48.27% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 14: DWDSS Chapter 013 - Ahura Mazda's Quest

Chapter 14: DWDSS Chapter 013 - Ahura Mazda's Quest

There was a lake in the center of the Jura Forest known by the name of Shisu. A huge tribe of Lizard-men had been living there for generations. The huge marsh surrounding the lake was their territory . Countless caves and rocky formations surrounded the the land , making it a natural labyrinth and fortress protecting them. However today there was a crisis looming over them. Hundreds of thousands of Orcs were gathering around and were about to march onwards to destroy them. But a huge surprise was waiting for the Orcs there unknown to them.

A few weeks prior to this Rimuru had already made alliance with the Lizard Chief , thanks to Reino and Souei' s intervention. They were now in alliance with the Lizard-men. The Chief had a foolish son who had been named by a Devil as Gabil. He decided to revolt and show superiority of the lizard-men but was easily suppressed by the casual attack of Reino. Additionally they gained around 10000 Goblin soldiers of various other goblin villages who had been gathered by Gabil and was planning to use them as sacrifices to defend against the orcs. At Rimuru's orders, they all were sent to Rigurdo to work under him in the now developing city of which Rimuru was to be the ruler. On a side note , Rimuru had discovered a new way to make his followers. He found out that along with Name, he could also assign profession to his followers according to their characteristics. It started when he accidentally said Hakurou was a Samurai . It immediately reflected change in Hakurou and he transformed further becoming unfathomably strong. Seeing that he changed profession of all the Oni. Hakurou, Shion and Benimaru became Samurai, Kurobee became blacksmith , Shuna became Shrine Maiden and finally Souei was made Ninja. Reino almost wanted to cry at this, Rimuru's naming didn't work on him as Ahura Mazda who named him was a god , a higher entity than Rimuru. On the other hand the Onis had almost caught up-to him in power after this new naming. Souei had especially gained new ability of making clones and had incorporated Reino's knowledge of vital points and stealth steps and many such abilities.

At this Moment Tico interrupted Reino's activities forcefully with an announcement,

[Ahura Mazda Assigned Quest to Host

1. Defeat Orc Army Alone.

2. Defeat Orc Lord with or without Rimuru's help

3. Defeat High Devil Gelmudo

4. (Optional) Defeat Demon Lord Clay-man Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Reward: +10 Level, 1 Dimensional Transportation Pass, Tang Sect Cultivation Techniques]

'Nice. But what happens to Rimuru and the others when I leave?'

'You can leave Clone here. Your Clones are not limited by Dimensions. System can help to assign it 60% of your powers and develop it into a separate entity. If in Future you decide to come to this world again, the clone's memories will return to you so essentially you wont be losing anything .'

'Alright then !'

Reino conferred with Rimuru that he wanted to test his limits so he was going to attack the Orcs by himself and might need Rimuru's help with the Orc Lord though that was commanding the Orcs. So after confirming it all Reino divided himself into Sic clones and attacked the orcs from Six sides , completely enclosing them. He decided to take Oni transformation to quickly settle this. The six clones destroyed their way into the orcs horde using sheer force and skill. He used his new fighting style to max as the orcs fell one after another to his attacks: Aura Slash, Elemental Attacks, His Pole Attacks. Every thing took dozens of lives each time he struck. His level rose phenomenally.Using Air Manipulation and Typhoon Blaze he quickly settled all small fry orcs within an hour. Only the Orc Knights, Orcs Generals and the Orc Lord were left now, their eyes blazing with fury. At this time one of his clones discovered a suspicious demon hiding nearby and he quickly captured it. Turned out that it was a reconnaissance familiar of a High Devil. His clones scattered and quickly captured another few of these demon familiars that were hiding nearby.

'Might be the same Devil that named that lizard-man chief's son Gabil. Also isn't he also the one I was told to defeat? Well if I destroy his familiars he would surely attack.' thinking so Reino destroyed all the Familiars.

There were 5 Orc generals now that rushed towards him along with 2500 Orc knights each per Orc general. Reino decided to pull out the big guns. His clones created Spiraling Destruct O-Balls and barraged the Orc Knights with them. Each blast took out dozens of Orc Knights, even injuring some Orc Generals. But the generals were mostly able to resist the blasts because of their armor. Once the armor was gone, the orc Generals were sitting ducks as the blasts consumed them. Finally the Orc Lord himself had to come forward for the Battle. However before the Battle could begin, a weird clown like being stepped them while shouting at Reino.

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    Maybe yes .... Maybe no

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    Will the MC get his own people later on.

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