90.73% Limits / Chapter 284: Energy or Aura

Chapter 284: Energy or Aura

I tried controlling my energy for a while, but I couldn't do it. Crow asked "Did you get any ideas?". I replied "Yes. You mentioned energy, I think this is the key. I can control my energy, but I never actually learned to control the whole flow of it, inside my body. I only focused on the main parts of my body. If I can learn to control that, I think I will be a step closer". Crow nodded, and said "That is good. As long as I helped you even a bit, I'm happy with that".

Lazar returned not long after, and greeted us. I said "Right. Because I have some time, I will make that medicine for you guys". Lazar nodded, and said "As long as it's not that last one, I'm fine with it". I took out my tools, and started making the Prime Extract from Earth Grabbing Sprout. I already took that Extract, so it wouldn't be of much effect to me anymore. I wanted to get my hands on the distillery, before ingesting anymore.

Then I recalled something, and asked "Lazar, do you know what distillery is?". Lazar shook his head, and replied "I have no clue". I said "If I make you a drawing, can you pass it to Harlin? It's a tool that I would like to get. From what I know, it's a special order tool, so Harlin would need to ask in Arangard". Lazar replied "Sure, I will pass it to him. If he can find it, he will tell you". I nodded my head, and continued making the Extract. 'I will make that drawing, after I'm done with this' I thought.

After a while, I made around 200 milliliters of Prime Earth Grabbing Sprout Extract. I gave half of it to Lazar, and the other half, was for Harlin. I said "Drink this in stages. There will be no pain, so you can drink half of it first. This will increase your strength by quite a bit. When you hand the other bottle to Harlin, just tell him to drink half now, and leave the other half for when he tries to break through". Lazar nodded, and said "Alright. Can I try it now?". I said "Sure. After all, you broke through your Half Step. This should be very useful to you".

Lazar drank about ⅓ of the bottle, and waited. After a while, he exclaimed "Wow, this really improves my strength! I can feel it! I'm getting stronger!". Lazar jumped around a bit, and punched the air. He seemed happy with the new increase in his strength. When Lazar was done, he said "It's like, you are some sort of old sage, who knows the best medicine, and can cure anything. How did you manage to learn all of this". I smiled, and replied "I had a good teacher".

Crow felt a bit left out, so he asked "What about me? I would like to get stronger too". I smiled, and said "In due time. I want to wait until your eyes are repaired. If I can't do it, I will give you those things anyway". Crow nodded, and stayed quiet. I took out a piece of paper, and draw the distillery for Lazar. I tried to be as detailed as I could. This would increase the chances of Harlin finding it.

"Here take this. This is how the distillery looks like" I said to Lazar. He took the paper, looked at it, and seemed confused. "I don't get those tools of yours. I have no idea what that thing is at all". I smiled, and said "Just pass it to Harlin". I then bid farewell to both of them, and left. I wanted to train my energy a bit more,. Besides, I already stayed at Lazar's place for most of the day.

Back in my room, I tried different ways of making my energy affecting my whole body. 'I think that pressure points, is the way to go. After all, Nick knew pressure points, but due to lack of time, he didn't explain most of them to me. Fortunately, I already learned them for that book' I thought. I knew pressure points, but I felt something was lacking. 'What could it be…. If my pressure points are veins, then what about muscles, bones, skin… organs... ' As I thought like this, I came up with a crazy idea again. "Don't tell me… I knew it was going to be the whole body, but I thought of veins. Veins extend throughout human body… it seems that I need to control the energy of my whole body, not the veins, but muscles, organs, skin… everything".

This seemed impossible. 'Could Nick really do such a thing? Is that even possible for a Human, who was not born with that ability?' I thought. Crow was apparently born with the ability to control his whole body, but can a Human learn such a thing? That was the real question. "There is no other way, than try. After all, I can freely control my Domineering Aura now. In the past, I could only dream about such a feat. This should be possible, even for a Human. Just how long would it take?" I asked myself.

Just because I was able to control my strength, and direct more of it towards my legs, or arms. It didn't mean I had control of my energy. I could only will my energy to go to my arm, but this happened through my veins most of the time. What about the bones, muscles or skin? 'Even though I can control the amount of strength and energy I use, but besides the general direction of my energy flow, I control nothing else. This seems to be the problem then' I thought.

In front of me stood a choice. I could either try to master my energy, or try to awaken an Aura, which would allow me to hide myself. 'Both of those things are really difficult to do. Both of them, will bring the same results. Yet, I have a feeling that Aura, is not the way to go forward. Either Nick had to be very good with his Aura, and I couldn't feel it. Or he never used an Aura, to achieve that stage' I thought.

I made up my mind, and said to myself "I will go down the path of control. Aura was always an auxiliary ability for me. I want to be able to achieve that, without any Auras". With that, I decided to take on the path of control. Not even realising, how hard it would be, to achieve that.

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