65.58% Limits / Chapter 282: Crow's Senses

Chapter 282: Crow's Senses

I made my way to Lazar's house, and knocked on the doors. Lazar was not in, so I called out "Crow, are you there?". After a while, Crow made his way to the doors, and opened them. I entered, and said "Returning your eyes, will not be easy, but it should be possible. I will need some special tools for that, and I will need to experiment a bit more". Crow shook his head, and said "Take your time. I still have hope, but if you can't do it, I will just live like this".

I thought about it, and said "I can teach you, how to move without your eyes". Crow asked "You can teach me something like this?". I said "Yes, you just need very keen senses. Your eyes are gone, so your sense of touch, smell, hearing and taste, should be better now. If you train them well, you will be able to move around, without your eyes".

Crow nodded his head, and said "I will learn! I don't want to depend on someone, for the rest of my life". I said "Good, then let me get some stuff, and we can start the training". I went out, and got some wood. I then made wooden poles from them, and returned to Crow. I said "I brought the wooden poles, for your training. Your training will be simple, you have to avoid the wooden poles, using your hearing, smell, touch and if you have to, taste as well". Crow nodded, and said "It shouldn't be that difficult", but he overestimated himself. What I didn't say, was that I would move the poles around, just like Nick did back then.

I set up the poles, and said with a grin on my face "Alright, just walk towards me. Be sure to avoid the poles". Crow started slowly walking towards my general direction. He pretty much did, what I did in the past. He used his hands to feel for the poles. This wouldn't work of course, as I began moving them. "Thud!". "Ow! That pole wasn't there!" Crow exclaimed. I almost laughed, and said "Just continue". Crow hit his head many times during the training. By the end of it, he was so pissed that he shouted "You are moving them around! I don't believe a pole could appear in front of me, with my hands crossed!".

I laughed, and replied "Of course I'm moving them around. It would be too simple, if I just left them there. You have to try and hear the movements. You can also smell the poles, they are made from wood. Rely more on that, instead of your sense of touch". Although Crow was angry, he nodded his head, and said "Alright". After a while, we stopped the training, and I let Crow rest.

Lazar returned as well, and when he saw many poles inside his house, he again asked "What the hell are you up to this time?". 'It seems that I always do something ridiculous, when Lazar is around. Oh well' I thought, and explained. When Lazar finally understood why the poles were there, he said "Alright, but hide them, when you finish that training of yours. There's hardly any space to move around". I nodded, and said "I was about to hide them anyway. We are done for today".

Lazar said "You came back much sooner, than I expected". I replied "Yea, it didn't take me that long. By the way, did you take that blood purifying medicine?". Lazar shivered at the thought, and said "Yea, and I also managed to break through. I wasn't far away, it seems. I just had to purify my blood a bit. I must say, that thing of yours, I'm glad I only took the smaller portion. Harlin was actually cursing you, throughout the process". Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

I said "I told you it will be painful. What did you expect? Anyway, you can tell Harlin to come and visit me, when he has time. I'm sure he will come over, once he knows I'm here". Before Lazar could reply, I heard "I'm already here you bastard!". I turned around and said "Oh! Long time no see. How was the medicine?". Harlin replied "You went through that as well? It was so painful, I wouldn't do it the second time, even if someone paid me".

I nodded, and said "Yes. Although I took double, of what you took". Harlin's and Lazar's faces changed greatly, and both of them said "Monster". I didn't take it to heart, and continued "This can be ingested only once though. So you can't use that again. That is why, I wanted to give you the most you could take. There will be no second tries". Both of them nodded, and Harlin said "I'm still very grateful. I feel that, I will be able to break through to my Inner Limits in the future. In the past, I could only dream about it". Lazar joined in, and said "I don't know, if I will be able to reach that point too, but I will try. Without that medicine of yours, I would never be able to even try".

I nodded, and said "I will be leaving the North soon. When Crow's eyes are repaired, or at least, after I try to repair them, I will return to the Great Forest. I still have some things, to take care of over there". They nodded, and Harlin said "You will always be welcomed here. So return whenever you like. You can also leave Crow under our care. I already heard what happened in Sedon. You leaving for a while, is not such a bad idea. Let things calm down, and then you can return again".

I said "I still have to make some tools, and teach Crow how to live without his eyes. Just in case, I can't replace them. It will take some time to do that, so I will be around still". I then turned towards Lazar, and said "Before you worry too much, I'm going to stay at the inn. I have enough money, to stay there for years". Lazar smiled, and said "I wouldn't say no, if you'd prefer to stay here. After all, I own you too much". I shook my hand, and said "Don't mention it".

I then asked Harlin "So what is your plan? You blood is purer now, and when you break through to the Inner Limits, Olrad will not be a place, where you can shine". Harlin smiled, and said "I already thought about it. When that happens, I plan to fight for the military position in Arangard. Lazar already broke through, and with my recommendation, he would become responsible for Olrad". I nodded my head, and said "Then I will give you both, another concoction of mine". Harlin asked "No, no. I'm fine, I don't want that type of concoctions".

I smiled, and said "This one will not bring you pain, but increase your strength instead. When I make it, I will give it to you guys". They both thought about it, and Harlin said "As long as it doesn't bring such pain, then sure", while Lazar nodded his head. I said "Alright, it's time for me to leave. I still need to design those tools, and I want to rest as well. If you need anything, you will find me at the inn". I said farewell to Crow, and the rest, then went to the inn.

Inside, one of the female Lizard that worked there asked me "What would you like?". I said "A meal, and a bed". She became surprised, and said "Oh, it's you! I didn't recognise you at all. You've changed". I smiled, and said "Yea, a bit. Just give me whatever you recommend, and I will rent a room as well. This time, I will rent it for longer. Let's say, 20 days for now". She nodded her head, and said "Sure. Have a seat, and your food will arrive soon".

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