37.97% The Hack System / Chapter 28: First Level Of Exploding Fist

Chapter 28: First Level Of Exploding Fist

Sam entered the dungeon and was waiting for the first wave to come.

He waited for a while before they came.

The first waves were filled with level 230 Lions.

Sam looked at them for a bit then quickly attacked them with his fist skill.

The first lion that met Sam's punch had his broken a part as the skill used his fists to send an explosion into the enemy's body.

All the bones of the lion broke and it died.

Sam quickly killed the other 10 and saw that 10 lions had dropped 10 cores that were shining with bright colours.

Sam stored the core into his inventory and went to finish of the dungeon.

8 minutes later

Sam has finally reached the boss, he looked at the level 460 lion and just sneered at it as the lion still had way less stats point then what he had.

Sam picked his sword and shot it at the lion.

The sword went from the front of the lion's neck and came out from the back of the neck.

After he cleared the dungeon he received a core but this time it was purple and not gold.

He received his normal reward after it, which was 110k gamer points.

Sam logged of the dungeon.

He later flat on the floor as the lion's cubs were sleeping and while they were doing that Sam asked the system,

"System, why are these cubs so strong"

Ding= the reason that they are this strong is because of your qi, when you feed them your qi they were strengthened by it and while that was happening they gained your human bloodline and purified their own bloodline by using the little traces of their own bloodline in your qi.

Sam looked at the cubs and just decided to sleep with them as he hadn't taken any rest for a while.

Sam closed his eyes and started to sleep, he fell asleep 8 minutes later.

3 hours later

The body of the lioness started to move and the moment it started to move she quickly got up to look for her eggs but the moment she did she saw 10 cubs that were sleeping on something. She looked at the cubs for a bit and felt the connection that she had gained through sharing her qi with the cubs.

She started to sniff around the place if there was anything that could harm her children and as she was doing that she suddenly smelt blood. She quickly turned around to where the blood smells was coming and the moment she saw from where the smell was coming from she was filled with hatred she quickly pounced towards the head of the lion and used her with to burn the lions head and body.

She looked at the body of the lion as it was being burnt and as that was happening she was losing the hatred that was showing in her eyes and was replaced with a motherly warmth as she turned around to go towards her children.

She got very close until she could clearly see what was the thing that her children were sleeping in was.

She saw a human being covered by her children, she quickly got into a defensive position and quickly called for her children.

The moment the cubs heard the voice they quickly got and went towards where the voice came from, the cubs thought 'now that the person that we have the most connection to is asleep we should go to the second person that we have the most connection too'.

The cubs jumped on the back of the lioness and were hugging her.

The mum was now relieved that her children were safe, but she still knew that the human was still a treat to her family.

She was about to attack Sam when Sam got up, he looked around to see the lioness with her babies standing in front of him.

The lioness was about to attack Sam but before she could do Sam activated his lion heart and told her that he wasn't here to harm her or her children. She wouldn't have stopped if it wasn't because of Sam's Lion Heart Bloodline

The cubs saw that the person that feed them was awake so the moment they saw this they quickly jumped of their mums back and went to Sam.

The started to get on Sam's shoulders and head, they were very small and all of them could fit on Sam's shoulder and head.

When the lioness saw this she was dumbfounded, she angrily asked Sam "what did you do to my children".

Even though that would sound like a normal roar to any other cultivator but since Sam had the lion heart bloodline he could understand her completely.

Sam looked at her then said "nothing, I just feed them my Qi when you were unconscious"

"Why did you do that?"

"If I didn't, they would have died as they wouldn't have any other source of food to feed on".

Now that she understood what happened she bowed her head down and said, "thank you very much for saving my children".

Sam told her to get up then asked

"Why did you attack the lion that came here".

She looked at me for a bit before saying that the lion was his husband and her children's father. She had attacked her because when she was about to give birth they were attack by a group of wolves and when her husband saw what was happening, he abandoned her and his children's.

Sam felt bad for asking her the question, so he just told her that he would be leaving them now, so she doesn't have to worry about him doing anything the cubs.

When she heard Sam, she thought that it would be difficult for Sam to leave her children's after feeding them his qi.

Sam was trying to make the cubs get of him, but they weren't even moving.

Sam took out a piece of meat from his inventory. He through the meat on the ground and all the cubs got of him to devour the meat.

When they got of him Sam started to walk outside the cave, he almost reached the outside but before he could get out something blocked his path.

[If you want the cubs to follow Sam like the comment that ill be posting on the comment section]

L1_a L1_a

5/7 Chapters of next week completed

Comments (44)

  • L1_a


    Like this comment if you want the cubs to be with him

  • CelesteLong


    make the lioness turn human, and become his wife

  • Overlordsov


    I agree with arata as well,or if you dont want to you can make her his pet and take her with him alongside the cubs

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