52.17% Game of Will / Chapter 11: Like a Possum up a Gum Tree

Chapter 11: Like a Possum up a Gum Tree

After six days of training... and stealing some food secretly from the hard working farmers, I now walk to Elizabeth house... I arrive at the front door with a calm and peaceful mind... I wait for a bit before ultimately knocking on the door three times. 'Knock,' 'Knock.' 'Knock.'

After waiting for a couple of minutes I hear hurried footsteps... they sounded like a person running down the stairs.

"Who is it!?" I hear from inside the house, I answer.

"Ziade." I plainly say.

Elizabeth the little hassle opens the door to let me in, I notice her saddened expression and it makes me feel a conflict inside my heart... a little girl close to the age of my daughter with such troubles, I know that she will most probably choose to gain power so that she can protect herself because of who she is... and find out who done this to her parents...

"Hey Ziade, do you want to come in?" She asks.

I reply, "Yes, where is your father Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth replies in a dejected voice, " He lies in his bed... sick..."

We both head up stairs to spend time with a man who nears his last breath... both silently walking up, we arrive at his room. I see a man with a pale face and purple veins can be seen protruding out on his face... John is clearly in much pain.

John suddenly coughs out blood and... an organ comes out as well...

Elizabeth walks up, sits on a chair beside her father and holds his hand, "Dad..." I see tears flow from her eyes making me sad too... a tear flows down from my right eye. Thinking how my wife and children feel inside, I left them.

I sit on the other side of the bed and look at the man who persists on... suddenly he shows signs of him not breathing properly... he starts gurgling and blood starts running out his mouth... he says to me...

"Ziade..." He coughs up another organ... a tear comes out his eye, not from pain but that he has to leave so soon... "Pr-... protect h- he... r..."

John slumps down and his head tilts towards Elizabeth... he dies... in front of her eyes...

Elizabeth cries out... and I promise to him, 'John... I will...'

I sat there quiet and Elizabeth crying across from me...

"Elizabeth... come to my place when you're ready..."

She says nothing and I walk out, but take one last look at John and Elizabeth before leaving...

I sit down beside a pond a kilometre away from their house and think... about how Elizabeth feels, my families suffering and heartache... I feel torture within me.

I'll build my training ground once everything has settled down. Subsequently I pull out my illustrious flute from my inventory... and I play... it's terrible but a notification pops up...

'Congratulations you have mastered the way of the flute.'

'You can play anything perfectly with any flute.'

'Secret challenge completed'

'You have gained Sadness and Sorrow soundtrack'

I expected to master the flute but... 'secret challenges, that's new... anyways I commit to what I was going to do. 'Play sadness and sorrow soundtrack.' I remember... Sadness and Sorrow... I play it with the flute and it's even better than the original...

"Do do do... do do do doooooo... dooooo do do do do doooooooo do... do do do... do do dodoo....".

I play the masterpiece perfectly and added with the soundtrack behind and leaving me wondered on how this soundtrack is playing... I don't care and it doesn't affect me....

I know Elizabeth can hear it because I made sure to stay a kilometre so that she can hear it perfectly... This song will be better for her.. I know it... my daughter, my son... Tara...


Elizabeth's POV

'What a sad song... it expresses feelings and true heartache... it's how I am... I need to see who feels the same as me... I need to go now...'

"I'm sorry father... I will be back to clean this place up and give you a farewell."

Elizabeth walks out and closes the front door of the house and runs to where the song is being played from...

She arrives at a pond and sees a boy with a flute playing the last two notes with his flute but she still hears the sadness and sorrow... with her ears leaving her confused but soon she doesn't care because she notices... it is Ziade...

Elizabeth runs up and hugs him from behind with her hair flowing down and her light tanned skinned arms wrapping around him... she feels a lot of emotions in her heart and releases them onto Ziade by crying on his shoulders...

(Just like every other girl... emotions... FANGIRL: Shutup Author-san or I'll kick you in the balls! I put my hands up in a surrender stance.)


Ziade's POV

I notice she's behind me but I was caught off guard with the sudden affection shown to me... I sit there slumped down letting her emotions into me... I will protect her until she grows, I turn off the song by getting my pal Alexis Okini to switch it off.

We sit there for multiple minutes before she releases me and I stand up and turn around to her and she stands up as well... once I see I her face which is slightly red and all the tears that rolled streamed down her face... I hug her with her face in my chest and my head on her head...

Once we both calmed ourselves down...

"Ziade... can you help me bid my father farewell and clean the house up... please..." Elizabeth asks in a quite voice.

"Of course Elizabeth, and you'll never need to say please again to me because if you need help or a favour.... I will always be there for you."

Elizabeth blushes and smiles but in her eyes you could still see sadness within... "Thankyou..."

'Well she took that the wrong way but it doesn't matter as long as she is happy with me.'

After two days we cleaned her house and cleaned John's room and bid him farewell by burning him on top of hay and wood... only high class citizens and nobles have the right to a funeral...

Elizabeth lived together with me in my house and I slept on a futon I bought from the markets... we bought blankets, pillows, a bath, and I brought a magic tool which could produce appropriate hot bath water for Elizabeth.... she refused many times but after pestering her she gave in and allowed me to buy it for her... and we brought most of Elizabeth's things from her old house... my room was... now... Elizabeth's room... the whole room was filled leaving me with my futon in the middle... the big bucket was placed outside and was only used as a drinking source now.

Ziade and Elizabeth had prepared well for their life...

Following my life... Elizabeth and I had some good times and some bad times... I ended up constructing the training ground, my training ground had a Wing Chun dummy and a Boxing bag which got hung up on a hook which extended out from a metal pole that I got Mr Guhera to place for my two martial arts. I also built a small fence around my training ground...

Once I completed that challenge I received a... a... it was a lottery ticket.

2 weeks pass...

When I finished setting up my fence... a notification popped up..

'Congratulations you have been rewarded a lottery ticket for your hard efforts.' Okini announces.

I use the lottery jackpot spin straight up and wait for the reward...


'Information is: This world is 2/3s of water and the 1/3 is the 3 continents and islands. Fraylulè Kingdom is a kingdom. Magic taught in Fraylulè is taught in magic academies or dual academies which teaches both body tempering and magic.

"Well... that challange rewards was shit."

I pack up my tools and leave them outside behind my house. I take a look at my training ground I created and I am satisfied.

After that I walk back with my black pants, white t-shirt, dragon thumb ring, my masamune behind me on my waist and my Itachi hairstyle on... and see Elizabeth in the house brushing her beautiful hair... why couldn't I brush my daughters hair...she turns around to me and I see her dark crimson eyes...

"Ziade have ypu finally finished your training ground?" She asks me.

"Yes.. I finally have and it is amazing you should check it out Elizabeth." I reply.

"Ziade I'll check it out tomorrow, because it's a bit late and I want to just go to bed."

I look outside the window and notice that it is dark and is probably too late... I didn't even notice.. "...Ok Elizabeth we'll check it tomorrow together and I'll show off to you my skills" I say with a smile to Elizabeth.

"haha.. Ziade I'm looking forward to tomorrow." She responds while washing her face with water from her bucket and lays down on her bed.

I lay down in my futon placing my Masamune beside me after I clean my teeth and wash my face as well.

We lay down in our beds after a long day for a couple of minutes before I interrupt the peacefulness...

"Elizabeth... you awake...?"

"...I am... what do you need..." She replies.

"I've got a personal question to ask you... What do you plan to do when you're older...?"

"...Ziade I wish to become a Mage so that I am strong enough to overcome my life ahead and to do that I will need to attend an Academy of Magic..." Elizabeth answers after a long pause.

"...I was going to do the exact same thing... join a Magic Academy when I turn 12..." I say back leaving us both thinking...

"Elizabet... sorry for keeping you awake but... I hope you do become someone strong at magic so that you can protect yourself when I can not be there for you..."

"Goodnight Elizabeth."


With a smile on my face and a smile on her face... we both fall asleep... looking forward to the fututre...

Kirora Kirora

Laptop... yes.

I'll post another one tomorrow.

A Little 2 Week Time Skip. Hence... chapter title


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