24.13% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 7: DWDSS CH 006 Fight with Rimuru and The Ogres

Chapter 7: DWDSS CH 006 Fight with Rimuru and The Ogres

Rimuru emitted black lightning from his hands and his features turned different, his silver hair turned jet-black and his hair sported to animal ear like cow-licks. He sent a black bolt of lightning at Reino breaking through a few layers of ice . Reino dodged successfully thanks to the time it took to break through ice layers. Reino again sent out many layers of ice constantly, transforming his surroundings into a glacier.

"Nice. Now take this!" Rimuru sent energy into surroundings and somehow the temperature of area within radius that covered the ice glacier started to rise exponentially. Rimuru also gave of an imposing intimidation that scared off the random monsters that had gathered and only his trusted black wolves were present. Reino transformed once more to a different one to combat this new threat.

[Transformation Succeed.]

Level: 40 > 40 (Temporary)

Race: Doppelganger > Obariyon (Temporary)

Additional Skills: Passive-Bind (Temporary), Active-Aura Punch (Temporary)

Rimuru felt the space around him get a bit viscous and hard to move all of a sudden. He realized that the monster in front of him was not only intelligent, but also had many cards to play. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Aura Punch!!" while Rimuru was thinking , Reino had already charged his fist with a lot of aura and punched towards Rimuru. His aura in the fist took along lots of chunks and shards of ice and blasted towards Rimuru . a huge cloud of dust rose from his position as all the ice chunks blasted at him. Mean while , Reino transformed into Carbuncle and tried to resist his surroundings increasing temperature with Magic Body skill operating at full power.

"Well I guess this is my win then , right ?" a voice came out of the cloud of dust. As Reino watched , the dust was cleared forcefully with an emission of energy and revealed Rimuru with lizard like scales over his body and a weird aura covering his body like a cloak. He deactivated the skills affecting Reino and him and Reino was finally relieved from the unbearable temperature.

"So will you serve me for the next three years ?" Rimuru asked

"Well that is what we agreed on right ?" Reino retorted tiredly "I will honor the deal. Jigoku Reino, at your service!" Saying so Reino transformed to his usual look of a Black Haired Teen clothed with Black Hoodie Jacket, Black Jeans, Dark Greyish Inner Shirt and Sturdy Sneakers.

"You have a name… and what species of monsters are you ?" Rimuru asked

"I am a Doppelganger"

"Impossible," the lead Black wolf exclaimed in astonishment "I thought that entire species was decimated."

"What do you mean Ranga?" Rimuru asked

"My lord, actually ages ago these species were present but rare even then, because like slimes they too are born from magical energy concentration, just that they need enormous amounts of it like some ancient massive battle fields. So there wouldn't have been more than a few dozen of them in the entire history. There have especially been none for the past 500 years since the Age of Demon Lords arrived , or that is how everyone knows. Anyway, doppelgangers have the power to assume form of those they defeat, they can even gain powers from parts of various strong demons and monsters by devouring them. Most notorious ability of theirs is the ability to mimic and clone. That is all that I remember from old stories passed down among wolf clan. One of our tribes was decimated when the tried to attack a doppelganger of past. That is why every one of our pups is made to remember the story so that they may never offend another." Ranga finished his narrative and eyed Reino with wary eye.

"Interesting. Reino, my name is Rimuru, Rimuru Tempest. I believe we will become very good friends in future."

'Especially since you have pretty much similar powers to mine' Rimuru thought.


As they were going back to the settlement Rimuru was in charge of however , they encountered a group of strong looking humanoid monsters. It seems they were travelling , or more accurately running away , but were scared by the enormous amounts of terrifying aura Reino and Rimuru let off and had gone into combat mode to defend against the returning group of them. Reino was seated on a Black wolf Just a bit smaller than the lead wolf, Ranga. Rimuru was as usual seated on Ranga's head in slime form.

"Gu, who is it! Pursuers?" One of them with black hair called out

"Young master! We'll only slow you down! Please escape with the princess!!!" an old guy with them said

"Wicked demon! Don't try to deceive our eyes!!!" a tall purple haired female one shouted

And other similar grand statements Reino could hear from the group in front of them. Height surpassing two meters, a group of large monsters looking like a ragtag militia. Their bodies a lump of muscles with no indication of any relaxation in their aura.

[They are ogres.] Tico reminded him

"Should I take care of them Rimuru ?" Reino inquired

"Aren't these the self-proclaimed rulers of the forest? They look exactly as Rigurdo has described. Fascinating, so don't attack them just now okay, Reino. So, what are they afraid of, some demon? What's with that? Scary! " Rimuru exclaimed while he was a bit bewildered with the reaction of Ogres "Should we plan our escape?"

Rimuru checked behind him with his senses, but didn't feel any presence. No heat signatures either. 'So the ogres can see it but I can't! This might be bad… Just when I thought I had gained new abilities… I guess I am still far from true strength.' Rimuru thought while his mind was in overdrive.

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