31.03% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 9: DWDSS CH 008 New Skills

Chapter 9: DWDSS CH 008 New Skills

'Okay, can you show me details of Hob-Goblin (Variant)?'

[Hob-Goblin (Variant) :

Level : 35

Skills :- Passive-Monster Intelligence (Temporary), Passive-Superior Physique (Temporary), Passive-Magic Affinity (Temporary), Active-Weapon Master (Temporary) ]

'So you mean to say you upgraded the transformations using the information you obtained from scanning these Hob-goblins. Would that mean I can do that with any monster I find? '

[Yes and no. You can satisfy and upgrade transformation with hidden condition of scanning rarer or higher variant data only if they are not unique. Unique monster's data can only be obtained after defeating them.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

While Reino pondered on this , he decided to try and transform into a Hob-goblin using his transformation. His transformation resulted him becoming a light green skinned Hob-goblin with some weird black and gold runes carved on his arms from hands up to his elbows. While he was wondering what they were, Tico once again came to the rescue.

[They are shaman markings, extreme rare among the Hob-Goblins have talent for magical and elemental manipulation talents, among which magical manipulation is rarer than elemental manipulation. Elemental manipulation results in runes with color of the corresponding element, where as Magical Manipulation talent results in black and gold colored runic markings.]

'Neat. Lets try it then!' Reino sent mana through the runic markings and a special type of energy rose around his hands. 'Feels like pure non elemental energy. How about I do it like that anime?' Reino concentrated on his hands and molded the special mana into a mana ball and slowly concentrated and rotated it to form a highly concentrated swiftly spiraling mana ball. He again concentrated on the special energy and created another layer of rotating spiraling energy cover on the outside. The energy friction generated an enormous amount of destructive force in that compact spiraling ball.

[Self Created skill generated in transformation form. Name the Skill ?]

'Spiraling Destruct o-Ball'

[Registered new active skill. Can use the new skill with both Transformed Hob-Goblin (Variant) form and original default form.]

'Well if I can create this, then how about this.' Reino now again concentrated huge amounts of the special mana between both of his palm, and released the compressed energy towards the sky, blasting it in the direction his palms faced. His feet created cracks on the ground from pressure of the blast and shock-waves generated in his surrounding from power of the blast as it blasted apart clouds in its journey to outer space.

'Damn, how much destruction would it have caused if I had fired it to the ground?'

[This settlement would have been completely razed to the ground. Would you like name the self created skill?]

Reino was stunned at Tico's assessment and it Tico had to repeat her notification about the skill twice before he awoke from his stupor.

'Lets call it Ki Blast. And show me new upgraded stats of the Hob-Goblin.'

[Hob-Goblin (Variant) :

Level : 35

Skills :- Passive-Monster Intelligence (Temporary), Passive-Superior Physique (Temporary), Passive-Magic Affinity (Temporary), Active-Weapon Master (Temporary), Active-Ki Blast (Temporary), Active-Spiraling Destruct O-Ball' (Temporary)]

However, Reino's actions created a panic among the rest of hob-goblins and Rimuru had to come himself to scold Reino along with the ogres.


Reino found out that Rimuru had special clothing made for impressing guests from a hob-goblin named Garm. So to impress the ogres, he had made them wait in his tent and went to Garm in his child like form and got the special outfit; Steel thread underwear, and fang wolf outerwear. The materials used, of course, came from the previous pack leader of the black wolves that Rimuru had killed. But, for some reason, the fur had turned shiny jet black. Putting on pants and overcoat, Rimuru really felt like he had dressed to impress. As an extra bonus, it seems that the fur had quite some magical energy stored in it. And made the outfit seem even more grand and mystical. It seemed that Rimuru had a weird power that helped him store things in his stomach. Therefore the fur that made his outfit had soaked up huge quantities of his magic power and had transformed into a very nice magic item that had decent defensive properties as well as the benefit of automatically fitting anyone who wears it.

'His way of storing is different from my inventory system. Tico can we implement the same with me?' Reino asked , impressed with Rimuru's ability.

[Yes it is possible, but not until you cross level 80 mark. Only then will you have enough mana to spare on the level of current Rimuru.]

'Hmm alright'

Once the mess created by reino was cleared up, reino joined rimuru and the rest in the conference hall or to say rimuru's tent. Once the discussion continued along with some fragrant tea one of the hob-goblins Haruna brought up, they found out how the ogres had been driven out from the stronghold they maintained for decades.

"It was those bastard orcs .. they suddenly attacked with overwhelming strength and forces. We were caught by surprise and we also underestimated them . I failed to protect my people…." the red headed ogre called out in frustration.

While Reino was confused about the significance of the matter , judging from the expression of various high ranking hobgoblins the matter was pretty serious. Tico explained to him why ogres being defeated by orcs was such a big matter.

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