Chapter 5: Legal Loli

The two groups stood in the middle of the road and looked at each other, waiting for some sort of reaction.

"Well, yeah!" The smallest demihuman of the group barked, not really sure as for what to do next. "Just don't make the same mistake, again, or else!"

"Yeah!" The others chimed in, this time not as loudly.

Jun Long nodded at the group, and urged James Tarker to keep walking past them. The dog-like demihumans watched the two humans as they passed them. It wasn't until they were out of earshot that the biggest, and the leader of the group, spoke up.

"What a pair of weirdos."

"Yeah…" the others chimed in, no energy behind their words.

"Just you wait!" The smallest one barked. "If I see those two, outside of the town, I'll beat them to a pulp!"

"Shut up, Dom," the leader of their group said. "You're starting to embarrass me."


"Ease up on Dom, Freddie," one of the other demihumans said to the leader. "He's still young. He's just excited to go to the fields."

The six dog-like demihumans stopped concerning themselves with the two humans, and continued doing what they were doing previously.

Standing in front of the Adventurer's Guild building, Jun Long couldn't help but think that it was more grandiose than the other buildings around it. The entrance shone in the sunlight, and the bricks were laid much neater than the other buildings. It gave off a very official and professional feel.

The Adventurer's Guild in Jovial Town was painted red and yellow, as though it were the sun, warmly welcoming you to a new day. There was even a rabbit-eared demihuman standing in front of the building, welcoming people who were walking in, and wishing good luck to those leaving the building. Naturally, she was there to welcome Jun Long and James Tarker.

"Mr. James," she smiled. "Welcome back. You're looking well!"

"Hah! You're looking beautiful, as always, Shirley."

"And who might this be?" Shirley asked as she moved her charming body closer to Jun Long.

"This here's my new friend, Jun!"

"Oh? A new friend? Is he strong?"

"Ah haha.." Jun Long could only fake laugh, and stare at the beauty in front of him.

"Maybe!" James Tarker said. "That's what we're here for, today. As well as to pick up some easy jobs for him to do."

"Squee! That's just perfect!" Shirley, the bunny-girl turned to Jun Long. "The Adventurer's Guild is the perfect place for both those things!"

Shirley lead the two of them into the Adventurer's Guild, and headed towards the reception area. Her boobs bounced as she walked, and Jun Long nearly couldn't keep his nose from bleeding. Jun Long stood in place, stunned by how much the Adventurer's Guild actually resembled what he thought it would be like. He wasn't disappointed in the least.

There were many different kinds of people standing around. Some groups would have the same race of people, and some groups would have a mix of races in them. Some groups were crowded around a table, watching as the two in the middle were arm-wrestling over some bet, and some groups were crowded around a certain person and admiring them for some reason.

There was a board, on the wall, that stretched the entire length of the main lobby, that had an amazing amount of papers stuck onto it. This was the job listings that Jun Long had heard James Tarker talk about, last night. This was one of the main reasons for their visit to the Adventurer's Guild.

Finally reaching the reception area, Jun Long blushed a little, as he saw even more beauties standing behind the counters. He wasn't someone that you could call a 'furry', but Jun Long could definitely appreciate the beauty, and the cuteness, that these demihumans possessed. Any one of them could have been a famous model back on Earth.

"Oh, Shirley," one of the demihumans with a pair of furry fox ears had noticed the trio. "What are you doing in here? Who are these two handsome chaps?"

"Come on, Jackie," James Tarker laughed. "Don't tell me you can't remember me."

"Oh! It is you, Mr. James! You look even more handsome than before, I didn't even recognise you!"

"You're such a sweet-talker." Shirley interjected here, looking somewhat jealous of her fox-like co-worker.

"Haha! I can't compare to your huge breasts, so I need to charm my customers somehow!"

The two girls grinned happily at each other, and Jun Long couldn't help himself from grinning along with them. They were so beautiful and cute. His face started going red, as he thought about things he'd like to do to them in private.

"So, then, who is this cutie?" Jackie, the red-haired fox-girl asked James Tarker.

"This is my new friend, Jun!" James Tarker said this as though Jun Long was some kind of trophy. "He's here to find out his power score, and to take on a job that suits him."

"Is he a registered adventurer?"

"Oh! Good question!" James Tarker turned to Jun Long. "Are you?"

"Um… no," Jun Long said as he scratched his cheek in shame. "I'm new to adventuring."

"Ouu.." Shirley, the bunny-girl grabbed onto Jun Long's arm, her cleavage was right under his eyes. "You're a complete newbie, Jun?"

"Uh.. uh.." Jun Long could only stutter, as he tried to look anywhere other than at her chest. "I never really needed to do anything like this, before."

"Are you sure you aren't some kinda noble, Jun?" At this moment, James Tarker decided to spring this question on him, again.

"A noble!?" The two beauties exclaimed.

Jun Long ended up standing at the counter, not really knowing what to do. The other three had already started coming up with conspiracies and other theories as to why Jun Long, who donned such nice and bright clothing, could suddenly have lost so much of his memory, and ended up in this part of the world.

"Sorry about them," a sweet voice came from next to Jun Long. "Those two gossip a lot, it's why I had to split them up and make Shirley stand outside."

Jun Long turned around to look at who was talking to him. His jaw dropped. The owner of the sweet voice was actually another fox-eared demihuman girl, much like Jackie, but she had bright and fiery orange hair. Oh, and she's a loli.

"Hi hi!" The loli fox greeted. "I'm the guild's manager, Kiko! I haven't seen you around here, before. Are you new?"


"Haha! You're cute. Just let me get to the other side of the counter, and I'll get you registered."

Kiko leaped over the counter, in one spring, and landed with a grace that could only be described as super cute! She ducked under the counter and pulled a scroll of parchment out.

"So!" She started, her sweet voice full of youth and enthusiasm. "To register your information with the Adventurer's Guild, all you need to do is fill in this one very simple sheet of paper, and then drip a bit of blood on it down at the very bottom."

"My blood?" Jun Long asked, a bit of concern showing on his face.

"Yes," Kiko replied with confidence. "It's to allow other branches of our guild to identify who you are! You see, these papers are lined with magic fibres that will remember whoever drops blood onto it. When you do, the magic that is imbued into those fibres will remember what you look like, at the time of you dripping blood onto it. This allows our system to file your basic information into a huge database that makes it easier for all of our branches to know who you are, and allow you to take on different levels of jobs!"

Kiko pointed at the job listings board. Jun Long followed her finger and looked at the board, too.

"All-in-all," she continued, using her outstretched finger to pull Jun Long's face back to looking at her. "Your blood is used as an identifier! No need to worry about any shady dealings or anything like that."

She had already given Jun Long a quill, and a bottle of ink, before she finished introducing the registration paper and its magical properties. She was definitely a professional at her job as the manager of such an organisation.

[Name:] Jun Long


[Age:] 17

[Home:] Jovial Town

Jun Long completed the registration form, and handed it back to Kiko. On the side, he could still see that James Tarker, and the two beauties, were still chatting and laughing. Kiko, the loli fox, picked up the form and looked at Jun Long.

"You didn't fill in your job, Mr. Jun."

"Ah.. yeah. I actually don't know what my job is, yet." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

From the way that Kiko was looking at him, Jun Long could've sworn that the room had just gone deadly silent from his answer. Like the jazz music had just come to a sudden stop. This was all in his imagination, though, as the next second, Kiko had already gone back to smiling at him sweetly.

"You should've said so! We can find out what you're more suited towards with the Scrying Orb. It's a magical tool that has been commissioned to us by the Royalty, and the government, so that we can better situate people for the different roles in society!"

Jun Long was already lost. He had no idea about any of this 'magic' stuff. He had already started to look to James Tarker, for help, but the guy was still happily chatting to the two guild employees.

"How about you come with me, Mr. Jun, and I'll take you to the backroom, where we can test you on just what job best suits you?"

"I suppose so," Jun Long had to reply. He was definitely scared of all this new and unknown territory, but he trusted in James Tarker. He trusted that this savior of his; this blonde young man, wouldn't thrust him into any dangerous situation.

"That's great! Please follow me." Kiko clapped her hands, in delight, and hopped over the counter to lead Jun Long to the backroom behind the reception area.

Jun Long and Kiko, the loli fox, walked through the door that lead to the backroom behind the reception area. Jun Long could still hear the giggling of Shirley and Jackie as he did. The corridor, that connected the two areas, was big enough to fit two average sized adults standing side-by-side. There were many rooms on the way to the backroom that Kiko was leading him to.

They reached the second-to-last door, before the end of the corridor, and Kiko opened the door for Jun Long, showing him in.

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