27.58% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 8: DWDSS CH 007 Upgrade in a Transformation

Chapter 8: DWDSS CH 007 Upgrade in a Transformation

"Ku, a demon? What kind? My bad, but I don't see it… where is it now?" Rimuru asked in a hurry

But they still didn't respond to his questions, in fact they got even more tense and retreated a few steps away from Rimuru.

'They are keeping distance from me. What? Are they planning on using me as a bait?'

However the moment Rimuru thought so,

"What are you saying? The wicked demon is none other than you, slime! You have not fooled our eyes!!!" One of the ogres called out.

'Wha… what? To call such an adorable slime a wicked demon? That's not a nice thing to say!' Rimuru was shocked while Reino could barely keep his laughter suppressed from bursting out on seeing Rimuru's panicked jiggling body.

"Oi. Oi! Wait a second. I am a the wicked demon?" Rimuru tried to confirm while being shocked

"Are you trying to play dumb? That aura unbefitting of a slime! Did you think you'd fool someone?!"

"Yo Rimuru" Reino decided to tell him "You have not switched off your aura ever since out fight, That is what is freaking them out. "

'Hmm? Oh… I was enjoying trying to freak out Reino too much during the fight, forgot and kept it open, huh. '

So Rimuru quickly pulled back the aura. And tried to comfort the ogres, "I don't have anything like that! You must've imagined it!"


" I don't think you can fool them with that Rimuru."


Rimuru tried and tried gain to convince them that it was all a misunderstanding . Finally with his gentle coaxing and Reino's brash comment that they could have easily killed off the ogres if that was what they wanted to do , calmed the ogres down a bit .

'I do wonder though … In the first place, why are they even here? Reino thought

Reino informed Rimuru of his thoughts and upon inquiring the ogres told them a surprising story, they told them that they had escaped here. Looking closely, there noticed that many among them were injured, with some very gravely so. A normal monster would have died by now. The only reason they are still standing is surely due to the extremely high vitality of the ogre race.

Still, not wanting to let them die since Rimuru was interested in them, Reino transformed into Carbuncle and used Healing Light to treat their wounds, and Rimuru took out globes of liquid from somewhere like a magician which turned out to be high quality restorative medicines. Under the surprised eyes oft he ogres, , even the diluted medicine quickly restored them to perfect health in combination with Reino's Healing Light along with their high vitality.

While appearing surprised for some reason, they thanked Rimuru and Reino. Now, although their wounds were healed, they were nonetheless clearly exhausted. So Rimuru decided to have them rest at his village. Reino easily agreed, After all, It was Rimuru's village so what to do was dependent on him , however ogre's plight interested him and Reino decided that he needed to find out what had enough power to so decimate the ogres. They are a B rank monsters, according to the classification of monsters of this world's standards told to him by Tico; but he found out that, from training, they can raise that to B+ or even A-. The rulers of the forest, as agreed by the lower ranks of monsters in this huge forest. The strongest beings around, or so it was believed. In any case, Rimuru decided to guide them to the village.

Deciding to carry them over there, Rimuru summoned Ranga and told them to carry a few of the ogres. There were six ogres. Rimuru too Became a huge black horned wolf similar to Ranga by mimicking the black wolf, Reino had found out that his powers had similarities to Reino's own, and carried three ogres and left the remaining two to Ranga and one to Reino's wolf; Reino in his carbuncle form was enough to carry his own body at a speed to match Rimuru , and thus they returned to the village. By foot it would have taken them more than a day, but at the pace of the black wolves and Reino's Magic Body enhanced pace they managed it in under an hour.

"As expected of ogres! Unlike the dwarfs who fainted, they were merely impressed with the speed." Rimuru exclaimed, pleased that he could have someone impressed with his speed instead of terrified.

Thus, they escorted the ogres to their village, where Rimuru invited them to his tent.

'Well, lets explore the village then while Rimuru is having his meeting'. Reino thought as he roamed around the village. He found that it was mostly populated with hobgoblins, and it seemed each one of them was extremely intelligent, all engaged in crafts and construction activities.

[Hidden Condition Cleared. One of your Transformations has been upgraded. New racial skills has been added to transformation. Please check Status for further details. 10000 Shop Points awarded for the First time clearance of a hidden condition for Transformation upgrade.] Tico notified him.

'The heck just happened? What is going on Tico?'

[You found a large amount of suitable samples that match hidden conditions for upgrade of one of your transformation. System was able to scan them using 'Necronomicon' and gathered data for the upgrade. Would you like to see the upgraded stats.]

'Yes , show me.'

[Name: Reino Jigoku

Species: Doppelganger

Level: 40

Divine Protection: - Ahura Mazda's Divine Protection

Shop Point: 20650 Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Title: - Animal Slayer, Water Walker, King of the Jungle

Transformation: – Hob-Goblin (Variant), Eagle, Kobold, Obariyon, Lion, Tiger, Pixie, Poltergeist, Carbuncle

Magic: -Low Body Regeneration(Passive), Medium Energy Regeneration(Passive), Aura, Auto-Map(Passive), Intimidation, Night Vision, Stealth

Skill: – Unique Skill [Guiding Sage 'Tico'], Unique Skill [Necronomicon], Through Acceleration, Blink, Extra Skill [Perception], Extra Skill [Water Walking], Extra Skill [Inventory], Animal Instinct, Parallel Thought

Resistances: -Low Fear Resistance, Low Water Resistance, Low Earth Resistance

Ultimate: – Clone King Yevon

Equipment: - Black Hoodie Jacket, Black Jeans, Dark Greyish Inner Shirt, Sturdy Sneakers]


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