29.41% The System Of Creation / Chapter 5: An Amazing Breakthrough

Chapter 5: An Amazing Breakthrough

Soon I finished cultivating and opened my eyes and found that I was completely covered with blackish brown shit that's my body had excreted out of the system.

I screamed when I saw and smelled what I was fully covered with and then headed to have a bath and even after fully removing all that shit that covered my entire body I still smelled like shit I was completely pissed.

I then through out the day smelled really awful and it was all the fault of that stupid author I wish I had the power to rip open this book and go punch his face for doing this to me.

After I returned to my room I changed my clothes and then sat down and checked my cultivation level and was fully shocked to find out that I was actually mortal Origin level 5 as soon as I found this out and I took a deep breath and then checked it again but I found the same result and I jumped out of bed because if the excitement.

As I had read many novels about cultivating back on Earth so I knew that it would normally take months to breakthrough different levels and as the progress goes on it would take years but I broke through 5 levels in a single night I was completely amazed with my extraordinary speed.

The best part was yet to hit me then it suddenly hit me that I had just started cultivating the level 1 of Red Qi Book and I performed it again and found that my learning progress was only 20 percentage and that to learn it completely I would have to cultivate more.

As soon as I was going to engage in cultivation suddenly my steward came in and told me that breakfast was ready on the dining table and when he saw me he was stunned as he could clearly see that I was Mortal Origin Level 5 and could not even utter another word and fainted write on spot.

I was also shocked with what happen at that time I could not even think of the reason why he fainted and fell on the ground but later I figured it out from the tons of questions he made after he woke up.

I then took a glass of water and then sprinkled some water on the steward face and then he woke up and I helped him stand up and then he got up and checked it out again and almost fell but this time I held him and helped him stand until he was stable again.

He then grabbed my hand and took me to my grandfather study room and then took me to my grandfather and told out loud Lord our young master is already Mortal Origin level 5 while he just started cultivating yesterday and did not even have a special martial arts to cultivate.

My grandfather when heard these words he took it as a joke and laughed out loud and told the steward you must have gone blind or maybe you are drunk to thing that idiotic grandson of mine who always get me and his father into trouble was actually a monster who broke through Origin level 5 in one day.

When I came into the room only then did my grandfather notice that I was emitting a glow of Origin State Level 5 was he completely shocked and could not even anther a single word and felt embarrassed and started questioning me like crazy.

I knew that there was no way out of me except lying who would believe that I saw a book in a library which had the most legendary art that only I can practice about red Qi also inside my head there are these 12 spaces that I can fill or something.

So I lied to my grandfather and told him that " I was always Origin level 5 but I used a technique to hid my aura and unfortunately yesterday I could not hide it well and today when I was practicing the steward came in and saw my aura ''.

My grandfather accepted this argument as it was the only reasonable argument and then told me that " I knew it you were not totally useless I hope some day you will be like your father who is the general of the Dao army ".

He was so happy that he said " I here by allow you to borrow skills from the library and learn them also you can go outside but I still warn you not to hang out too much with those so called Friends of yours ".

I then straight away headed outside to see around how this place was with a pouch full of 10 silvers and bought a map of the city and then started visiting different places.

I first visited the market area where I was going to check out different things that are useful for my cultivation and while I was in the market I found an eye skill which was very rare to find and I decided to buy it.

I then asked the man to sell me the skill but the man disagreed I even told him that I would pay twice the amount for the skill but he didn't even name a price instead he said if you really want this skill you will have to do something for me.

As it was the only skill book available in the market I wanted it very badly and agreed to help the man out in anything he wanted me to do and then the old man then took a sheet of paper out and wrote on it.

He then gave me the sheet I read it and signed it as all it said was that I would have to help the old man whenever he asked for it and it could be anything.

At that time when I signed the contract for this skill I had laughed that this man actually just wanted my sign but later I regretted signing that paper.

I thought I would just give him back the book if he asked for something I couldn't do but I didn't know at that time that the book had such an amazing skill that could slow down my perception of time.

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(2/2) done for today by the way I shall be going to my home town soon so I shall not upload for 1 to 4 days but when I get back shall do mass release

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