64.7% The Machine God / Chapter 11: Invade the Other World! (1)

Chapter 11: Invade the Other World! (1)

"Are those trees?"

"Yeah they must be trees."

"Holy Moly Poly, the portal this time leads to a different planet that is similar to Earth. I mean look at the grass and trees, it has the same color as the ones here on Earth."

"What if the Portal just leads to another area on Earth." The moment these words came out of a female cyborg the surrounding cyborgs that were discussing with each other turned silent.

"Kyouya fetch the satellite images."

Several minutes later the cyborg named Kyouya came back.

The portal was 700 Meters high and 800 Meters wide. It would be easy for it to be spotted by the satellites that was controlled by AI's.

"The satellites haven't picked up any kind of portal in the planet. The portal this time really leads to another world!"

"Looks like we really did good this time."

"We need to report this to the Lord."

It was already 7:49 PM, the moon was shining on the dark sky.

At this time Viktor and Maya was already done with the experiments on the sphere.

The sphere was still stored in the lab. The laboratory was now heavily guarded by Androids and Mechs from the inside and outside. Viktor now regarded the Eternum Sphere as his most important thing that he owns. As it would be the main thing that can once again upgrade his machines.

Viktor then went to take a bath and he went to his room and lied on the large bed.

He sent the data and results of the experiments to the Sentient AI's for them to use those data to design and develop new kinds of Weapons and Machines that utilized Eternum Energy.

Ever since he created the Sentient AI's he left the development of new technologies to them.

All of them had good ideas and very nice designs on their own machines that they came up with, but few could only be accepted by Viktor to develop. Their ideas and designs would require Viktor's permission if they want to make it to reality.

This was why when the years went by he really didn't have anything to do and just decided to enjoy his lazy and as for his life of being the Supreme Ruler of the World he really didn't need to so anything. The Sentient machines were the ones managing the world for him, all he ever did was approve of things. But he would do some random experiments and create random machines occasionally.

But now he made himself busy, in his mind was already designing a new Mechanical Body for him that utilized Eternum Energy.

Right now there was a call from the cyborg scientists from his consciousness.

The Cyborgs did not need phones or other kinds of devices for long range communications.

The computer on their heads has a network called Virtual Cyber Space and through this they can contact each other and search for information anytime. Humans use the internet and Cyborgs and sentient machines use the Virtual Cyber Space. But Viktor had a different communications network for emergencies, only a few AI's and Cyborgs can contact him through this communications network.

Viktor accepted the call and the excited voice of a cyborg scientist could be heard.

"My Lord! We have successfully activated the portal! This time the portal leads to another world! Based on the environment that we are seeing on the portal the world has similarities to Earth, it has some Grass and Trees!"

"Good very good. Keep the portal stable and save the coordinates for this kind of location for the portal."

These week must be his lucky days. First he received the report of the previous Portal Opening successful, it lead to a Celestial Body in space and Viktor got the Eternum Sphere there. Now the 2nd successful Portal Opening directly leads to another world.

Viktor was impatient he wanted to explore this new world. New Species, New Land, Unique Civilizations of intelligent races and most importantly the Unique Metals in that world.

Viktor then sent his will on some of the machines guarding Elysium Tower and the machines went to the Portal Site to guard against the creatures that may come out from the Portal.

"I have already sent 3000 Mechs and Androids to defend the Portal Site from the creatures that may come out of the portal from the other side. I will be there in the morning."

"Yes my Lord"

Viktor then issued an order to the sentient AI's in Tokyo, 10 Legions of the Robotic Army were called by him and then the AI's in Tokyo responded then they all sent 10 Legions of Robots to the portal site to prepare for an invasion on the other planet on the other side of the portal, they would all arrive to the portal site tomorrow. Each Legions consisted of 100,000 Androids and Mechs with Cyborgs that came from Sentient Robots as the Commanders and the Sentient AI's as the General.

Cyborgs that came from sentient robots may be able to command and give orders to the non-sentient machines but they could not directly control them. This was why they were just commanders and the Sentient AI's would be the General, because if necessary they could directly control multiple legions.

"You finally have some things to do huh."

Maya also got into the room wearing a Bathrobe.

"Why didn't you bath with me?! I was looking for you everywhere but then I heard that you already took a bath!"

Viktor looked at Maya, she would always expose alot of skin when they were alone and he would never get tired at looking at her.

No matter what she wore she was always beautiful and sexy. Her White and fair skin coupled with her perfect body made her have a beautiful appearance no matter what she wore.

Maya then smiled and approached Viktor while slowly taking off her Bathrobe.

"Oh baby you really think that way."

"I really feel lucky that a woman like you is my wife you know."

Maya's breathing then turned rough. She seemed to be turned on from Viktor's genuine thoughts about her. She then brought her lips to his and they engaged in a fierce kissing session, this time Maya was very aggresive than usual.

"You're not gonna be sleeping tonight."


In the Portal Site there were 5 Cyborgs present. Each of them were extremely handsome and beautiful and they seem to release a very powerful aura. These were the Cyborgs that took part in Viktor's experiments, 3 Men and 2 Women.

The 5 Cyborgs were close friends, they volunteered together for Viktor's experiments and now their bodies are alot stronger than regular Cyborgs. Their previous 100 Man strength now turned to 1000 and their physique is now extremely tough. Their 'flesh' has the same texture as humans but even if they were hit by multiple missiles or even laser cannons and blasters they would not be destroyed. Now one of them was just messing around in the Portal Site.

"I wonder what kind of things are waiting for us in the other world." A beautiful golden haired Cyborg was putting her finger in and out of the portal and then she threw some rocks.

They were not allowed to enter the portal without their Lord's command.

"Big Sis! The Lord is coming here soon!" A cyborg with a long black hair and golden eyes was running towards the her and then he saw what his sister was doing near the portal.

"Ok just tell me when he's here."

"What the hell are you doing?!! You're gonna get in trouble for that!!!"

"Chillax Bro, nobody knows."

"Big Sis come on please!! your gonna get yourself in trouble!"

"Sis please stop what you are doing. I might get dragged into this!"

"Ahh your such a sour puss. Just come here and put your hand in the portal, it feels weird and comfortable."

"Sis please let's go! we need to meet with the others, the Lord is coming here soon we have to greet him."

The cyborg beauty saw his cute reactions and pounced on him and pinched his cheeks.

"Making cute expressions is cheating you know, hehehehe fine I'll go with you now!"

These 2 cyborgs is Yang Xiao Long and Yang Xiao Meng.

Yang Xiao Long is one of the first batch of sentient robots that Viktor made and Viktor was the one who gave her that name.

Viktor named the sentient robots and AI's through the different kinds of naming culture in the world. This was done in order to create diversity in the naming senses of sentient machines.

In the time when the first batch of sentient robots was created, Cyborg Bodies did not exist yet.

Yang Xiao Long spent her time in those days in her Mechanical Body. She could not feel anything on her body but she had self-awareness and emotions. She spent those days interacting with other sentient robots and looking at the information in the internet and she would also find some sort of entertainment there. She always envied humans and she wanted to be 'alive' and she wanted to have a family. Even though the sentient robots can be considered her family, she wanted someone who shared the same name as her.

When the 2nd Batch of sentient machines were made, Viktor managed to create living bodies for the sentient robots and AI's. Many older sentient machines approached Viktor to ask him to make a living body for them.

Viktor then made a salary system for the sentient machines and made the cyborg bodies available for purchase.

But the price of a cyborg body was not a joke.

All of the sentient robots were obliged to work for Viktor but their pay was based on their Rank.

The Sentient AI's had the same status but the Sentient Robots have their own ranks for their citizenship.

Rank C being the lowest and then following Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Rank SS, Rank SSS, and finally Rank X being the highest.

Currently the highest ranked sentient robot in the world is at the S Rank.

Yang Xiao Long has a Rank A citizenship so her salary was decent. It took months for her to finally have enough money to buy a cyborg body. But having a living body was not enough so she spent months again to buy a Cyborg body but it was for someone else.

When the 8th batch of sentient machines was made, Yang Xiao Long rushed to adopt someone.

Every batch would have 10,000 sentient robots born.

In the past when the 5th Batch was born, Viktor made a new law for the sentient machines.

"You will be able to adopt someone from the younger robots. You can give them a name and take them in as your family. Wife, Husband, Sister, Brother or Child. Its up to you."

Yang Xiao Long adopted a sentient machine and named him Yang Xiao Meng.

She then made his consciousness transfer to the Cyborg body that she saved up.

Since then Yang Xiao Long has treated Yang Xiao Meng as her dearest little brother.

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