86.36% I Woke Up In A Completely Different World! / Chapter 53: Fort Erobern, Part I

Chapter 53: Fort Erobern, Part I

It was a simple pleasant afternoon.

It was silent and our work had hit a standstill because we can't find the hideout of these rebel students. We decided to just help Young Mi with her tasks until then which were going fine. That was until she hit a standstill.

With officially nothing better to do, we decided to roam the academy to pass the time.

Rayna: "Maybe becoming a Wight isn't so bad."

Young Mi: "It's something you would have to get used to."

Rayna: "I know… it's just that we haven't seen what we could do in the long term."

Steven: "I used to enjoy falling asleep."

Rayna giggles.

Rayna: "Talking like that makes you sound lazy."

Steven: "I'd be more than happy to have that luxury."

Rayna might have a point about being a Wight. It's just convoluted to the point that I don't even want to be one any longer. I have to outlive everyone and continue as if nothing happened. I can't imagine myself getting close to anyone else if that ended up happening.

Steven: "Is there any way to reverse being a Wight?"

Young Mi: "Killing yourself."

Rayna: "That's harsh, Young Mi."

Young Mi: "Harsh? Don't you think that if I knew how to reverse it, I'd still be a Wight?"

Rayna: "We're not most Wights. Our heart still beats."

She hovers her hand over her heart.

Rayna: "Even if I'm considered a Wight I still believe I'm alive."

How does it even work? There has to be some science behind it that I could understand. Does the magic freeze us in a time before we died? It could be why we don't age and using too much magic can be dangerous.

I should write this down!

Young Mi: "Live… life…"

She sighs deeply and crosses her arms.

Steven: "Are you alright?"

Young Mi: "Reminiscing… I miss my old homestead."

Rayna: "I miss home too…"


My life in Everhand was so much simpler.

Steven: "I want to go back to Everhand…"

Way off in the distance of the clouded sky, we could see the flashes of lightning followed by it's muted roar shortly after. Esnia really has been rainy since we came here.

Rayna: "Listen. Thunder."

Young Mi: "We should move indoors before we become soaked."

We continued back to the dorms when we crossed paths with Maxime. It came off as a surprise since I haven't seen him around lately. I was about to call out to him but he turns his head and spots us.

Maxime: "There you are!"

He rushes over to us.

Steven: "Maxime! I haven't seen you around. Aren't you the Headmistress' assistant?"

Maxime: "Yes, but I'm also a student. My grades are important."

He's a lot like Livia; all studious and serious. I wonder if he's also in independent studies.

Rayna: "Is there something you needed?"

Maxime: "The Headmistress called for your group. I'll take you to her."

We were already by the admin building. After entering and going to the Headmistress' office, I was greeted by Madelyn and Lilith both of who were already waiting for us. It's not like we were even late, the Headmistress wasn't here either.

Madelyn: "Hey, bro."

Steven: "Hey, you 2. Finally got everyone together?"

The door opens again and the Headmistress quickly enters. This office is really cramped! There has to be somewhere that would be better for a meeting. If she wanted privacy, why not set up a meeting in one of our dorms or even somewhere secluded?

Headmistress: "Welcome everyone."

She hurriedly sits down and addresses everyone.

Headmistress: "Consider this a crisis meeting."

Young Mi: "Did something happen?"

I caught a blazing fury from the Headmistress' eyes. Rayna and I spotted it and knew she wasn't fucking around. Whatever happened is something serious we'd have to be dealing with.

Headmistress: "This morning… a young girl crawled onto campus. She was badly beaten and bruised when a guard stumbled across her and rushed her to the infirmary…"

Rayna: "Will she be alright?"

Headmistress: "I don't know… what I do know is who was behind it…"

Mayer Hofer…

We all know it was him. Who else has been giving us trouble?

Headmistress: "The girl was barely able to tell us exactly where they are. This is no longer about students being rebellious, it's an attack on our future." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rayna: "Where do you need us, Headmistress?"

Headmistress: "Do any of you know where Fort Erobern is?"

Rayna: "It's one and a half miles southwest from here."

Young Mi: "What an old and nostalgic name."

Headmistress: "Do you know about it, Scholar?"

Young Mi: "Yes, right around when Ostroven was founded: the High Elves conquered more land than they could handle. Fort Erobern was one of the early forts and first to fall when both Wood and Grass Elves banded together to fight back."

Headmistress: "Correct."

Young Mi: "I am a master of healing magic and medicine, Headmistress. If I may, could I assist this student?"

Headmistress: "If you can; I'd be grateful, Scholar."

She leans back against her seat.

Headmistress: "I will not stand by and let them assault my students. Rayna, you're the highest-ranking member. I'm giving you full authority to take care of this. It's time for this to end, we have other issues we have to deal with. Is that right, Madelyn?"

Madelyn: "Yes, Headmistress."

She excuses us and we convened outside at a nearby bench. Everyone's spirits were low. This was supposed to be an easy "find out what's going on with the magic" to "students are killing other students." At this rate, a dragon may as well swoop in and cause trouble. Hell, I would believe someone if they told me that's happening right now.

What the hell is wrong with this place?

Young Mi: "Oh, Headmistress… she's taking it very hard."

Rayna: "I never imagined myself being in charge. Do you have any ideas, Steven?"

If it's just students…

Then I would bring Lilith with me. She can be terrifying when wielding her Grimoire. I haven't seen the thing since Everhand but I remember it like it was yesterday. Though, if the Headmaster still holds it, I might've really handicapped Lilith in a way that no longer benefits and now disadvantages us.

Steven: "Lilith, do you still have your Grimoire?"

She shakes her head.

Lilith: "I've kept it far more secure when you—since I—it's back on Sefre. I haven't used it since that one time. And, you know… our promise?"

We can't kill anyone…

Rayna: "We need to stop these criminals before anyone else gets hurt. I don't want to deject anyone but I think everyone knows what has to happen for the Academy."

Madelyn: "Yes—"

Lilith: "Yes—"

Young Mi: "We all do."

I don't want to become a murderer. They can take everything from me as long as I don't have innocent blood on my hands. I'd be no better than the people I fight against. Who am I to enjoy life if it requires that?

Steven: "Only if they're guilty."

Rayna: "Then, Young Mi: aid the student in the infirmary. Madelyn and Lilith: either help Young Mi or continue working on contacting the Fae. Steven and I will deal with these criminals."

Young Mi: "Just the 2 of you?"

Rayna: "We're the kind of people that work better alone. Is that right, Steven?"

I'd prefer to have someone watch my back. If that's what she's talking about, then she knows me the most out of anyone.

Steven: "Yeah, I'll watch your back."

With Rayna, this could be done without any problems. We strike fast and quietly so nobody sees what's happening until it's too late.

Everyone seemed to be on board with the idea except for Madelyn.

Steven: "What do you think, Madelyn?"

Madelyn: "I don't want you coming back lifeless again, understand?"

Steven: "Yes, I'll be careful this time."

She hugs me before heading back with the others to the dorms. I wonder if she's becoming more friendly towards me. It would explain her more playful attitude lately.

Rayna: "She's slowly opening up to you and revealing her true nature. I think she's more caring than she lets on."

Steven: "She's my older sister…"

Rayna: "Then why do you look surprised?"

Steven: "This is Madelyn. You know she likes to keep her distance from people."

Rayna: "She's closest to Lilith, followed by Young Mi, then you. She's anything but distant."

Steven: "You know this how?"

Rayna: "I'm very observant."

That's an easy way of saying she's watching us…

She might not even have any bad intentions but I can't get I out of my head now!

Rayna: "Soon enough, this group will be one big family. With Young Mi acting like a mother, it'll happen soon."

Steven: "She does act like one, huh?"

Rayna: "Yeah, are you going to be calling her "mom" now?"

That can't work for someone that sometimes overthinks like me. With all the 'fun' times I had with Dai-tai, calling Young Mi "mom" would indirectly make her my sister. I could end up doing something that could be borderline taboo.

Steven: "No, my mother is my mother. Young Mi… she's a shepherd. I trust her like one but I can't refer to her as one."

Rayna: "You have a weird philosophy."

Steven: "Because it's complicated…"

I have to stop sleeping around for my own sanity. Whatever my philosophy, we're getting distracted! I want to end this student problem quickly before anyone else gets caught in it.

Tadashi_Yoshida Tadashi_Yoshida

This is part 1 of I don't know. I sat down and kept writing because I had nothing better to do and now that I'm still breaking this huge chapter down, I'm already at part 6 and counting!

I'd release it as one but I don't think anyone's crazy enough to read over 10,000 words.

Other than that, my word processor screams murder because I don't put a hyphen between "Young Mi" even though there shouldn't be one. Her name is Korean! it means: "Prosperity; eternal and beautiful."

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