19.23% 1000 realms / Chapter 4: 1000 realms,Bloodlines and Professions

Chapter 4: 1000 realms,Bloodlines and Professions

After adjusting himself he finally asked the system in his head

"what can you do"asked Li chen in his mind.

"Ding!Help you to become the most powerful in all 1000 realms" replied system.

"1000 realms?"Li chen confused,because he don't know there are 1000 realms.In actual only powerful families know about thee realms and the others races that inhabitat those realms.

"Ding!yes,there are 1000 realms in this world" answered system.

"is anyone living in that realms?"asked Li chen.

"Ding!yes each realm is inhabitated by different races like demons,elfs,dwarves,orcs,goblins etc?"replied system.

When Li chen is small he used to hear many stories about this races but he didn't believe them.Now with the system being explained about races he is believing them and his hopes of becoming immortal is coming true, so he is full of hope.

"Then system how can you help me in becoming immortal?"Li chen asked with full of hope.

"Ding!Generating the status for user",with that a small image with some words on it are appeared in his mind.





SKILLS :- SNAKE STEPS at large success stage



Once Li chen saw the data himself he stupefied.But still he didn't know what bloodline and professions are,so he asked the system.

"Ding!Bloodlines are the power that is passed from generations to generations and passed through blood"the system replied.

"then is there any bloodline in me?"asked Li chen.

"Ding!yes they present in every living being but the chance of awakening them are very low",replied system.

"How much of a probability is there in awakening my bloodline",hoping the probability should be high for him and asked the system.

"Ding!from the user constitution, the chances are 25%",replied system.

Li chen didn't understand whether to cry or laugh.But still thought that there is 25% chance,so if he work hard he can probably awaken his bloodline and his expectations about what kind of bloodline he will awaken also increased.Just thinking about it motivated him.

"Then what abot the profession" asked Li chen.

"Ding!professions are like jobs where each has its own speciality such as alchemy,formations,tamers etc." system answer silently.

"so these are professions , ok then what's about the experience(999/1000),and how to earn it" questioned Li chen.

"it's simple, any living animal or human you kill help in increase in the experience.Stronger the opponent more exp you will get" concluded system.

once he heard the answer Li chen stupefied.Soon after he started to laugh like an idiot because the more he kills the more powerful he become and there is more chances for him to reach his goal of becoming immortal.

suddenly the next words of system surprised him

"Ding!since the system activated much before than the actual time,there is a special gift for the user"system said.

"oh! what is it",Li chen asked expectantly.

"Ding!user gets a blue treasure box from the system",replied system.

System already explained about these treasure boxes.They are white,green,blue,red and violet box,with white being least and violet at the top .

soon a blue box is appeared in his hands out of nowhere full shining.He quickly he opened it and saw the item in the box. There is a book .Once he touched the book,a system notification came.

"Ding! Skillbook BIND is found,user wishes to learn it?"

"yes",without any further thought he learned BIND.

"Ding!Skill BIND is learned,cultivate hard to reach major completion stage"system answered.

skills are measured in small success stage,large success stage,small completion stage and large completion stage.

Li chen's snake steps reached large success stage with his hardwork for many months and now he had another skill but he don't know how long it will take him to reach large success stage.

vinayraj vinayraj

Hi guys, another chapter is on its way,hope you guys enjoy it and please support me by voting.Add this novel to your library for quick reading .

Comments (4)

  • InvicibleGod


    "Ding!once see this",with that a small image with some words on it are appeared in his mind. you should work on your english man nice plot but u ruin it with those stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nickjr321



  • vinayraj


    i will improve it. thanks for your comment.

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