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Chapter 296: Little Nade (Part 1)

With that taken care of, Finch said "Tomorrow, someone will show you the field, that you can use for your plants. You can also go visit Aran, to start your training. As for a place to stay, this house is big enough for you to stay at. Besides, I don't want you to stay all alone, after what you've been through. Know that this is your home, and you are welcomed here". I nodded, and replied "Thanks". Finch released the Formation, and said "Follow me, I will show you your room. Get some rest for today, and let all that sink in", he then smiled.

I followed him to a room on the second floor. When he opened the door, he said "It's not much, but this will be your room. If you want something to eat, just go downstairs and either ask Tina, or just take something from the storage. If you want to talk about something, come by my office". I nodded, and we said goodnight to each other. The room wasn't big, but it had all the necessary stuff inside. A comfy bed, a desk with a chair, and a window in the corner with some blinds. There was also a dresser, and a few shelves.

I placed down the bags I was always carrying, and felt a bit lighter. 'I always had those bags on me. Although the weight is not much to me anymore, I can still feel the difference, after getting them off of me' I thought. In the past, even when I went to sleep, I always carried the bags with me. This way, no one would steal them from under my nose. It would be much harder to steal my bags, if they were attached to me.

I took off my clothes, and laid down in bed. 'I don't really remember the last time, that I laid in my bed without clothes and bags? It feels weird for sure' I thought. I was too used to sleeping with everything on me, but because the bed was really comfortable, and my instincts never flared up, I fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning, I woke up and went downstairs. Both Tina and Finch were sitting at the table having breakfast. Finch said "Join us for some breakfast. Someone will come over later, and take you to the field". I nodded, and sat down at the table. Tina gave me a plate filled with food, and asked "So, did you have a look at the girls here? They were quite interested in you. After all, you are still young and very strong, just like your uncle. Many of them would like to snach you". I was lost for words. What exactly could I answer? Therefore I said nothing. Tina smiled, and said "Look honey, our little Nex is shy".

Finch laughed, and said "Give him a break. He will find his other half sooner or later. Although at his age, we were already crazy…". Tina shouted half angry, half smiling "Finch!". He replied "What? It's true". That type of conversation was really new to me, but I didn't dislike it. After the breakfast, someone knocked on the doors, and Tina walked over to open them. It was the youngster, who asked me some questions during the feast. He entered the house, and said "Nex! I forgot to introduce myself yesterday. My name is Nade Roleheart, I will take you to see the field, that you wanted to see". I nodded my head, and said "Nice to meet you", then followed after the youngster.

As we walked, he said "I would love to be just like you. Have adventures, and meet different people". He then became sad, and continued "But, I'm not strong like others". I tried to cheer him up, and said "Never assume you are weak. I was just a normal guy, before I went onto my travels. If you try hard, you can also accomplish something". He shook his head, and replied "I already tried. My body is just too weak. Doesn't matter how much I train, I can never be as good as others". I thought about it for a while, and asked "Can I examine you?". He asked "What do you mean?".

I said "I'm also a doctor of a sort. I know a thing or two about the Human body. Maybe I can help you out". I could see hope in his eyes, after I said that. He nodded his head, and released a quiet "Un". I checked his body, but didn't really find anything out of the ordinary. I decided to test some pressure points. I said "You may feel a bit of discomfort, but just bare with it, ok?". He nodded his head, while I tapped a few of his pressure points. I immediately noticed that his arms began swelling 'This is bad, no wonder he is so weak' I thought, and tapped the points again, releasing the pressure.

Nade asked "So? Do you know what is wrong?", with hope still in his eyes. I said "Yes. Your pressure points are clogged up, and therefore you can't use your strength properly. I assume you get tired very quickly when training, and you may even have difficulty breathing sometimes". Nade nodded and exclaimed "That's true! You really are a doctor!". I smiled, and said "I can fix that, but the process will be quite painful. I will need your consent, as well as the consent of your parents. It can be a bit risky too".

Nade was too excited, to listen to me properly. He said "Let's do it! I want to be strong too!". I replied, "First, we have to talk with your parents". Nade was still excited, but this time he nodded, and said "We can go now!". I smiled, and said "Patience Nade. You have to be patient. Let's go see the field first, then we can visit your parents". Nade laughed "But it's the same place. My family is responsible for the farms". I was a bit surprised. Nevertheless, I smiled and said "Alright then, let's go".

Nade increased his speed, but before we arrive at the farm, he was already breathing more heavily. I grabbed him, and said "I can already see the farm, let me give you a lift". Before he could answer, I took a step forward and disappeared from the place we used to stand it. We soon appeared at a farm house, and I let Nade go. Nade exclaimed "Wooow! You are soooo fast! I wonder if I would ever be able to reach such speeds?". I smiled and said "If you train well, who knows".

Nade said "Come on in. Parents should be inside". I walked inside the house, which was very tidy. Nade shouted "Mom! Dad! We have a guest!". A woman walked out from a room, and asked "A guest?", then she saw me. "Nex? Is there something wrong? Did Nade do something?". I shook my head, and said "Of course not. Didn't Finch tell you? I'm here to take a look at the field. I want to cultivate some of my herbs". She became surprised, and replied "Hubby didn't say anything. he is good for nothing. Please come in, and have a seat". As I walked into the room, she just came from, she said "It's not much, but do have a seat". I raised my hand, and said "You don't have to act like this around me. Your house is very clean, and tidy. I'm not one of those lofty bastards, who spits on people". She smiled, and I could see that she was relieved.

I sat down, and said "Actually, there are two reasons for my visit today". She said "I know about the field now, but what about the second reason?". Before I could reply, Nade said "Nex is a doctor! He said that he can heal me. I will be able to train, and get stronger too!". She became shocked, and asked "Is that true?". I nodded and replied "Yes. I can help out little Nade, but I need your permission. This process will be quite painful for him. His life shouldn't be at risk though, but still". I asked because Lazar was already unhappy about me once. I didn't want to make people of my home village hate me.

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