80.67% System: World's Infinity / Chapter 189: chapter 42

Chapter 189: chapter 42

Their carriages drive through the wide, opened street that was especially reserved for them- the courtesy of being someone from the higher up- the street was cleared out of any other civilians or commercial mode of transportation, the only one that was traveling on that road was their carriages and the entourage of guards that followed closely from behind.

Along the way, they obviously garnered some attention- more than Leonard had expected, people are lining up on the sidewalk, watching them in silence.

The only sound they could hear was that of the carriage wheels, the hoofs of horses and metal boots marching on the stone road.

Unbeknown to them, on one side of the road in front of a dark alleyway, a man was currently spying on the entourage that was marching for the imperial palace in the center of the city.

"Hmmm...they're already here… his highness must know of this." the man muttered in a low voice before pulling out a small hawk like creature from inside of his cloak and tied up a message onto the leg of the little avian before setting it loose.

The moment it was set loose, the little bird immediately headed up high into the sky and fly straight for the eastern side central palace.

Where it promptly landed on the outside of the window of an office room, knocking on the glass window with it beak and attracting the attention of a person from within.

From inside of the building, a middle age man appear, he had brownish hair and a mustache- he had a well build figure.

He opened the window and petted the hawk and fed it a piece of cracker that he had with him before going to the bird and untied the message that placed there.

"Thank, you can return to your owner now." once more, he patted the bird before setting it off once again, this time it will be heading back to it owner.

After seeing the bird off for a short moment, the man open up the roll of paper that was the message sended specifically for his view only.

The moment he skimmed through the message, he smirked.

"So… you have returned, along with the little bastard that was my so call… "nephew" too… it makes no different, the throne is already mine…" the man grinned as he rolled up the piece of paper once more and placed it within his inner pocket.


The entourage where Leonard and the other was with finally arrived at the imperial palace that was located in the center of the city, albeit they had to travel for at least an hour to finally made it to the front entrance itself- or in this case, another checkpoint, as the guards took the security around the imperial palace a serious matter, but of course- it does not take long for matter with the security clearance to be checked off since Augustus took matter in his own hand to clarified and gave them his voucher.

From then on it was cleared till they finally reached the throne room where they supposed to meet with the emperor himself, of which only Leonard and Augustus are supposed to be presence while all other unrelated personnel had to wait outside.

As they waited within the throne room for the emperor to arrive.

Leonard took the chance to look around the large hall that was the throne room and admired it decoration, which were lavished and rich.

"Are you nervous, little brother?" Augustus asked him, seeing that Leonard wasn't paying much attention to himself as his eyes wandered around the hall.

"Truthfully? Yes, somewhat nervous...I mean… I will be meeting with the ruler of the most powerful empire of the continent after all..." Leonard replied to Augustus.

"Well don't be too nervous about it, grandfather might be the stoic ruler of a power empire, but in the end, he is our grandfather, he's quite kind at that...I wish I could really say that to some of our uncles, aunts and cousins." Augustus told him before letting out a long sight when the topic of the other cousins and aunts and uncles were brought in.

Leonard could roughly guess that they don't like one another much.

Then suddenly, Augustus pulled Leonard down to the ground with one knee in a kneeling position, the speed of which Augustus dragged Leonard down greatly surprised him as he did not foresee it.

"His majesty, Gaius Julius Caesar De Romanii has arrived!" it was then that a chamberlain announced the arrival of the most important person in the continent.

What came out was an old man with a head full of white hair in a luxurious red garb, adorned with jewels and gold accessory- like any other wealthy and important figures of the land, however the face of the old man was covered in scar- one of the most noticeable one was one going diagonally across his entire face.

He walked casually to the golden throne that was reserved just for himself and sat down.

Seeing that two youngster was kneeling in front of him without making eyes contact.

"Be at ease…" the old man spoke in a powerful voice and rough voice.

Only then that Leonard and Augustus raised their head to look at the old man.

The moment Leonard lay eyes on the old man, he saw the emperor of the Romanii empire, smiling at the both of them, he could not believe that a man who spoke those words previously in such a rough yet powerful voice could have that kind of expression.

"It's good to see you… Leonard was it? Your mother had spoke to me...much about you during those past years…" the emperor told him.

Leonard was somewhat stunned, he was completely lost for words as he looked at the old man in front of him- seeing him with his eyes was only one reason why he was stunned, another reason was- he could not sense the current power level of this old man at all, he did not radiate any form of aura whatsoever- however… the moment he asked the system to have a look at the old man in front of him- who was his grandfather.

[Scanning...Scanning… complete] the information quickly displayed before his eyes.

[Humanoid life form- classification, Human.]

[Power estimation: level 100- initial Star Class realm 3]

He could not believe his eyes, for a moment, he thought that the system was playing tricks on him, a human- a denizen of this world, actually achieved level 100, and entered the initial star class power classification of the multiverse, and the person was his blood related grandfather no less for that matter.

"Hmmm...you seem to sense what realm I'm currently at with your current power… not bad, at such a young age, you have already achieved peak rank eight, truly talented." the old man complimented him.

"I thank you for your compliment...your majesty." Leonard bowed his head as he replied to the old man, who was his grandfather.

"Stop with the formality, you can call me grandfather, just like everyone else, you can also skip further formality when you see me in the future, the only exception is in a formal appearance of course."

Oniichan_Thickskin Oniichan_Thickskin

...paperwork, paperwork, paperwork... signing yourself up for the Navy... that's what you had to deal with every single day + trying to get your body in shape and do studying for that their test on top of that.

(no good test score? your life going to be miserable once you join.)

-Onii-chan new life.

P.S but at least I got you your chapter <3

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  • Otonashi_Yuzuru


    if you join the NAVY we are going to need some photos as compensation... girls photos ofc.... :P



    Not the Navy during boot camp you won't be able to post ;-; and even when you're deployed it'll be very infrequent release trust me you won't have a lot of free time to write once you join... But I do respect your decision and hope you don't forget about us your loyal fans waiting for them releases

  • Gnark


    Nii-chan you're joining the Navy? Why? I'll mis your chapters and all your jokes and your presence And... And... Nii-chan!!!

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