17.24% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 5: DWDSS CH 004 First Contact with Humans

Chapter 5: DWDSS CH 004 First Contact with Humans

About 2 km from the path, Reino is suddenly attacked from behind. 'Will I…die again? No!' Reino shouted in his mind. A dagger leads from behind to Reino's neck, realizing he is being attacked, Reino reflexively transformed into a Hawk then utilized the smoke that appears during transformation, he immediately flew up.


Seeing the target disappear and the smoke appeared, the assailant was confused.Immediately the assailant takes a defensive position, preparing to receive a sudden attack. Reino, flying at a height of ten meters looking down.The assailant was wearing a brown robe covering his body including the head, it is difficult to know whether the assailant is male or female.

Name: Yaza

Race: Human

Level: 43

Title: Lone Bandit, Avaricious

Job: Assassin

Skill: Through Acceleration, Stealth, Blink

"This guy's level higher than me, luckily I immediately changed and flew to avoid attacks. There's a chance I could die if I got hit. " Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

[No Master, though Master's level is lower, Master is special. The attack would not kill Master, if Master wanted to fight (him\her), Master might win.]

"Come out, I know you're still around here!"

From her voice, it looks like she's a woman. She saw a suspicious bird flying down slowly, the bird was as expected Reino's hawk form. Reino believed she is not dangerous and decided to have a talk with her. Reino transformed back to his original form.

"Wh-are you…a Magician?"

Magician? Oh, maybe because she does not know that I'm a Doppelganger, she assumes I were transformed under magic. 'Can not she see my status?'

[Human can not see Status of others without a tool, Human can use Identity Stones to check the Status of others. Only few Unique can see the status without the aid of tools but they can see just the Race and Level usually unless they have a specialized skill for that. Master can see more than just that because master has the System.]

"Hello, you could say that…?"

When Reino was talking, she suddenly disappeared and appeared beside Reino. Again, a dagger was drawn to Reino's neck. Reino activates Intimidation skill then a horrible Aura gushed out of Reino's body. Suddenly her body could not move, not because she was tied up, but because she was intimidated by Reino's skill and was now scared. Reino looked to the left, toward her then Reino turned off the Intimidation skill. The Skill was released, then she immediately used the chance to do blink backward. She ran away.


Seeing her run away, Reino is confused.


1 hour later, 10 km from Reino's position. A woman lying under a tree in the forest.

"What's with that aura?! Who is he? Why is such a strong man hanging around here? "

At the head of Yaza is now full of questions. Yaza is a bandit who was looking for a prey on the edge of the forest, usually, there are a lot of people who would get lost there like weak newbie adventurers who take small gathering type quests. Yaza didn't have a group, she robs people on her own and gets her own results completely by herself. Not because no one wants to conspire with her, but Yaza rejects every other bandit who would ask to go with her because Yaza does not like to share her loot (don't trust others).


"Huh, I wish I had a real guide…Why did she run away?"

[Master's Aura is pretty awful for Humans, so it's only natural that she who is only at level 43 would run away.]

"I'll remember not to enable Intimidation around Humans… Yet.. It was disappointing that she ran away despite being of higher level."

[Basically, Demi-Humans and Monsters are stronger than Humans inherently, if they are compared in fighting ability, it is unlikely that Humans can win against the same level of Demi-Humans and Monsters. Only a few Humans like the Hero or approaching the might of a Hero would have no problem against Demi-Humans and Monsters. If the system is used in the Adventurer Guild, adventurers of Class A and upwards can be said to approach the might of a Hero. The Hero is considered the strongest Human, but many other Humans are also able to compete with Hero. The average Hero that appears once in a while has 90 to 100 levels, in this world, there one hero with high combat ability and was known as The Hero instead of a name and she was the one who sealed the Storm Dragon Veldora. Ordinary people can only reach a maximum level of 90 even if the face all kinds of challenges while a Hero has not reached a maximum level yet before they die, if one of the Heroes died then there will be Humans who would be selected as Hero and will eventually get the Title of a Hero and become a new Hero as a substitute for the dead Hero. It also applies to Demi-Human and Monsters, there are terrifying Demon Lords commonly known as Disaster or Annihilation class depending on their power and every Demon Lord has different abilities of one of their trademark skill which defines them. If anyone dies, there will be a new Demon Lord from the Demi-Humans and monsters eventually. The number of Heroes and Demon Lords are varying but usually Demon Lords are higher in number. It is the good luck of this world that most Demon Lords don't interfere much with the workings of this world and maintain the balance of the world. Else if they all get together to annihilate the world, it wont be too much of a challenge.]


Reino tracked the girl and found Yaza camping few tens of kilometers away from him. When he appeared before her , color drained from her face. She tried to escape with blink but Reino had already turned on his aura which froze her with fear. She looked on in terror as he slowly stepped forward one step at a time. He came before her and apologized in a soft voice.

"Sorry about this. Your skill is too attractive and I also cant afford to let Humans know about me yet."

Yaza's eyes widened as she saw Reino grab her neck with one hand, kiss her forehead before swiftly breaking her neck.

[Master has killed a Human. Human skills can be learnt and retained even without transforming.]

'Seriously ? So you mean I wont need to transform to use her skills ? '

[Master chose Human form as his base form, therefore human Skills can be retained along with other Skills master learned from System. For eg: if master had chosen Goblin as base form, master would learn goblin based skills directly without transforming.]

'Well that's cool. Extract her skills for me Tico'


Reino's Stats

Name: Reino Jigoku

Species: Doppelganger

Level: 40

Divine Protection: - Ahura Mazda's Divine Protection

Shop Point: 10650

Title: - Animal Slayer, Water Walker, King of the Jungle

Transformation: – Goblin, Eagle, Kobold, Obariyon, Lion, Tiger, Pixie, Poltergeist, Carbuncle

Magic: -Low Body Regeneration(Passive), Medium Energy Regeneration(Passive), Aura, Auto-Map(Passive), Intimidation, Night Vision, Stealth

Skill: – Unique Skill [Guiding Sage 'Tico'], Unique Skill [Necronomicon], Through Acceleration, Blink, Extra Skill [Perception], Extra Skill [Water Walking], Extra Skill [Inventory], Animal Instinct, Parallel Thought

Resistances: -Low Fear Resistance, Low Water Resistance, Low Earth Resistance

Ultimate: – Ultimate Skill Clone King Yevon

Equipment: - Black Hoodie Jacket, Black Jeans, Dark Greyish Inner Shirt, Sturdy Sneakers

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  • Bartzabel


    Didn't it say whatever he kills he can turn into? How come wolf and human aren't on the list, and basically every other animal he killed? 也,你好 !

  • Feronia


    Great chapter! Moorrreee!!

  • NinjaCuttingOnion


    plot hole my friend obviously the author is quite forgetful of details he wrote himself

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