48.33% Eden World / Chapter 28: Reset Her Avatar

Chapter 28: Reset Her Avatar

She surprised when saw that Su Ling'er eyes are Blue and Red Eyes, she observes her intently and she didn't notice that I walking towards her behind.

I gesturing to Eclair to secretly cover her eyes as I want to tease her. knowing my plan, she covers Xin Ling eyes as I said.

"who is me?"

"Hmm... you are Xue Jian, who would have this pervert voice other than him."

"eh... I'm kinda heartbroken, but you are wrong. So later I gonna punish you so hard."

Saying that Eclair removes her hand from Xin Ling eyes. She opens her eyes and saw the one covering her eyes actually is Eclair. She got mad at me for tricking her.

I saw her pouting her cheeks so I couldn't resist poking her cheeks. Being poked, she jumps at me and bites my arm.

"it hurts!!!"

I screamed in hurt as I feel this Xin Ling in the real world and this game world is so different. While she leaves my hand and grinning while smirking in satisfaction.

"are you a dog or what?"

"what?! You call me a dog?"

She yells at me as she heard that I call her a dog, I close my ears as her voice are too loud. She got madder and start to pull my ears.

"okay..okay it is my wrong, please release my pitiful ears, My Dear Xin Ling. Also Su Ling'er, Eclair please help your pitiful husband. You don't want your husband ears removed right? "

As I said that while crying, Su Ling'er and Eclair didn't bother to help me. Instead, they laugh at me and Xin Ling pull my ear harder.

"who is your Dear Xin Ling! I'm still not your!"

"ehhhh..but didn't you said as long as I am number one, you are mine."

"yeah, so prove it to me so I can see it!!"

She stopped her pull and I rubbed my pitiful ear with my hand while tearing. I sent her party invitation when she saw my name on the party invitation. Her eyes almost pop out of her head, when she sees it. Grinning secretly I place my hand on her hips.

"so? How is it, my dear Xin Ling?"

She looks at me with her puppy eyes, seeing her like this. almost give me a heart attack from when she became this cute. Resisting this cute Xin Ling, but I can't resist my urge to kiss her.

"now you are mine, right?"

"please pity me, my husband, I don't know that you really the number one player. "

She started to teared up and jump to my chest. I pat her back and smiling at her, she rubs her face on my chest.

"I won't pity you, but you have to serve me well. Since you are my women from now on."


Seeing Xin Ling become docile in my embrace, I see that Su Ling'er and Eclair looking at me and Xin Ling jealously. I hug them both to my embrace too. Xin Ling in the middle, Su Ling'er on the left while Eclair on the right.

I feel blessed to have this three women in my embrace.

"Okay, its time to have Eclair items moved and remake it again."

"eh? Why?"

"hubby gonna make you use other genes that more good than what you are using right now."

Xin Ling didn't understand it but she knows her now-husband won't make her use a bad gen. Thinking of that no side effect gen, her eyes starting to sparkle.

As I have her move her items and gold to Su Ling'er inventory, I go to sell the items and material left on my inventory.

"Okay, time to log out again."

See Xin Ling log out of the game, I have Eclair gone too. Logging out of the game, I open my eyes and see that Xin Ling sitting on my laps kiss my lips.

I kiss back and left it like that as I have to make her use that gen. Reset gen? I already craft it yesterday so I have it with me.

"okay time to inject this reset gen first and we will use this super gen."

"eh? Is it not top gen? but it is super gen?"

She got surprised and puzzled as she never heard of Super Gen, coming from a known family. She knows that top gen is at the top class. But now she heard Super gen so she got curious and confused to it.

"Yeah, it's super gen. Better than that shitty top gen, also the one that with no side effect is the gen I had crafted."

"what! So Its hubby crafted gen? It's amazing!"

"hehe... yeah, that means you are lucky to have an amazing husband."

I said that grinningly while taking out reset gen and inject that gen to her body. She starts to feel strange on her body as a sweat started to leak out from her body pores.

Her sweat makes her clothes got wet as its stick to the curve of her body. I enjoying this curve to my heart content. Ten minutes later, her body stopped sweating. Took out Super Gen, I have her inject it while Su Ling'er and Eclair looking at her in worried, and curious expression.

They worried about something problem happen on the way of injecting it and curious about will her body started mutating or not.

I too curious with her, waiting for her to start mutating. I really hope it as this can make her gain more power.

Not long from that, around five minutes. she started to relax and around her body right now covered with the wind, I feel that wind since I sat beside her helping her.

Su Ling'er and Eclair saw it happen, they two happily cheered for Xin Ling body to mutate.

I relieved as I look at her that the winds started to reduce and got weak until it has vanished.

She opens her eyes and our eyes meet with her eyes, she yelled in shock as I suddenly in front of her.

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    Hmmmm i can smell bukkake coming

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    thanks for the chapter

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    When will he use the other god genes

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