69.88% Limits / Chapter 297: Private Conversation

Chapter 297: Private Conversation

After a while of drinking, Finch asked "I meant to ask about your right arm. Did something happen to it? It looks different". I smiled, and replied "It's an old story". Finch replied "We have time". I sighed, and said "Alright. I was travelling through Great Forest, and trained my skills. I encountered an Eterian", at which point Finch asked angry "Was it the Eterian, who did something to your arm?".

I shook my head, and said "No. Let me continue, you will understand soon". Finch nodded, and said "Go on then". I continued "At that time, I didn't know who Eterians really were. She didn't kill me, nor did I kill her. We actually benefited from one another, as she taught me stuff, while I let her use my Aura". He was confused at that point, and asked "The Eterian wanted to use your Aura?".

I nodded, and said "Yes, it was under special circumstances. Either way, she somehow managed to meet other Humans, and they recognised her as Eterian. The Humans she encountered were too strong for me or her, and because she brought them back to where we stayed, I had to run away too. This was when she betrayed me. She shot my leg with an arrow, and slowed me down, to stall the Humans chasing us. I tried running away, with everything I had, but the woman chasing me was too strong. She released a skill from her sword, and severed my right arm". Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Finch asked "You have the right arm though. So did someone attach another arm for you?". I smiled, and said "Not exactly. After she severed my arm, another Human appeared, and urged the woman to chase after the Eterian, instead of wasting time on me. I picked my arm up, and somehow managed to escape. To answer your question, I attached the arm by myself. If not for my teacher, I wouldn't have my right arm today".

Finch's face changed, when he heard that. After a while, he asked "You attached your own arm back? Is that even possible?". I smiled, and said "The proof is right here", then extended my arm. Flinch asked "What about that woman who severed your arm. You said she used a skill. Can you describe it to me?". I nodded, and said "It was a sword skill. She swung the sword, and a crescent shaped slash of energy, flew towards me. It was quite powerful, as it left a large crevice on the ground when travelled towards me. I don't know whether it was her real skill, or a Formation".

Finch thought about it for a while, and said "I think I know, where that woman is from". I became serious, and asked "Where?". Finch replied "Don't be stupid Nex, she is part of Royalty. I'm not saying you shouldn't take revenge for your arm, but be reasonable about it. If you try to go there, and kill her, this will be very messy". I nodded, but still asked "Where is she?". Finch sighed, and replied "As I said, she is part of the Royalty, therefore you will probably find her in the Imperial City. Don't be reckless boy, there are many people there with your strength and skill level. Don't be blinded by revenge, your arm is back, and that is a good thing. If in the future you get a chance, then do whatever you like, but don't be reckless".

I nodded, and said "I'm not an idiot. If circumstances allow, I will take at least her arm or two, as a compensation". Finch nodded, and said "Good". He then changed the topic, and asked "What about that teacher of yours. He taught you some interesting things. being able to attach your own arm back… I wonder what else can you do?". I smiled, and said "Actually, quite a bit. He taught me how to make medicine, as well as poison. I also learned other Arts from him".

Finch became all serious, and asked "What Arts?". I replied "Stealth and Hidden Wea..." before I could finish, Finch placed his hand on my mouth. He said "Never share that with anyone else. This is your family, and we will accept you under all circumstances, but others will not". I nodded my head, and he took his hand off my mouth. Because the day was coming to an end, he stood up and said "Nex and I will retire for the night, but you guys are free to continue. Just make sure you clean up after. Hahaha".

Everyone said goodbye to me, and continued partying. Me and Finch on the other hand, left the table. We went back to his house, and then into the room upstairs. He closed the door and tapped his foot on the ground. Something changed in the room, and Finch said "Now we can talk more freely. I activated a Formation, that seals the sound within the room. Nex… were you a slave?". I sat down in a chair, and sighed. I said "If I knew, this would cause such a commotion, I would just keep quiet".

Finch sat down as well, and said "No. It's good that you mentioned it. This way, we can prevent stuff before it would happen". I nodded, and said "Yes, I was a slave due to my own stupidity. When I started my journey, I was pretty weak. Father and mother were gone, and after that woman took the Moon Blade, I was devastated. Not because of the sword, but because of love. Anyway, as a total idiot, I went into the Great Forest without any supplies, and tried to survive there. I was doing actually quite well, until I met a bear on my way. I managed to kill it with some trickery, but I wasn't left in a good state. That is when someone from a village not far away found me, and made me a slave for saving my life".

He asked seriously "What is that village called?". I smiled, and replied "It's already gone. I destroyed it, before I left". Finch became stunned, and asked "What about that teacher of yours? Where is he now?". I replied "Passed away. I met him in that village. Because he saw potential in me, he decided to teach me the Art of Stealth, Hidden Weapons and Medicine". Finch asked "Art of Medicine?".

I nodded, and said "Yes. Although this was his own Art, that he developed throughout his life. It involves treating injuries, making medicine and so on. Poison, is also one of those things". Finch thought about it, and asked "So that is why you wanted a piece of a field? To grow some herbs, and then make them into concoctions of yours?". I nodded, and replied "Yes. Although, you don't have to worry about any side effects. I make pure medicine, or poison. Nick was a good man, although of Evil Nature".

Finch nodded, and said "This would explain why he knew the Arts. Nex, you can't disclose that to anyone". I replied "I know. You are my family though, so I didn't think much when telling you this". He replied "We are fine here. I told you, this is your home, and we will accept you, even if you were on an evil path. It's our responsibility. We couldn't protect you or Raz...". I shook my head, and said "You don't owe me anything. You welcomed me here, and I feel like part of this whole family. This is a feeling, I haven't felt in a long time".

Finch said "Are Hidden Weapons the only offensive skill you know of?". I nodded, and said "Kind of. I learned archery a bit, but it's not good for close combat at all. I do have two swords, but I'm no sword user. I usually fought with my daggers, fists or bow". Finch nodded, and said "Aran is a very good teacher. He specialises in swords, and can teach you some things about archery as well. It will be a good idea for you to learn, how to use a sword and master your archery. This will at least provide some skills to you, that can see the light of day. Your Art of Stealth, is not that bothersome though. If you are good, using it should not be a problem. I still ask you to never reveal all of that to anyone you don't trust. If you have to use the Arts, be sure to kill". The last sentence, Finch spoke in a very serious tone. I nodded my head, and said "Will do".

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