37.93% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 11: DWDSS CH 010 Naming and Evolving

Chapter 11: DWDSS CH 010 Naming and Evolving

"I believe the orcs intend to capture our lands!" Rigurdo answers on everyone's behalf. They look at Rimuru, waiting for his opinion.

Reino watched Rimuru waiting for what decision he would take.

'What would you do Rimuru? Fight the orcs while risking your hobgoblin subordinates? Run away from the orcs abandoning everyone? Or would you join the orcs? The ogres, after all, have a chance to immediately become prisoners if you choose the last option . Everything depends on your final decision. '

Quickly, the tension rose in the room as everyone slowly realized Rimuru's options.

"Well, how about we request some more tea!" Rimuru called out suddenly

Having said that, Rimuru called for a second serving. As everyone sipped their tea, their expressions loosen.

"What are you planning on doing when the orcs arrive?" Rimuru asked the ogres.

"Isn't it obvious. Look for a chance, and charge right in!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Of course. I have to take revenge for my master!"

"Me too! While I am yet powerless, I can't let those pigs live!"

"""We shall follow our young master and princess!"""

'Huh. They know they're going to their deaths, but…I kind of admire their loyalty. Now if only Rimuru extends a helping hand out, then I will be free to rampage among the orcs.' Reino thought on seeing the conviction of the ogres.

"You guys. Not interested in becoming my subordinates?" Rimuru asked them

"What did you say?" the red headed ogre who seemed to be the young master of the group responded

'Yeah. Even if they do, the goblins won't be enough to sway the course of battle. We need to increase our fighting strength for when the orcs arrive.' Rimuru thought

"If you guys support me, I think I can fulfill your wishes?" Rimuru assured them loosely, not wanting to sound too eager to recruit them.

"What are you saying?"

"Simple. I'll help you guys. Well, I'll be fighting them anyways eventually."

"I see… the goblins will help us fight, and we'll be used to protect this place… right?"

"Exactly. By the way, it's fine if the agreement lasts until we defeat the orcs! Afterwards, I don't mind if you request your freedom. You can stay with the goblins and create a country along with me! Or, you can set off on your own! How about it?"The ogre called "young master" stopped to think upon hearing Rimuru's offer.

' As expected of a B rank. This "young master" clearly has the abilities of a B+. I can see intelligence in his eyes. But Rimuru wants to create a monster country while being surrounded by human countries on all sides ? This might be interesting.' Reino thought excitedly

The "young master" slowly closed his eyes, and then opened them wide. And, "Understood! We shall become your subordinates!"

To raise their chances of victory if even a bit, they decided to serve Rimuru. Rimuru seemed really glad, to say the least.

'Good, Perhaps I have a chance now save these guys after all.' Reino thought as he was sure that Rimuru is very protective of his people.

Rimuru hadn't known at the time, but the ogres often served as mercenaries. And, the vanguard army that demon lord had sent out, just happened to be of the target of the same occupation. They easily accepted Rimuru's offer. When Rimuru had heard it then, he accepted them as friends without question.


Rimuru's POV


The orcs have accepted my offer . Now since they are part of my family , they have to have a name.

"Alright! Now then, let's name you guys!"

"Huh? What are…?" the ogres called out while surprised

The usual naming process of mine started. I am quite excited to see how they would turn out after the naming. Al though i do suspect they will be quite demanding in terms of mana. While the ogres are bewildered by the turn of events, I don't mind at all. I'll quickly give them some names! Today, I feel particularly creative. I looked at the color of their aura. Young master will be "Benimaru". Princess will be "Shuna". Their guard as well, Kurobee, Hakurou, Souei, Shion. So I called them. And then I entered a state of low activity… Hey, for that to happen from just six of them… what's with that?

When I awoke (well, I was awake, but…completely unable to use any mana so just stayed still like a statue the whole time) the following day, I got my answer.

With hair burning like a crimson flame, Benimaru. Although he used to be big and bulky, his height decreased to 180 cm, and his body tightened. However, his magical energy changed, enough to mistake him for a different being… Eh? They evolved that much? That, of course, was my intention. Clearly, they surpassed A rank. Truly, Onibito. (TL note: Ogre-men sounds weird) Two black horns protrude from below the hair. Glowing more brilliantly than obsidian. Though I bet he'd find it unpleasant if I called him a beauty.


Shuna and Shion are women. If the princess were a guy, I'd be complaining. Ogre women were surprisingly beautiful, but the evolution made them gorgeous. What's with this? Where did these idols come from? No, no, they aren't that good! From within her long, wavy, pink hair, two white horns could be seen. White skin and pink lips. What a beautiful girl!!! Her height is about 155 cm. Crimson eyes, with a gaze filled with passion, stare at me.

The other, Shion. Purple, dark, straight hair, with a single purple horn. White skin, and red lips. Purple eyes, as if looking into my soul. A height of 170 cm… Licking her lips as models sometimes do, a true beauty. I want her as my secretary. So I thought from the bottom of my heart.

Kurobee is in his prime. A dandy uncle.

Hakurou is a middle-aged man. However, you can't underestimate him for it.

Souei is the same age as Benimaru. Darker skin, and dark blue hair. A beautiful man with a different air around him; 190 cm tall. Blue eyes, that suit him well.

And all surpass A rank!



For those who have never read Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, i will give you a sneak peak at how the naming System works.

In the World of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, the monsters by birth have more power than average humans, but they lack individuality and intelligence in general cases. Naming is a process of granting individuality to monsters and unlike the naming of human, to name monsters appropriate amount of mana is spent which has a chance of raising the rank of monsters and their intelligence grows. However the risk is that the one who is naming could very well lose his mana and life if they over reach their capabilities and name a being too high than themselves in quality.

the reason why Rimuru is able to name every monster of his family as he likes without facing any grave consequence will be shown later.

Also Rimuru has been named one of the principle dragons: Storm Dragon Veldora , that is why he has such great mana and capabilities.

Also you might remember that Reino had been named by Ahura Mazda in the beginning of this series , since his name was given by a god , it gives him such great skills and growth potential.

Niks Niks

Thank you for your support everyone

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    Love the idea love the original novels but gat how you are focusing on rimuru but yeah what ever...

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