25% EvoMorph System / Chapter 3: Evolution Paths!

Chapter 3: Evolution Paths!

"Human (Rank E-0 Star Soldier) blood's sucked!"

>+100 XP!

>+3 water, +1 protein!

"Hehe.." Talas Talim was happily sucking the blood of the injured soldier and he thought [I will keep sucking this guy blood until I hit the max level hahahaha]

He was enjoying sucking so much that he forgot to check his status and what changes. The only thing that was inside of his mind at the moment was to suck this guy blood and level up again and again!

But, when he activates his skill blood-sucker for the second bite, he was dumbfounded.

>+0 XP!

[Huh?.. What is going on?] He was confused because it gave him zero experience points. Then, he goes for the third bite to confirm that no XP was given.


>+0 XP!

[My God! What is really going on here!?] While his mind was confused and started to identify what's happening, when his eyes caught unto something! And realize...

"F*ck! This guy is dead!"How laughable it was when he realized that he was sucking a dead guy's body.

[Okay! Let's suck these other two guys here hehe… Hope they don't die with one bite!]. He thought as he excitedly flew into the next guy arm in the middle.

The guy in the middle was wounded in his left stomach and maybe through his lungs. He was lying upright and unconscious. He was so thin and his wound was seriously bleeding, Talas Talim knew this guy was in poor state because of how malnourish his body looks like.

"Blood-sucker!"Talas Talim finally bites the guy near the wrist.

"Human (Rank E-0 Star Soldier) blood's sucked!"

>+100 XP!

>+2 Water!

[Yes! It finally worked!] He finally got his experience points and these so called nutrients, but he realized that something changed [Hmmm… The XP was still the same, but why the nutrients given were different!? This guy didn't even give protein!]

Well, he realizes already maybe it's because of this guy body structure! Because of being malnourish this guy gave small nutrients.

[Well, at least this guy gives the same XP!] He thought as his second bite was in action.

>+0 XP!

[Are you f*cking sh*tting me! His dead too after one bite!!]He was angered because these two soldiers he bit were so weak. They can't even survive and hold on for a second bite. But suddenly he realizes something…

He thought and ask himself that; why is he mentally stabled during this time, normal people will panic when they see someone or something die in front of them. Some people can't even handle when they see some stray cat dying, but he, an average college student thinks normal this time. It didn't even affect his state of mind, even he was emotionally unmoved by this.

[Maybe it's because I'm a beast now? Or maybe it's because of the system? ] He thought and analyzed and just let it go and concludes that, either way it was one of the two that made him mentally stabled.

Then he looked at the last guy and his eyes started to shine because this guy was muscular!

[This guy's body is for sure standard required for an average soldier, I think this time I will get bountiful harvest!!] He was excited as he flew to the direction of that guy whom was lying sideways leaning at the right side of the cart. This guy had wounds on both of his legs and he even had too in his left shoulder. These wounds must be some from kind of pointy object or maybe it was an arrow wound; nevertheless this guy sure was bleeding.

When he softly landed on the guy's right arm, near his exposed elbow, he immediately bit him!'

"Human (Rank E-0 Star Soldier) blood's sucked!"

>+100 XP!

>+3 Water, +1 Protein!

[Heheheh…. I knew it! I'm getting the hang of this!] Talas Talim confidence increased after he finally confirmed some predictions on his mind.

[Hehe.. Let's see if you can take my second bite big guy!] His faced was confident was this second bite will work.


"Human (Rank E-0 Star Soldier) blood's sucked!"

>+100 XP!

>+3 Water!

[It worked! But the nutrients given was less than the first bite, I guess I already sucked most of the nutrients on the first bite, so it only gives water now. But hey! At least it gives something! More importantly, it gave me XP!] He thought while processing the information given in his second bite on the same person.

While he was moving his black long needle to take his third bite he suddenly thought of something [What if I suck other parts of the body rather than sucking on the same spot!? That's it! I will try it and see what happens!]

Then he flew heading to the guy's neck and bit him!

"Human (Rank E-0 Star Soldier) blood's sucked!"

>+100 XP!

>+3 Water, +1 Protein!

[This is getting interesting!] As he finally thought that he was getting closer and closer in understanding the methods to harvest some nutrients. However, he still doesn't know what these nutrients used for or what it does.

When he was about to laugh to celebrate his findings, he suddenly heard familiar bell sounds notification.


"Evolution Path Discovered!"

[Whoooahh! Evolution paths!? This means I can finally evolve!] He raised his creepy right black fist in the air and his face full of smiles as he excitedly thought that he can finally evolve and be a strong beast!

But before he could get to check the notification the cart the he was in suddenly stop! He cared his life more than anything so he was alerted and immediately flew away to get some distance from the cart.

After a breath time of ascending, he looks around and checks if the distance was safe enough and he slowly look for the reason on the cart sudden stop. He flew from the third horse carriage which was in the back heading to the first horse carriage in the front.

He was getting nearer when he saw the soldiers in the front of the horse carriage aligning themselves and forming into a respectable formation and they shout with full of respect.

"Knight's Chief Rasho!! Salute!!" With their fist on their hearth they give salute in unison manner.

Talas Talim looks at the man that the soldiers were facing. The leading man in the front behind those cavalries was riding a white-haired grey horse that has some light iron armor; from one look you know it was a war horse focus on mobility. While the man himself wears a full-body light silver armor, the armor has some unique designs similar to those elves armor on those modern movies on Talas Talim previous world.

Rasho Segret is a C-5 Knight; he is on the verge of promotion and expected to be promoted to rank B within three years. His looks were naturally handsome in his early thirties, he has some sharp azure colored eyes, perfect nose, and a small thin lips. But, the most remarkable feature he has was his long crimson red hair, and his weapon scimitar on his waist.

"At ease… What's the status on the Eastern Border?"Rasho lift his right hand with an open palm to gesture the soldiers to be at ease, and then ask about the situation about the battles on the border where he was heading to.

"Chief, it's not bad but it's not good either!"One of the soldiers in the middle steps forward and reported the situation around the border "The beast's wave this time is too much, the estimated number before we left the field was around ten thousand beasts! The powerful beasts that appeared this time are forest wolves, rat goblins, and more than 50 armored-bears! While our offensive forces are good because of the offensive capabilities of the mages, our defensive formation is suffering the same because of our soldier defensive capabilities are lacking"

All the soldiers that were standing in the back has frightened looks on their faces, as if they were recalling the chaotic state of the battlefield and the looks of those vicious beasts!

"That is indeed a problem... Even if those armored-bears are only D-5 beasts they are still frightening, they are hard to deal with because of those massive armor for its defense!"Rasho calmly said while his face looks as he was thinking about something.

"How about that 'Explosive Mage' that C-2 Mage Sabog Scarlet!?"Rasho asked with straight face but if look closely, you can feel the deep concerns behind his azure pair of eyes.

The leading soldier face was brimming with passion and excitement as he replied "Lady Scarlet is doing amazing! Her Aoe (Area of Effect) Explosion magic were annihilating those rank D and below, while her condense explosion magic was deadly to those below rank C! The only side effect is, it required too much mana to cast! But still, even those armored-bears are dying within two-three hits!"

"That is indeed magnificent! As expected of the Class C Head Teacher of the Fire Spell Department!" Rasho nodded continuously while he was speaking with full of excitement.

After a few breaths past… Rasho finally resume his sharp calm manner like how he acts before arriving.

"Resume moving those injured men to our base camp with haste! Return to the battlefield immediately after some few minutes of rest so we can save more of our people! Go! After he was done declaring his command, he and his cavalry troops started moving and passed the carriage one by one.

"Sir! Yes sir!" The soldiers remained still and salute while they were looking at the back of the passing troops. Then, they start moving again heading to their base camp in haste.

Talas Talim was having trouble deciding which group to follow [If I follow that Rasho guy, bountiful rewards are waiting for me! Maybe some instant power up is there! But still, the risks our too high that if some mishaps or even some few aftershocks enough to kill me without leaving a body!] He analyzed the risks carefully and thinking if it was worth it.

[While if I follow these injured troops I will still have plenty of harvest without much risks, and maybe they have some dogs, chicken, or some pet beasts in their base! With those species I will be most rewarded!] He compared the two choices that he have and finally chose to follow the injured troops instead. He picked this choice because of one thing, and that is he was scared to die! He thought that he can't take risks at the moment when he doesn't even know the extent of this system he was given.

He move heading to one of the horses neck to have a free ride, and the most important part was to finally rest and check the changes within the system!

He opens the system with his thought and a green colored game menu appears! He saw that the panel 'Beast-Morphs' was blinking with green colored lights. He knew that there was something new in this panel so he instantly opened it.

<<Beast- Morphs>>

>Beast-Morphs slots: (1/1)

>>1.)Mosquito (Rank E):

>>>Level 2 (700/1000 XP)

>>>Evolution times: 0

>>>Evolution Paths (New!):


"Evolution Paths!" Talas Talim was so excited that he forgotten that he can choose things within the system with his thought alone. But nonetheless, it opened! And his eyes were shining as he looks at the information on his mind.

>Evolution Paths:

>>1.) Big Sucker Mosquito(Rank E-1 Star):


>>>>Mosquito: Level 2 (Yes)

>>>>Protein: 5 (Yes)

>>>>Water: 15 (Yes)

"Do you want to evolve to <<Big Sucker Mosquito>>?"

Comments (8)

  • Trek


    Seems like a bad idea to evolve to become bigger and more noticeable. Mc should gather more things to unlock hidden paths. Thanks for the chapter~

  • Redlister2


    so he discovered a evolution path on level 2 as a mosquito, I wonder if he discover evolution path too on level 3. I think he just need a few exp to level up. It's such a waste if he evolve now

  • Slipier


    I wonder what's after Big Sucker evolution? ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

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