10.34% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 3: DWDSS CH 002 First Transformation

Chapter 3: DWDSS CH 002 First Transformation

"So…How to transform?"

[Master can just think about it like opening Status.]

On hearing the explanation, Reino immediately thought of himself transforming into a Goblin.

White smoke surrounds Reino's entire body with a brief sound of "poof", and then appears a Goblin about one meter tall at Reino's place.

[Transformation Successful.]

Level: 1> 4 (Temporary)

Race: Doppelganger> Goblin (Temporary)

Skill: Passive-Monster Instinct (Temporary), Passive-Super Strength (Temporary)

"It worked! I became a Goblin. Tico, what does that 'temporary' mean at the level? I understand if it's a Race or a Skill. "

[When Master transforms into another creature, Master's level will change to eighty percent of the average level of the creature if Master's level is lower. When the transformation occurs, the level will automatically change to the highest level between the Master's original level and the average level of the transformed creature. Goblin has an average of level 5, so Master will become level 4 when transforming into a level that is higher than Master's original level.]

"Then what if I level up while I'm transformed?"

[The level of creature Master is transformed into will not change, all levels gained will be added to Master's original level.]

"So if I am level 10 and I transform into a Goblin, then I'll be a level 10 Goblin?"


"Whoa! That's Super Goblin, right? "

[Yes, because level 10 is twice a Goblin's average level.]

"Oh, at the level I should be able to see EXP points right? Why is it not there? How can I know how far I need to go in order to level up? "

[Unlike in the games in Master's old world, in this world, there is no EXP system, the level will automatically go up when someone qualifies to level up.]

"So if I finish a mission, I still won't get any EXP?"

[The completion of mission will give SP and certainly help the Master in levelling up even if it has no measurable value like EXP.]

"Okay, it seems I have to start leveling up now."

♦ ♦ ♦

In the form of a Goblin, Reino walks in the middle of the forest.

Seen on the edge of the lake a wolf is drinking, the distance between Reino and the wolf is about 20 meters.

Race: Wolf

Level: 5

Skill: Fast Claw, Intimidation

'Wolf? Hoooooo.' When Reino sees a Wolf, automatically information about Wolf enters Reino's brain. 'This system is very practical, thanks oh goddess whose name I never got to know!'

"Tico, why did the monster have no name?"

[Master, it's just an ordinary animal, not a monster. If any of the fields in the status is empty then the field will not be shown.]

"Ohh, so…Then what's the difference between a monster and an ordinary animal?"

[The monster has an aura around its body, the master may not yet be able to see the aura because Master lacks the skill to see it. Ordinary animals have no aura.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"If I kill animals, can I still level up and get SP?"

[Of course.]

'Goblins have sharp nails and strong blows, with a small body like this I can move agiler. Maybe I can beat the wolf with a boxer?' Reino thought while watching the wolf

Reino slipped from behind the wolf, the closer the distance.

When it entered 5 meters, the wolf realized that something was wrong, the wolf felt threatened.

Reino was aware of the wolf's reaction and soon hid behind a tree.

The wolf realized there was something behind the tree and approached him.

Knowing the wolf is coming to Ren, Reino climbs up the tree slowly.

Reino plans to pounce on the wolf from above.

Wolves arrive at the tree, the wolf does not see anything there, the wolf surrounds the tree.

Seeing the wolf underneath, Reino sprightly jumps to the wolf and directs his fist to the wolf's head.

Without a chance to react, the wolf was hit hard by Reino that contains the weight of the body Ren.

The wolf's head hit the rock beneath it, then blood spilled everywhere from the head.

The wolf died in a deadly attack from Ren.

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

Reino's body shone.

"So this feels leveling up? Hmm, this is easy. Two levels up just killing this animal? "

[Master, because the master level is still small, so leveling up is very easy. And it's just an ordinary animal, not a monster. If a master fights a monster, it is not possible to die that easily if your level is the same. Even a goblin is a magical creature armed with skills that enhance its body.]

Reino was lucky to have his first opponent an ordinary wolf, if it was some monster then his first fight may have been his last, and so he thought of an idea.

"Aha! I have an interesting idea. I'll keep chasing animals until my level is high enough, Tico, what's the average level of humans in the world? "

[Humans in this world have an average level of 10 for ordinary citizens and level 30 is the average for normal adventurers, for master adventurers the levels can be as high as in 100-150. However people in this world don't have a level system in their criteria. System shows levels to master based on approximate estimation of monsters skill and strength. Master may find some monsters and experts can hide their strength from the system, but that is only in exceptional circumstance.]

"So my level is very small yes …"

[The speed at which masters develop is very high because of the existence of the system so the master may be able to reach level 30 time about a month by hunting the animals around here. Ordinary people take up to three years to raise levels from 1 to 30.]

"That's crazy! I really cheated this world, haha."

♦ ♦ ♦

Reino continued hunting down the animals in the forest diligently every day to raise his level, but an unexpected creature appeared in front of him!

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  • Grum


    Thx for the chapter!

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    Right! Or the even deadlier one... The Poltergeist😈 Unleash Horror on his enemies,(Get it? Horror like the genre Horror?! Lol)

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    i was hoping he would choose to transform into a lion

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