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Vampire's Chains

Author: daImmortalguy

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Chapter 1: The man in the dungeon.

The influence and the strength of the Blood Sect soars day by day. Blood was shed, innocents killed, something had to be done.

No one could stop them so the four most powerful sects unified and created the Wall Allied Sect. The attack would be launched at night, when they're never expect it. Thousands of cultivators were heading toward the Sect, their only goal, the annihilation on the evil sect.

Four old men were floating above the battlefield while watching the battle.

An old man in white robes smiled and gently stroked his beard "Seems like this our victory. They are too outnumbered."

Another one in a military uniform frowned and drew his sword. "It is not the members of the sect that we should fear but the old man leading them."

A fat old man in extravagant expensive clothes laughed and flipped a coin in the air. "No need to be so tense man. The only reason their sect is alive is through plundering and pillaging. They are just savages that doesn't even know how to employ strategy and resources-...."

He was immediately interrupted by the last short old man. " He is here. Be cautious and don't let him separate us"

A blood red lightning flashed and stopped in front of them. He was literally dressed in red. He calmly looked towards the four powerhouses as if he weren't losing the war at all.

"You all might think that you have won." He looked below where his sect members were getting killed. The more of them died the more the calm expression of his face slowly dissipated.

No...what he felt wasn't regret, nor compassion, nor sadness. He was actually smiling!!

The Military felt something amiss and got ready for combat. He talked to the others spiritually. "Something isn't right...he is planning something..."

The White robe replied "The blood energy in him is increasing in an impossible rate. Is he absorbing his dead comrades' blood energy to get stronger? No human body could store that much."

Beads of sweat fell down the Rich man's fat cheeks " Unless he wants to self destruct and kill us all!!! We have to run before it's too late!!"

The short old man blocked the fat guy trying to run away. "He has a powerful artefact that is absorbing all these. That has to be his trump card! We have to act now or never!"

He made a hand sign and a third eye opened on his forehead. An invisible force paralyzed the sect leader and stopped the blood energy absorption.

The short man's whole body was violently shaking and blood started trickling from his mouth. "Hurry!! Follow the plan! I can't hold him for too long!"

The Military man was gathering all his spiritual energy towards his sword. The others started attacking the sect master.

The White Robe flicked his sleeves and hundreds of pills were sent flying towards the Blood sect master. An enormous explosion resounded throughout the entire battle field. "The best explosion pills I've concocted."

The fat man stayed on his position but took out his coin pouch. He reluctantly grabbed a handful and threw it in the sect leader's direction. Just as the coins were about to hit him, they got arranged in a formation and transformed into many sharp golden disks.

"Feel the power of fortune you fool: Gold digging formation!" The formation started rotating and cut the sect leader. He was badly injured but was still kept alive by the artefact!

"I can't hold on anymore!!!" The short man fainted and fell down the sky.

The sect leader slowly got control of his body. Before he could do anything else, the Military already finished gathering all his might into his sword.

A hundred meter sword has held vertically on his hand. "This is the end"

He slashed down with all his might and hit the sect leader. His entire right shoulder got cut off and was slowly disintegrating.

Despite all the suffering and injuries the sect master was still laughing. "You all might think that you won right! Let me tell you one thing: whether we are alive or dead, we will still exist!"

He opened his left palm and a blood red sphere appeared above it. It started spinning and produced a suction force that sucked all blood energy in the battlefield. Alive or dead blood sect members were withering at high speed...including himself!

"You!!!...What..What are you doing?!" The Rich old man quickly recalled all his coins and formed a golden sphere surrounding him.

The others weren't as fast as him and were about to act but the short elder raised his hand to stop them. "It is only affecting humans with blood energy"

The white robed elder looked around the battlefield and frowned. "It appears some of our fellow sect members are also slowly withering..."

The military garbed elder closed his eyes and unsheathed his sword. He opened them again and stared at the Blood sect leader that was barely alive. "Let it be. This is an opportunity to eliminate all spies and misled cultivators in our Alliance. But...I do not understand...why would you do this?."

The Blood sect leader was there floating silently... if not for the short man's powers keeping him flying, he would have fallen long ago. The red sphere on his hand wasn't there anymore.

"All of this...all of my effort... it was all just for this moment. These thousand of cultivators I've gathered...it's all worth it just to summon it. The harbinger of death...the blood king...the shackled one...."

These were his last words before slowly turning into dust. Tension started to form between the 4 sect masters.

"Is he going to summon a greater demon?"

"No. Impossible! I feel no magic fluctuations nearby."

"Was he just bluffing?"

"We should leave now and consult the oracles and continue investigations later...our apprentices are tired." They bowed toward each other and returned to their headquarters.

The darkness slowly disappeared and the sunlight shone on the cultivators. Today was the day the Blood evil sect got totally annihilated. They all started to cheer and celebrate their victory.

Somewhere deep inside the Blood sect's secret ancient dungeon, a bare-chested man was chained on the wall. Both his wrists had shackles that were connected to the wall. Blood red runes were inscribed on the chains.

The man had long white hair that stretched till his waists, long beard that hid most of his facial features. His eyes were closed as if he was imprisoned just to take a nap. Although he was located in a dungeon which is the equivalent of filth, everything around him seemed clean and neat. The surroundings were dark and silent.

He had lost his sense of time in this lonely dungeon but this was the first time he felt an energy powerful enough to awake him. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a blood red sphere floating in front of him.

He immediately know that today is the day he would be free. He instinctively opened his mouth and the sphere was slowly getting absorbed. No, the blood sphere wasn't getting absorbed, it was drunk.

The four sharp fangs among his teeth were sucking the blood sphere. When the sphere disappeared, he started to regain control over his body. He tried to stand up but the chains were stopping him from doing so.

He pulled the silver chains several times but it didn't even bulge. He knew something was wrong with these chains. He instinctively knew that these chains were weakening him. Amazingly, something popped in his mind.

<<Silver Chains of Doom (Lvl-0): Demonic Chains not only used to subdue evil but also do destroy good. Forged from the Silver Blood Jade in the depths of hell and the Heavenly Silver Halo high in the heavens.>>

He stopped struggling and started thinking. 'So these are also made of Silver Blood Jade. I'm kind of familiar with that word. I have a feeling that would be useful in my escape.'

<<Silver Blood Jade: The bane of righteousness, but the benediction for evil. It can only be fused with evil blood related beings.>>

'Evil blood related beings huh? Am I one of those? I can always try to fuse, I have nothing to lose.'

He clenched his fists, closed his eyes and tried to make a connection with the Silver Blood Jade. When he opened his eyes, he was now in a dark place. Everything around him was dark other than the blood red runes rotating around each other.

He tried to take one of them but upon contact his finger immediately got disintegrated.

"AHH!!" The pain was unbearable. It felt as if thousands of needles were poking at his finger till there was nothing left to poke.

Some moments later, the pain slowly faded and his hand fully got regenerated. He started thinking of the reason of this.

'These runes shouldn't hurt me. I have a feeling these are rather beneficial...but how?"

He began examining the red runes. He noticed a thin white aura that was covering them.

'Were these the reason of my injuries?'

The more he examined the runes the more he saw that some runes had thick white auras around them and some were less thick. He searched for the thinest one and thought for a while.

'This one has the most thin white aura around. The drawbacks of contact shouldn't be lead to disintegration like earlier.'

He grabbed the aura with his two hands and no pain occurred on his body bur rather his mind. A sharp pain attacked his mind but he didn't let go off the rune. He knew that the rune was merging in his mind so if he let go, all of this would be in vain.

Then slowly stopped when the rune in his hands disappeared. A red rune appeared on his forehead and some informations popped in his mind.

<<Rune of Fusion:Let the Silver Chains of doom be part of your body. You can use the chains as your weapon.>>

He closed his eyes and he came back in the dungeon when opened them again. The rune was no longer on his forehead. He repeated his earlier actions. He clenched his fists but this time the chains shot out from the wall and wrapped around his arms. They merged with his arms and became chain-like red tattoos.

He stood up and looked around. He knew it was dark but he could still see.

<<Night Vision: enables you to see in the dark>>

He straightened his hair with his hand and headed towards a random direction. He was hungry...very hungry.


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