cao continued to say you are a disgrace to the sect and how shameless are you to come back to the sect and you should just kill yourself with tofu ".

Cao looked at Congming speechless then after awhile he said " you good damn fool tell who your master is I will go burn an incense for him and share my sorrows with him for raising such an incapable disciple ".

" Congming why don't you change your name from now on as you are a complete disgrace to your name, all Profound state masters, master, seniors, the sect and to even your parents who must have wanted you to be a genius among genius but you are a pig among pig " said Cao angrily.

He even went on to say ' 'your new name should be Zhu( pig in Chinese ) and Cao also said your title is Death Lord right cause you slaughtered 10 people above your rank when you were Spirit origin it should now be changed to Zhu Zhong de Zhu( pig among pigs) or Zhu lingzhu (Pig Lord) ".

Congming could not bare the shame and the insult so he just flew away and Cao chased after him.

I overheard them clearly and busted out in laughter and laughed till my stomach started to pain and I fell on the ground because of laughing as I fell down I saw my grandfather walking towards me.

He came and asked me what so funny that you fell down laughing and then I got up and narrated him the incident completely and he also fell down laughing and said " I can't believe that someone all might like the death Lord actually is so stupid" and went on to say that " now you know you are not the only foolish one "

( Oh ya by the way you might think that the damn author actually just giving you filler but that not it as through this conversation I learned many different things such as there is a smart boy named Feng, that cultivators can breakthrough this realm,There are people who you should never mess with like death lord who are extremely powerful and it also helped improve my relationship with my grandfather. )

My face turned completely red cause of embarrassment and headed back to my room to cultivate the new found martial arts that I learned in that space and as soon as I started cultivating I could feel that the energy in my dantian was rising and then soon I felt as if I was overwhelming with spiritual Qi.

I felt 5 type of Qi rushing through my dantian and mixing with each other and blending and joining and soon I could feel that after they all mixed there was a red Qi formed and then I could feel this Qi completely around my body and felt like it was coursing through my veins into every single cell in my body.

Soon I felt that suddenly my dantian where all my energy was stored expanded and I could hear a cracking sound from all my bones and could feel that energy was modifying my bones structure.

I felt immense heat all around my body and felt as if my body was being tempered like a sword by the heat I could feel that I was being cleanse of all my impurity like a sword and tried my best to tolerate this immense heat as I knew that even for a sword to become profound and sharp it had to go through the heat.

I completely stayed focus and circulated my energy through each and every part of my body and could feel that every single round I did of rotating this energy around my body it was becoming faster to rotate this energy through out my body.

My Qi did multiple rounds of my body with the help of this energy I soon felt as if I was releasing more energy than before I could feel my dantian was filled with more energy after each round and felt as if maybe I was hallucinating cause I felt as if my dantian and my jing and Mai were expanding at an unbelievably fast rate and I felt as if I had multiple breakthroughs.

I was cultivating the Red Qi which was the primordial Qi in the world as all the Qi was made of this extra ordinary Qi and were different parts of this Qi.

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