34.48% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 10: DWDSS CH 009 Threat to the Village

Chapter 10: DWDSS CH 009 Threat to the Village

[Unlike humans, monsters don't have any rules stipulating a declaration of war. But, although they can't badmouthed for the surprise attack, the fact that the orcs even attacked the ogres in the first place is strange. Orcs rank between C~D. Stronger than your average goblin, but pose no danger to veteran adventurers. However… these weaklings attacked the strongest, and even managed to win…]

'Well that really is strange. Incidentally can you roughly categorize monster ranks on basis of level system and incorporate both into my transformation classifications? Of and show me the new classifications of Carbuncle and Hob-goblin after that. They seem the most powerful and convenient currently. '

[Categorizing monster ranks on basis of level… done . Displaying..

Level 5-10 : Rank D-

Level 10-15 : Rank D

Level 15-20 : Rank D+

Level 20-25 : Rank C-

Level 25-30 : Rank C

Level 30-35 : Rank C+

Level 35-40 : Rank B-

Level 40-45 : Rank B

Level 45-50 : Rank B+

Level 50-60 : Rank A-

Level 60-70 : Rank A

Level 70-80 : Rank A+ Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Level 80-90 : Rank S-

Level 90-100 : Rank S

Level 100-110 : Rank S+

Level 110-130 : Rank SS-

Level 130-150 : Rank SS

Level 150-170 : Rank SS+

Level 170-200 : Rank SSS-

Level 200-250 : Rank SSS

Level 250-300 : Rank SSS+

Beyond this are transcendent rank monsters that can not be classified in levels. Even within these rankings, once someone awakens an ultimate skill he will no longer be able to accurately be classified in these rankings.]

'Hold on, aren't I classified in the rankings despite me having an Ultimate Skill ?'

[You are classified by levels , not rankings and that too is because levels are part of the categorization that come from your Ultimate skill. Your actual rank is not discernible since you have tremendous latent power and versatility. But when you transform into one the beings, you limit yourself in their persona, hence you gain a temporary rank if you transform into them. However its not as if you don't get any benefit. Due to your latent power, your monster and demon transformations gain you ability to skip one whole Rank while being of the same level requirements of a Rank lower. For eg: if you transform into Poltergeist, according to your current level that exceeds Poltergeist's average level, you should be classified as Rank B. But due to the fact that You latent power enhances your transformation's abilities, you would be classified as rank B+. That was why you were able to combat Rimuru successfully, because the ability and rank of your transformations were strengthened.]

'Well that is good to hear. At least I would have a chance competing with the ridiculously overpowered Rimuru.'

After that Reino focused on the conversation between Rimuru and the ogres where he was asking for the details of their village . The ogre village, though perhaps it was too small to call it that, only housed 300 ogres. But in reality it meant they had 300 B rank monsters. That is the size of a medium sized country's knights order. If you are planning on subjugating such a village with rank B- knights, you'd need about 3,000 of them. And the discrepancy just increased the lower the ranks went. And the orcs possessing that much might to defeat the ogre village? Even if everyone who attacked the ogres were of rank C they would have still needed a force of more than 300,000. Everyone had expressions of disbelief when thinking about this fact, it was true that orcs were species with rapid reproduction rate but this was just being ridiculous. Considering that nearly every villager was slaughtered, It could be suspected that orcs had twice the amount needed to match the ogres, at least 600,000 or so. The village chief and a small group apparently opened up a path for their young master and the princess to escape along with their trusted retainers.

"If only I had more power …. " a blue haired ogre exclaimed out softly and the red haired ogre came and put hand on his shoulder to console him. They described how they saw the last scene of their chief falling to a giant orc with a weird aura and that they noticed a few others like him in different parts of the village. It was the reason for their down fall as their elite warriors were busy confronting these giant orcs and the rest of the orc army invaded and decimated the village. The weirdest thing was that, despite the enormous numbers of the orcs, each one of them was covered in plate mail and supplying them to such a huge army would have been no easy task.

"Could this have been work of a demon lord? Have the orcs become their pawns?" an elder dwarf by the name of Kaijin muttered out . Reino came to know that he and a few of his brothers had been employed by Rimuru a Short while back when he brought them from the dwarf kingdom since Rimuru was also the reason that they were exiled.

'But anyway, the term piques my interest. 'Demon Lord' huh? I wonder how I would fare against one of them?' Reino wondered.

While Reino was wondering about fighting, Rimuru on the other hand was thinking about this new possibility that had presented it self

'Does that possibility exist…? I thought that the Demon Lord avoids the forest on principle.Beyond the forest spreads the demon's continent. With fertile land, production is undertaken by the enslaved masses and golems. Thus, the demon's country does not starve, and cares little for humans. And for that reason, a demon lord desiring conquest would be most likely to attack the humans. However, there could surely be a demon lord who, out of boredom, decides to start a war. The disappearance of the Jura Forest's guardian – Veldora – also meant that this particular type of demon lord would no longer be deterred. I see, In that case, I probably have to put more thought into the defense of the forest. Now, what should happen next…?'

Rimuru asked for everyone's opinion as to how to combat the new threat.

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    Over 300lvl is Z rank. That's what I'm calling it. Z RANK!

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