44.82% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 13: DWDSS CH 012 Fighting Style from the Previous World

Chapter 13: DWDSS CH 012 Fighting Style from the Previous World

Another week passed after the arrival of the Oni. Reino was now training along with Benimaru and Souei under the tutelage of Hakurou. Hakurou was their martial instructor ever since they were ogres, but now that they all evolved to Oni, his old age was long forgotten as he brimmed with vitality and he was once again training them hard. He was specialized in swords but he was pretty proficient in all kinds of weapons and martial arts. Reino was directly sparring with Hakurou while Benimaru and Souei sparred against each other. Benimaru and Souei were a blue and red blur clashing against each other. Although they were fluid and precise , they didn't have the grace of Hakurou and Reino. After transforming into Oni, Reino was a tall handsome dark-gray skinned Oni with two jet black pointed horns, a bit longer than those of Benimaru, and had long lustrous black hair that hung down till below his shoulder blades. Shiny silver runes bordered with black covered his entire body forming various patterns, even his face had runes in flame like runic patterns on left side. He had lean muscles that hid terrific strength, along with that his physique was superior to Benimaru and Souei granting him a grace and strength that helped him match Hakurou that had decades of experience that helped him make extremely efficient moves. Seeing him match Hakurou move for move and absorb his experience in martial arts like a sponge, Benimaru and Souei felt threatened and worked even harder.

The four of them were sparring in front of the cave where Veldora was previously sealed. The small village had now expanded and become large enough to completely cover and enclose the cave. Reino and Hakurou were speeding up their moves more and more as they got used to each others speeds. All of a sudden Reino's hand disappeared in mid attack and many afterimages appeared all over Hakurou's body in an instant.

"Marma Arti" Reino whispered as mana from afterimages of Reino's hands started to attack vital points all over Hakurou's body. Hakurou was surprised and barely managed to dodge while enduring the strikes with his left arm which became completely paralyzed.

Even Benimaru and Souei stopped in shock as Hakurou was temporarily incapacitated by Reino.

"That was a splendid move! What was it?" Rimuru who had just arrived with Shion exclaimed in surprise and excitement. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"This was something I invented to take advantage of vital points of a humanoid body. This delivers a internal mana strike on each vital point it strikes, lethal does of mana can end up destroying vital points and killing of the target, but applying that much dose of mana so quickly and accurately is not that easy, so generally it is used for incapacitating." Reino explained.

In fact, it was something he bought from the System. When he was searching for fighting styles, he found an ancient martial art from his previous world called Kalari Payat (Kalaripayattu) on the list. He bought it and had been practicing it ever since for the whole week. He tried out the first move he got initial mastery with and it turned out to incredibly effective and deadly. Since he couldn't explain about the system to them, he decided to cover it up as something he invented.

Once Reino finally looked around where he and Hakurou had been fighting , he found out that the earth around them was broken and split to pieces and so were the trees around them. He then turned his attention to Hakurou and released the pressure of his mana from Hakurou's vital points, giving them back their freedom. Usual healing technique would not have worked if his vital points were sealed .

Hakurou was very pleased with Reino "Incredible attack and fighting style! You have surpassed my tutelage Reino San. If you had been studying sword arts I may have been able to give further guidance, but with the fighting style you have been developing you no longer need my tutelage. However if you need a sparring partner I will be there."

While on the way back to the village , he was then approached by Souei who was very interested in the concept of vital points which Reino explained to him in detail. Souei was showing signs of being suited for ninja work with his interest in stealth , vital points and assassinations. They both had a very lively chat on their return journey and Reino even told about a few of the footwork and fighting techniques that Souei could use in his own fighting style. Everyone was set on becoming as strong as possible in anticipation to Orc army's attack. The Oni were especially interested in spilling blood of the Orcs with their new founded power.


"So the scouting is not going well ?" Reino asked Rimuru as they all were discussing tactics along with the Oni in his tent.

"Well not exactly. The hobgoblins and wolves have done a good job, but there are risks with them going too close. Especially when I have told them to avoid detection as the foremost."

"Rimuru sama, in that case please let me do the scouting . Order me please!" Souei told with a hint of eagerness that was unlike him . it seemed he was really confident in his espionage skills and was eager to show them to Rimuru.

"That is a good idea Rimuru. And I can serve as a communication link." Reino responded

"how are you going to do that?" Rimuru asked while confused.

"Like this!" Reino said as he divided into two instantly. One instant there was one , next instant there were two at the same place. Under everyone's dumbfounded eyes each of the Reino acted independently. There seemed to absolutely no difference between them.

"So I will go with Souei!" Reino_1 said

"While I will stay here and gain all the information since we will always be linked telepathically!" Reino said.

Niks Niks

Those who want to learn more of this style can learn it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalaripayattu

I will be making this main fighting style of Reino even in the future different worlds he will be travelling to.

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    I really like this novel I just hope that this would e harem and he will be more OP than rimuru

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    I wander is the MC going to Re Monster world.

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