51.72% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 15: DWDSS Chapter 014 - High Devil Gelmudo

Chapter 15: DWDSS Chapter 014 - High Devil Gelmudo

Gelmudo was completely dumbfounded at the scene in front of him. He had put in a lot of effort in naming individuals from different monster species and let them loose in the Jura forest to see which one of them would appear on top. He had bet everything at the Orc Lord in the end that ate different species and transformed itself and slowly evolved. He had gathered the Demon lords precisely because he believed that a new Orc Demon Lord would be born. But everything fell apart when his reconnaissance familiars cut off their signals. To appease the wrath of the demon lords he himself had come to see what was going on, but never in his wildest dreams would he have expected this.

The entire battle fields looked like a disaster zone with ground itself looking like a bomb testing sire. Mostly of the Orc soldiers remained as a few pieces of muscles tissue and blood spread allover the battle field. The few orc generals that survived were not in fighting condition as they lost most of their limbs and good chunks of flesh from their bodies. Only the Orc Lord was standing while facing the perpetrator of this entire fiasco, a teenage boy with black hair and blue eyes wearing weird clothes.

Gelmudo flew towards him in high speed, letting out sonic booms through the air. Coincidentally Rimuru and the rest of the Oni arrived at the same moment through help of the Tempest star wolves's shadow travel ability. Reino could sense a pretty powerful aura from the Clown like High Devil.

[What the heck is all of this!? To dare to ruin this Gelmudo-sama plan like this!!!] Gelmudo Shouted angrily.「What a useless blockhead! It's all because you haven't evolved into a demon lord even after eating the lizards and the ogre trash! Making this great Gelmudo-sama come out all the way out here!!!」

'So… a guy shows up looking like a clown and shouting some stuff about ruined plans or something. I got it of course. This is all his fault. No question about it. I mean, we didn't even ask him, but he goes and confesses his crimes… is he an idiot? Acting like some big shot while looking like that. Maybe he's not dressing up like a clown, Maybe he is a clown', Reino concluded 'From what I can gather, he also led the Orc Lord here and was responsible for attack on the lizards and the ogres. Gelmudo-San seems to be very angry. Moreover, he seems to be trembling and greatly flustered, so he's very incoherent. Is he just calcium-deficient? I guess devils need vitamins.'

「Ah, Gelmudo-sama! You've come to our rescue!」Gabil called out full of joy. Guess he was not listening when the Clown called him all food for the Orc.

「Ah? Oh, what do you know, it's Gabil. You should've been killed already! Whatever. Since I came out here I might as well finish the job. Rejoice! You are dying for my sake!!」Saying thus, Gelmudo pointed his hand at Gabil. And saying, "Die!", he fired a magic bullet at him.

Reino had enough of it now . He simply made a slashing motion with his finger and the magic bullet was cut with his aura and disappeared.

「Lowly lizards and you trash want to protect them!! If you want to die that much, I'll gladly kill you all! And have the Orc Lord devour your bodies!!!」

While he said that, Reino felt him gathering a larger magic bullet in his hand.

'That wasn't magic, right? I didn't hear an incantation. Feels more like he gathers magic in one spot.'

Reino walked ahead, right in front of the lizard-men just as Rimuru walked right in front of the scared and trembling Gabil., his expression hidden by the mask he was hearing in his Human Form.

When Reino looked inquiringly at Rimuru he simply replied, "I'm just pissed at the clown." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Gelmudo, however, completely ignored them and fired the magic bullet.

「Fuhahahaha! I'll show you the power of a high class devil! Die! Shisha no Koushinenbu!!! (Death March Dance)」

A large magic bullet, split in mid air, and as if drawing a circle flew at us. In his child form, Rimuru lifted his small hand as if to grab it. And with just that, the magic bullet is absorbed into it. He was immediately able to analyze it and sent the data through Telepathic message to Reino while chuckling in his mind. Tico saw that It was a simple magic manipulation skill. With low energy cost, it's easy to change the output. Well, as long as the caster is within range. Tico transformed it into a simple Magic Bullet Skill and sent the skill data into Reino's mind.

"Hey, did you really intend to kill me with this boring skill? To test your words, could you please show me how to die?"

Saying that, Reino fired off a magic bullet. If Reino wanted to, he could also split it like Gelmudo had, but he saw no need. Putting in more magic energy, he made it the size of a fist. That got him thinking. The one he had fired was the size of a head, so was probably denser and more potent. If he use the same magic theory with the fire bullet, he should be able to increase its strength even further.

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