3.48% A Journey Through The Worlds / Chapter 3: Misjudgment.

Chapter 3: Misjudgment.

Combining Johnny's ability along with Robin's gave birth to an overpowered ability that any thief would kill for.

Johnny's ability that shows you the location of anything you ask for and it's surrounding as long as it is in a radius of a hundred km, and Rabin's ability that let him teleport to any place as long as he saw it once before, the combination of those two abilities was something that even Robin didn't expect that ability gave him the feeling that as long as he thought about something and that thing was close to him he could be able to knew where it was and what's around it and if no one is around the thing that he wants he would teleport there and take it easily.

The duration of the copy stone was ten minutes which was enough for Robin; he activated the copy stone and thought about the crystal.

What Robin feared the most was that he won't be able to feel the existent of the crystal, but fortunately he was able to feel where it was.

It was in a closed room with no windows, that room was a few hundred meters under the palace's ground.

The inside of that room had no guards, and he wasn't able to see any traps or things like that in the room.

After making sure that no one was there he teleported to the room using his ability, and as soon as he did he held the crystal and teleported back.

He didn't teleport to his and his and sister's home but to a remote corner of the city, he wasn't going to put all of his hope on the crystal, as he had other targets in his list after rubbing three other houses from their small and valuable possessions, he returned home.

He knew that the guards were going to be after him shortly, so he and his sister had to move.

Returning home he told his sister that they were moving, she didn't ask any questions and just followed him as he bought a horse and a cart.

His sister laid there in the cart while he was directing it, of course he wasn't going to use a cart to run he just used it as a diversion, they left the city through the south gate.

After they moved for two hours, they finally stopped and Robin hugged his sister and teleported to a place few hundred kilometers away from the north gate.

That was the furthest distant that he could teleport to, after teleport that far he couldn't use his ability for a while.

In that place he had a cart ready, he get there for his sister as he know that she wouldn't be able to hold on for long time if she had to walk a long distant.

They used the cart for an hour, and after that the cool down for his ability was already over.

Just as he was going to hug his sister and teleport to a close town nearby, he felt as if a veil was thrown on him and his ability become unusable.

Robin entered the streets since young and after all those years he get a sixth sense that made him able to feel when he's in a deadly situation, and at that moment he felt that more than any other time in his life.

Turning his head to the south he saw a huge white bird that gave him a chilly aura even from that far of a distance, on the back of that gigantic bird there stood thirteen young men and women.

As he saw that, Robin face's changed and his heart stopped for a second.

"The Royal Guards, they sent them after us how... Why..."

Robin didn't know what to say he just stood there looking at the gigantic bird getting closer and closer.

He never thought that they would send the Royal Guards after him, as the Royal Guards only get dispatched to deal with situations that the other soldiers have no ability to solve, a situation that can lead to the destruction of the fire continent.

But Robin didn't take a few things into consideration, first, Ethan was a proud person so he would never accept the thought of something getting stolen from his palace, so when the people in the palace knew that something get stolen they simply sent the strongest unite that was there.

Here come the second thing, because of what was happening Ethan and the other seven gods all stayed together in some place, so he asked the twelve Royal Guards to guard the continent.

And the twelfth Royal guards leader Randy was left in the capital with some new members.

So it was a mix between and luck and bad timing for Robin.

It didn't take long for the gigantic bird to stop in front of them, no matter how hard Robin triad to teleport he couldn't, that feeling of isolation was still there.

"Nero you idiot, to think that a little thief played you like that, I remember that as we were leaving you said that we don't have to worry and that finding that little thief will be a piece of cake yet look at yourself, because of you my little white had to fly all the way to the south and then return to the north"

The voice of a girl talking playfully came from the back of the gigantic bird as the once on top of it were getting down.

"Come on Sandy, who would have thought that he would teleport to the opposite direction of his first path" a glasses wearing twenty-two twenty-three young man said while jumping from the back if the bird.

All the people that were getting down from the bird were chatting and laughing as if Robin wasn't even there, they all had relaxed and happy expressions on their faces.

"For someone that had enough guts to steal from the Burning palace you look quite normal" finally Sandy looked at Robin and said that with an interested look on her face.

"Pl... Please can you let her go she's just a normal person, not to mention that she's ill she knew nothing and had nothing to do with what happened" Robin's expression returned to normal as he looked at Randy.

Not many people in the fire continent weren't familiar with Randy, knowing who Randy was and what he did, he didn't bother trying to run or bag for his forgiveness he just wished for them to let his sister live.

"Sorry to tell you but his highness Ethan ordered us to kill everyone involved and all their family member as a warning for anyone that have other thoughts like that" even though he said that Randy's face didn't show any indication of that.

"Then I won't go without a fight" as he said that Robin hugged his sister that was just looking at what was happening calmly.

She knew what was happening and she knew that she probably was going to die soon but she never blamed her brother as she was sure that he only did that because of her.

As Robin hugged her he started trying to activate his ability while keeping an eye at his surroundings.

"Nero, while Kevin is keeping him from using his ability you go and deal with him, that will be your punishment for messing up at tracking him" Randy talked.

"Ok, leave it to me" Nero said and he brought out a green bow, and stood in top of the gigantic bird as it flow and started roaming around Robin.

The bow had a few leaves growing on it as if it was alive, Nero picked one of the leaves growing from the bow and then as if the tail of an arrow and pulled the string of the bow with it.

The weird thing was that as he pulled the string an arrow started manifesting starting from the leave, he aimed the arrow at Robin and released.

As Robin saw the arrow being aimed at him he felt a kind of danger he never felt before, he hugged gist sister tightly and started running in a zigzagging way, in all his panicking and fear for his sister he didn't notice that the one he was trying so desperately to save had a dull expression on her face and a pair of blank eyes as she looked around her in a mechanical way.

Suddenly her eyes fell on a boy that seemed fairly young and had a pair of dark eyes, it was the boy that Randy called Kevin, and they stayed on him no matter how much Robin moved.

As Robin started moving, Nero released the arrow, it passed just a few centimeters away from him, it even scratched his clothes a little.

But even though he avoided it the feeling of danger was still there, he kept on running away from the place where the arrow fell.

Before moving three steps away, the ground shock softly, and in a reduce of three meters with the place where the arrow fell as the center, thorns as thick as a thumb half a meter long suddenly shut from the ground.

As Robin felt that he used all his power and lifted his sister above his head.

The thorns priced his body but fortunately no important organs were hurt, hugging his sister tightly he looked at Nero and said:

"I never thought that someone from the Royal guards would be this cowardly fighting a person with his ability disabled using a bow" as he finished saying that he sighed and looked at his sister Any, it wasn't till then that he noticed how abnormal his sister was acting...

"Why would I care yo... Oh?! Sandy control you chicken please I almost fell" Nero was going to start mocking Robin but then the bird that he was on shock and he almost fell.

"I didn't do anything, it's just that for some reason I somehow can't control it well anymore it's almost as if there's an interference between it and me" Sandy said while massaging her temple.

"Well do your job and kee... hahhhhh"

Nero's shout made everyone look at him, and as they did they saw that the gigantic bird was acting in a weird way as it started swaying from one way to the other and struggling.

Sandy also had a similar condition as she was screaming of pain, while Nero was trying his best to stay on top of the bird.

"Something is wrong, it's him he's doing something hurry up and stop him" Randy was the first to react as he shouted at everyone else.

As they were running toward Robin that pulled himself from the thorn, Nero jumped from the back of the bird falling just a few let's away from him:

"I will deal with you" as he was going to use a dagger to hit him Kevin suddenly shouted:

"Not good I can't control my ability anymore his going to run" but even before he finished saying that Robin his sister and Nero disappeared from in front of them.

The same time as Robin his sister and Nero teleported:

Somewhere on an island on the Atlantic Ocean:

The people on the 19 earth would have never imagined that all their seven gods were on the same place at the same time waiting for the arrival of an uninvited guest to their land.

Suddenly one of the seven gods, a skeleton like old man, the all-seeing Adam turned his head toward the direction of the fire nation and after looking for a while shock his head and sighed.

"What's wrong did you see something" a big man more than two meters tell with a body full of bronze colored mussels asked as he saw that, he was Carlos the barbarian.

"I don't know I just felt that something unstoppable has started"

"Well we all know that" a young man with beautiful but arrogant features said.

"No it's something else I didn't see it clearly but I saw that you brought a disaster open yourself" Adam said while chuckling with a voice that would make anyone's hair stand on an end.

"What do you mean" Ethan's face suddenly turned serious as he heard Adam's words.

Even though he didn't put the other six gods on his eyes, as he thought that he won't lose to anyone of them, he wasn't an idiot to the point that he would treat Adam's words as air.

"Hehehe you will know when the time shall come"

"You can't ju..."

"Cut it out you two, we may have a fight ahead of us we should put the safety of our land first" a frosty yet gentle voice sounded stopping their argument.

"Athena is right now isn't the time for pointless disputes" another voice sounded out, the voice seemed to belong to a man yet at the same time a woman, the owner was wearing a black cloak that hid every part of their body.

It was snake no one know his story or where did he come from it's just that one day he appeared and beat one of the seven gods, becoming one himself, the only other god that is as mysterious as him is Athena that appeared out of thin air the same as him, some rumors even say that they know each other, and that even though Athena seem to treat him just as she treats the other gods Snake isn't so found of Athena.

"Hehehe... Of course our land is the priority" Adam laughed his creepy laughter but then he added with a serious expression that he rarely showed:

"They are here"

But the others didn't need his reminder as they all looked at the west where a few gigantic flying ships appeared over the horizon.

On that plain island the first ever war of what was later known as the wars of the worlds happened.


Dan ended up sleeping late and waking up late, and in the end he didn't make it to school.

He was late for the first period so he took a cab and moved as fast as possible trying to make it for the other periods.

The cab driver was a Mexican bald middle-aged man who instead of being a chitchatting machine as normal cab driver those days, he had a serious expression on his face and didn't say anything unnecessary.

As the cab was moving, suddenly out of nowhere a body hit the windshield.

Dan and the cab driver were surprised as they had no idea where that body came from.

The building around them wasn't' that high and they didn't see anyone running toward them.

Both were surprised for a split second but then Dan opened the door as he shouted at the cab driver:

"Call an ambulance"

As he said that he jumped out of the car.

What he saw when left the car shocked as he didn't see just one person but three people.

A young man was hugging a girl while another young man was to their left, and all of them were unconscious.

There was blood on the young man and the girl, Dan wasn't sure if both of them or only one of them was wounded but he didn't want to touch any of them, fearing that he may make it worse.

"I just called an ambulance, how are they" a voice sounded from behind him.

Turning his head he saw the cab driver looking at the three people on the ground.

"I don't know, all of them are unconscious and one or both of those two is bleeding but I didn't want to touch any of them fearing that I might make it worse" Dan said.

As he said that he looked at the cab driver and saw that he wasn't panicking, but he was standing there calmly looking at the three people.

Than he finally noticed that he wasn't panicking too, and that he actually was pretty composed.

"Hey where did they come from I'm sure that no one was in front of us and the buildings around us aren't even that high" while waiting for the cab driver suddenly said.

"I don't know, I too didn't see anyone close to us, it was as if they just come out of thin air"

As they were talking Dan heard hurried footsteps getting closer, turning his head he saw a young woman walking toward them.

"I'm a doctor, did you call an ambulance" the woman said as she moved toward the three people, and started inspecting them.

"Yes we did, they are going to be here any moment now" Dan said.

The woman just nodded her head, as she examined the man and woman.

After a while as he saw here frowning while looking at the man that was hugging the girl, he asked her:

"What's is it, is there something wrong"

"No it's just that... I found that the blood is coming from the man, the girl doesn't have any apparent injuries, it's just that her body is just a little bit weak... The weird thing is that the wounds that the young man has are somehow weird, they aren't the type of wounds that you would get from a car accident, he got stepped or something like that" the woman said uncertainly.

As they were talking an ambulances sounded from afar, turning his head Dan saw that The ambulances was just turning from the corner, as he was sighing that the ambulances has finally arrived, the woman suddenly released a surprised voice.

What he saw as he looked at her was that the young man that was bleeding had opened his eyes and was looking at the woman with a blank expression, but hand he looked at the girl that he was hugging.

As he saw her drenched in blood his blank expression disappeared, and he shouted as he moved his hand toward her.

With that shout Dan suddenly felt as if the space around him disordered and he fall unconscious.

3rd earth in the multiverse:

In the headquarter of the Big four Alliance, four elders with extraordinarily temperament set there around a big round table, they all were looking at a hologram that showed five of the alliance's warships on a triangular formation, hovering and moving through a blue ocean.

The flurry elderly were the four heads of the Big Four Alliance, representing the four biggest powers in their world.

The leader of The Shields And Swords company 'SAS' and one of the world's four leaders Moore Axton, was sitting on the north seat, his company is known for the weapons that it makes, his ancestors started working in that field hundreds of years ago, making a great empire that lasted through time.

His expression at that time was dark the other three knew why he was like that so they decided to leave him be.

Ronald Quinton, set on the south seat, his reputation wasn't less than that of Moore, as he was also one of the four leaders like everyone in that room and he was also the representative of all the worlds universities and famous laboratories, his universities and laboratories gave the world many inventions and geniuses, his face was expressionless as he looked at the hologram.

Travis Stratford, the representative of the Outer Space Community, set on the east seat.

Finally, Tom Kent, the leader of the Dark blue, the world's best space and warships maker, their main clients were the military and the Outer Space Community.

"It took way too long, now we are behind the schedule" it was Moore that talked, even though it seemed that his worlds were directed toward everyone his eyes were looking at Tom.

As the later saw him look at him, he frowned and said:

"Don't give me that, we did our best to recalculate, it just took longer time, along with changing the engines, you can even say that we did way better than ever" Tom said with an annoyed expression.

"Yes, Moore calculating the new gravity and changing the ships engines is hard, especially after how we didn't see or feel any change in gravity, how was The Dark Blue supposed to know that the flying machine were going to experience such a strong gravitational attraction as soon as they left the ground" Ronald said while shaking his head.

"Right is there any explanation for that yet" Travis asked as if remembering something.

"Unfortunately nothing yet" Ronald said.


As they talking suddenly a sound come from the hologram in the middle of the table and a few numbers and words appeared on it.

"The first readings just made it" finally Moore's dark face eased a bit as he said that.

"It seems that there are no impurities in the air, the water is also clear and life in it is flourishing, we didn't make it to any piece of land yet but I think that this new earth is full of raw materials" Tom added.

As they heard that the other three had big smiles on their faces.

"We see an island in front of us and there seem to be seven people on it, awaiting orders" a voice came from the hologram.

Looking at the hologram in front of them the four people watched as it zoomed and showed an island in the ocean and seven people looking in the direction of the warships.

The four men suddenly fall silent, they knew since the beginning, since they knew what was going to happen that they were going to meet other civilization, and they were in conflict about how to deal with them.

After a moment of silent, Ronald said:

"Only one warship should go the other four stay behind, for the warship that go to make a contact, you should try to talk with them"

No one objected so the warship on the head of the triangle moved toward the island.

"Spaceship number 2118 from the alliance's scouting squad, we are here requesting you to take us to you leaders..." after that the massage kept on repeating using different languages.

The seven people in the hologram looked at each other and then one of them, a woman wearing a white dress, along with a cold expression said with clear English:

"We are the seven gods of this land, we are its leaders, and we tell you that you aren't welcomed here please leave and never return, if you do we will forgive your offence this time"

Hearing what the woman said the four men looked at each other blankly.

"Do you think that the people in this place are all barbarians, how can they call themselves gods" Tom finally broke the silence.

"I also think that this land shouldn't be that advanced in term of technology, the atmosphere is a proof of that" Ronald said.

"They are even threaten us, warship number 2118 you have the right to catch the people on the island being them home with no injuries, treat them well" Moore said.

"Moore what are you doing" Ronald shouted, after hearing what Moore said.

"Come on Ronald are you going to waste our time while trying to talk with some barbarians, and didn't I ask the warship to being them safely, this way we will get all the information that we want in the fastest time possible, let me remind you that this isn't the only new place that we need to pay attention to, our calculations and observation told us that the earth became 25 times bigger than it used to be, that means that there are another 23 earth like ours and this place that we still know nothing about, so instead of wasting our time on this place that have no danger to us and search other places, there may be another place somewhere on this gigantic planet which became our new home, that is a threat to our existent" Moore shouted at Ronald, with an annoyed expression on his face.

Comments (4)

  • khukaiMonster


    I think the plot is good so far but it really needs a proper editing. So if you know someone who you think can edit and proofread, please ask them to review your work. You have a lot of good ideas for your story but it is somehow not well organized. :D

  • Armand


    thx for the novel :D

  • reverof


    the MC is dan, but the story will be like world of cultivation, an army building story.

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