55.17% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 16: DWDSS Chapter 015 - Reino's Actions Gains Demon Lord's Attention

Chapter 16: DWDSS Chapter 015 - Reino's Actions Gains Demon Lord's Attention

Reino compressed the bullet even further, and fired it off in Gelmudo's direction in Supersonic speed. Before Gelmudo could dodge, the bullet had already taken one of his arms off and blasted when it reached the Orc Lord, Blasting open its chest. As it groaned in agony, Gelmudo too landed on the ground and regenerated his arm at a terrifying pace while screaming in pain.

Rimuru went up to the high devil and said, "Just get up already! Weren't you going to show us the power of High Devil or something!" saying so Rimuru gave a kick to the stomach of Gelmudo and the latter flew off and hit the Orc Lord right where his chest was burst open. The orc lord roared in pain and tried to dig out Gelmudo from his chest.

「Y-yo-you! How dare you! To a high devil…」Gelmudo coughed and sputtered 「Y-yo-you dumb orc!! go and fight them . Why are you just standing there while whining??!!…」Just as Gelmudo was scolding it, the orc lord got completely pissed. He picked Gelmudo up by his neck and gobbled him up in two bites.

'The Orc had also been aiming to eat him? Or was it by instinct? Whichever is the case, this has gotten rather troublesome. His eyes glowing a pale light, he seems to have become intelligent. ' Reino thought

At that moment, the Orc Lord, who had been moving on instinct alone, finally acquired self-awareness. And released an aura that could not be compared with his past self.

«Confirmed. The Orc Lord's magical energy has greatly increased. Evolving into a demon lord … success. Individual: Orc Lord has evolved into Demon Lord Orc Disaster»

Hearing the World's Announcement Reino was pissed .

'I didn't ask about that! I can do without an explanation. Seriously, cut me some slack.' However Without a care for Reino's thoughts,

「Fuhaaaaa!I am the Demon Lord Orc Disaster. The Devourer of the World. Call me, Demon Lord Gelmudo!!! Honor given to my first prey!!!」


The Demon lords silently observed the scene.

「How fun!」 The girl muttered.

Gelmudo hadn't noticed it, but the Girl had already made use of his eyes. The moment he looked over at her. After Gelmudo had left, she had his sight projected unto a water sphere she created…

And as expected, Gelmudo wanted to cheat by intervening in the conflict. That much earned him death, but the demon lords had not expected a human to do it. A human child wearing a beautiful mask. Moreover, since they were following Gelmudo's vision, they didn't see the surrounding group. The flustered and irrational Gelmudo had not noticed the large gathering of high class monsters. The oni race. Once every few hundred years an elderly ogre could evolve into one. Their ability unnaturally high, they are often said to be capable of crushing the heavens. And three of such oni were present. Had he noticed, he would know that they weren't someone he could handle. And a fang wolf that evolved strangely was also present. Judging from his appearance alone, he was at least an A rank monster. Thus, four rank A+ monsters were present. And they obeyed a single child? A child wearing a beautiful mask. Certainly not a normal person. Probably a monster that took on the appearance of a human. If not that, then a new "hero" had been born among the humans. Those summoned or "World Travelers" were certainly strong, but none so as a child. That's because their souls have not yet developed so they can't properly put their skills to use. By a process of elimination, they demon lords figured out the correct answer. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

A mimicking monster! One capable of easily overpowering the A rank high class devil Gelmudo. And four high ranking monsters serving him. Power that they couldn't ignore.

「Who would've thought that that Gelmudo would put on such a good show!」The girl exclaimed happily.

「Seriously… That monster, should we crush it? Or raise it?」

「No getting a head start. Though negotiating to make it a servant is allowed! However the other one, the one with black hair looks very hard to control or befriend!」

The demon lords thought. If they could acquire that as their servant, they could surpass the other demon lords. However, they also needed to consider the chance of it becoming a threat.

「Hey, about this, can we keep it a secret among the four of us? Since we finally got something to kill our boredom with!」

The real purpose was, of course, to gain a trump card against the absent demon lords. That's how highly they valued that monster. Should that monster selfishly proclaim themselves as a demon lord, they are sure to immediately lose interest and eliminate it. However, that time has yet to come. The four nodded, and thus formed a new coalition. Had the demon lords moved at this time, then Rimuru's fate would be very different. But thanks to his luck and Reino's intervention the show was on for the other Demon lords and they stayed quiet and did not move.

That decision moved the gears of fate. And, pushed this story onto an unalterable route.

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