6.89% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 2: DWDSS CH 001 New Life and the Guide

Chapter 2: DWDSS CH 001 New Life and the Guide

In a small grove of fruit trees, in the the western part of the Great Jura Forest, sat a boy under a tree biting into a small yellowish fruit while muttering to himself.

"Humm, it looks like I've been transported to another world. So… where's the guide?"

[Installation System…Complete…Hello Master.]

"Hello, EH? Wait wait, who's talking?!"

[Introduce: I'm the system that will guide Master in this world. I will help Master in raising Master's power.]

"Hooo, so you're what the Goddess talked about."

[Yes. First of all, I want to make sure of one thing. Have you successfully received basic information about this world when you were moved to this world?]

Come to think of it, why do I suddenly know a lot about this world even though I just got here? It seems like it was already arranged by the Goddess.

"Yup, basic information like the world map, currency, world history, etc. I somehow understand that. I am already used to this current child like body."

[Well, I'll explain how the system works. First, Master can bring the status in front of you by thinking about it.]

Reino thought of a status in front of him, and a status just emerged containing a variety of information.

Name: Reino Jigoku

Species: Doppelganger

Level: 1

Divine Protection: - Ahura Mazda's Divine Protection

Shop Point: 1000

Title: -

Transformation: –

Magic: -

Skill: – Unique Skill Guiding Sage, Unique Skill Necronomicon

Resistances: -

Ultimate: –

"Well yes, status has appeared about me. Then what are these Shop Points for?"

[Shop Points are used to buy Transformations, Magic and Skills using the Unique Skill Necronomicon. When master died in the previous world, part of the Necronomicon fused with you to form this skill. Even I am a kind of skill to support you. I can analyze, advice, and answer your queries through partial access to the World Record which is a sub system of the great Akashic Records. Getting back to point , Transformations and Skills can also be obtained from living beings. When Master kills other living creatures, then Master will be able to transform into those creatures, and while being transformed into a creature, Master can use the skills it has.]

"So the more creatures I kill, the more choices I have for transformation and skills that I can use?"

[Yes that is correct. But, if Master buys skill using Shop Points, then the skills can be used at anytime, even without having to transform.]

"So how do I get a Shop Point?"

[Master can complete missions or kill living creatures for that. In that way, Master can level up as well.]

"Well, judging by my current level which is 1, it looks like I still have a lot of fighting to do."

[Actually Master is not very weak despite of being at level 1. Master was given 1000 Shop Points in the beginning for shopping. Master can buy something useful to increase Master's power.]

"All right, let me see what I can buy with 1000 SP."

[Oh yes, Master can not see those items in the shop list which are priced above the number of Master's SP.]

"Oh, the worth is not too much and not too strong. Well, but I can't complain when that is all that I can do as of now."

Eagle Transformation: 500 SP

Pixie Transformation: 500 SP

Lion Transformation: 800 SP

Poltergeist Transformation: 800 SP

Goblin Transformation: 1000 SP

Kobold Transformation: 1000 SP

Obariyon Transformation: 1000 SP

"Obariyon.. Kobold…. Goblin..? Kobold is a straight and simple power warrior race. Obariyon is kind of spirit demon that can use a bit of magic. Goblin seems the most versatile amongst these, humanoid figure, decently able to use various weapons, also has a chance to learn magic. Goblin is like a jack of all trades. OK then, I will take Goblin. It should be a good choice for starters. But first, I have to level up. Oh yes, I have to call you who? "

[I'm only a guide for Master, I do not have a name.]

"Guide huh? All right, Tico, I'll call you Tico. "

[Okay, it's up to Master.]

Tico is very cold... it seems like she has no emotions.

"All right, I want to buy the Goblin Transformation."

[Installation of Goblin Transformation… Complete.]


Name: Reino Jigoku

Species: Doppelganger

Level: 1 Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Divine Protection: - Ahura Mazda's Divine Protection

Shop Point: 0

Title: -

Transformation: – Goblin

Magic: -

Skill: – Unique Skill Guiding Sage 'Tico', Unique Skill Necronomicon

Resistances: -

Ultimate: –

"Oh yes, I forgot to ask, what is this Ultimate? It seems like I can't buy this at the Shop. "

[Yes, Ultimate is a special skill that is a combination of 2 or more skills. When the Master has 2 or more matching compatible skills, the skills will merge into ultimate skills.]

"Alright. So, Tico… Tell me, how to transform."


Comments (8)

  • Nainagupta


    Before this, I never thought that Goblin could be a 'jack of all trades' class :D 😅

  • Chronos32


    what happened to your other book bleach a new beginning

  • eaglereign


    How this isn't me.WHY!!!!

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