94.38% Reincarnation of a living god / Chapter 185: War once again (1)

Chapter 185: War once again (1)

"...what is a living god?"

while Terry asked that question he gave a sidelong glance at Mars that sat and behaved himself, looking nothing like the so called 'living god' Info had just said, hell he himself had been a living god for 3 years apparently and just didn't realize that Terry was a little skeptical to say the least, could this all just be some elaborate prank? Perhaps sensing Terry's mistrust Info gave a slight frown before she explained

"a living god is one of 5 supreme beings that roam Alfan they all have 2 things in common, they are semi immortal and all of them have a specific class"

"semi immortal? what do you mean semi immortal?"

Info gave a smile

"well basically they don't die if you kill them... I think it's easier to explain if I show you your status first... try chanting 'status'"

Terry gave a nod, he had learned how to chant in the orphanage although he had no idea what his natural element of magic was, looking back at it that was probably on purpose so the staff could easily control the children, after all nobody wanted to deal with a 7 year old fire mage throwing a tantrum


Terry chanted and as he exhaled a wisp of white smoke was expelled from his lungs and began forming letterers in the air in front of him which read:

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Name: Terry

Age: 15

Race: Human

Titles: [Living god of hunting]

Class: [Hunting]

Class level: 0

Status points:

Strength [1/100] Constitution [1/100] Dexterity [1/100]

Intelligence [1/100] Wisdom [1/100] Charisma [1/100]

Active skills: none

Class skills: [Bow mastery]

Passive skills: [Stealth lv 7]

"what is this..?"

"that's your status"

Mars peaked over and gave a slight frown, Terry's starting status was simply to far from his starting status, not only did he have way more skills he also had way higher status point caps, Mars gave a sigh and thought to himself 'I guess the world really is unfair...' meanwhile Info continued explaining about the status

"can you see the values under the status points section? if you were to die they would decrease by a factor equal to the blow from your death, then if even one of them is still above one you would simply come back to life again"

Terry swallowed his saliva and stared blankly at his status before he asked

"...then what if they all become equal to 0?"

"then you die for real"

"....I see, so that's what you mean with semi immortal"

"yes it's good that you're a smart child"

being a 15 year old teenager Terry monetarily felt his pride being hurt by being called a child but dealt with it without showing it on his face, then Mars spoke up

"wait why wasn't Terry reincarnated into a vessel like me?"

Info gave a smile

"that's because Alfan have run out of empty vessels, so we created a new one with Terry's body... well all I can say is that it has been a trend to destroy the vessels of living gods after they die so very few living gods nowadays is actually reincarnated like you Mars"

"I see..."

Terry looked over at Mars and asked

"wait Mars how old are you then?"

Mars leaned back in his chair and thought for a moment

"well... if you don't count my past life then I'm 3 years old, but if you do then I'm 226 years old"

"I see... well that explains a lot"

Info let out a small giggle and smiled before she said

"well in my eyes you are both just children"

both Mars and Terry gave a sigh before Info turned and looked at Mars

"I'm sorry Mars, next I need to talk privately to Terry about his skills so could you leave first?"


"then off you go"

Info waved her hand and then space warped around Mars and the next instance he was standing in the lobby of the temple

"captain you have returned, where is Terry?"

Mars looked over and saw Helene and gave a smile before he walked over and took a seat on the bench she also was sitting on

"he's still talking with her"

"oh... I see"

looking at Helene growing visibly disappointed that Terry was not back yet Mars' smile grew a bit but he decide not to tease her about it and painterly sat and waited with her until Terry walked out into the lobby half an hour later, Mars gave a refreshing smile and walked over and clapped him on the shoulder and asked


Terry gave a nod

"a little... I think I need to sleep on it for it all to make sense..."

"then why don't you stay at my place tonight?"


Terry still seemed rather distracted, most likely he was still trying to figure the whole thing out and that would take time

"well then let's be off, Helene your coming too"


"yes you, don't tell me you are going to refuse my gracious invitation?"

Helene visablely panicked before she quickly gave a salute and half shouted

"no it would be my honor captain!"

"I see, well then let's go"

Mars lead the way through the crowds of Green river and just as the sun was setting they reached his building and took the mana powered elevator up to Mars' penthouse (the elevator was Mars' own design and was currently in a testing period before he would sell copies to other buildings in green river) as soon as they stepped off the elevator Mars was jumped by two figures

""it's Mars!""

Mars gave a slightly helpless smile for a moment before he patted the twins on the head, after Destra had fallen Mars offered the twins and Karen to stay in Green river which all 3 agreed on, currently the twins were living with Mars and Karen had moved out to live with her girlfriend. After 3 years the twins had grown a lot, that was understandable as they now were 14 years old and in their growth spurt and even outsiders were starting to be able to tell them apart as Lee grew more masculine and Lily grew more feminine, but one thing still had not changed they were still attached to Mars and currently showed no signs of entering the dreaded rebellious phase of their teenage years, they had also grown 2 heads taller with Lily being a little shorter than Lee but both of them reached up to Mars' chest, after Lee was done getting his head pats he looked over and saw both Terry and Helene

"hi Helena"

then he turned to Terry and introduced himself while he reached out his hand

"hello my name is Lee"

Terry shock Lee's hand and introduced himself

"my name is Terry, it's nice to meet you Lee"

Lee gave a smile and looked over at Lily and introduced her

"this is my twin sister Lily"

Lily was a little shy and simply gave Terry a quick bow before she ran off, seeing this Lee scratched his cheek a little awkwardly

"don't mind her, she's just a little shy"

Terry gave a nod, he certainly was not going to take offence from such a thing with all the stuff he had been through in the orphanage, then Mars asked Lee

"are the others home?"

"yeah, Elsa is cooking and the others are lazing around in the living room"

"I see, well then let's go in and greet them"

Mars once again lead the way from the mana elevator into the living room, while they walked Lee talked a lot with Terry as he had longed for a male friend for a long time since it was a woman dominant household when they reached the living room Mars found 3 couch potatoes, one on each couch lazing around, seeing this Mars gave a sigh and simply said

"I'm home"

then the 3 couch potatoes, or rather Varvei, Chloe and Mary sprang to life and jumped up from their couch before they ran over and hugged Mars, then Mars turned to Terry and introduced them

"this is Varvei, Chloe and Marry They are my women"

only now did the girls notice that there was a stranger in the midst of the group and turned their gazes at Terry, after looking at him for a few seconds Chloe gave a sigh

"thank god it's not another woman..."

Varvei was quick to agree and nodded her head, so did Mary, this caused Mars to be a little grumpy as he protested

"hey I do have male friends you know"

Chloe narrowed her eyes and asked

"like who?"

".........like Alvin"

"that took you way too long... well whatever"

then Elsa walked out of the kitchen and also joined the group hug while Mars introduced her

"and finally this is Elsa, she's also my woman"

Terry was a little embarrassed meeting all these beauties at once and blushed a little as he introduced himself

"my name is Terry, nice to meet you all"

zad1333 zad1333

Thanks for reading! :)

temporary cover art is temporary, it's something my contact at webnovel made me

next chapter Sunday hope to see you all then

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