62.06% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 18: DWDSS Chapter 017 - Title at the end

Chapter 18: DWDSS Chapter 017 - Title at the end

Gelmudo POV

And when the butcher knife came in contact with the sword both were engulfed by the black flame and disappeared. "I must go all out to devour her!" The Orc Disaster's aura swelled causing shock-waves on the battlefield. Filling up his fists with his aura, he attacked. His enemy, too, armored her fists and repelled his attacks.

He saw magic bullets flying at him. Dodging those, he responded with Gakki no Koushinenbu (Death March Dance).

Colliding with the seven bullets in the air, his magic bullets continued on. They were strengthened with [Starving Ones] and had a corrosive effect. While she would probably not die from this, she'd take some damage. Just as he had thought that, she stood up as if nothing happened. And a new armor was now covering her. His attack was probably deflected by that armor. It was true for him, so maybe his enemy was also in the middle of evolving. I hunger. I want to eat her!!! The Demon Lord Orc Disaster thought. The five before had not mattered, all he wanted was to eat the one before him!

He grabbed onto his enemy. Since he was stronger, if he fought long enough, he'd eventually crush her. Just when he thought that, his leg was crushed. A roundhouse kick landed into him causing his body to fall, but still he wouldn't let go. Releasing the yellow aura, he had it envelop his enemy. One of the effects of [Starving Ones] was to corrode and devour his enemies directly. And as his enemy's life dwindled, it would become his nutrients. I want to eat her! His head filled with that one though, he directed his entire being into corroding her! And, his enemy having given up struggling, gradually succumbed to…


Rimuru's POV

Things proceeded just as I had planned. With the full support from the [Great Sage] I was able to use the skills to their full potential. A never before seen optimized form of combat. I can even use [Black Flame Manipulation] now. Moreover, [Body Armor] had changed into [Full Armor Transformation]. It further strengths my equipment. Skills I had previously hard time mastering I now easily control with the help from [Great Sage]. However, it is still hard outdo your fundamental limitations. The longer this fight continues the stronger the Orc Disaster may grow. Even if I know how to use my skills, it's not like my overall proficiency with them has increased. The Orc Disaster as well has just evolved and has poor control over them. Thus, this advantage is clearly temporary. Which is why I must end this quickly.

So I planned to lead the battle to a state where I can quickly overwhelm him with a skill I am superior at. And everything went according to plan. The Orc Disaster had begun corroding me, intending to devour. However, I also intend to devour you! I am a slime. My basic abilities are [Dissolve, Absorb, Regenerate]. My regeneration ability is similar to his. However, the slime body is naturally resistant to corrosion. Thus, I had planned from the beginning to eat you in this manner!

I made him believe that my body had melted, and used that to envelop him. Slowly moving up the arm… And by the time he had noticed, it was already too late. This was the standard method of combat for the slime race.

No matter how much he rages now, he's already been covered by me; his attacked nullified.


Reino watched in shock as Rimuru sudden became a battle field expert and used a variety of skills to fight against Orc Disaster. Finally when the yellow energy from the Orc Disaster started to dissolve Rimuru, Reino thought that it was the end. But Rimuru surprised him again. He slowly started to dissolve and assimilate the Orc Disaster in his slime form instead. Finally after a long time, an announcement echoed in his mind

«Confirmed. Demon Lord Orc Disaster has disappeared. Unique Skill [Starving Ones] has been absorbed by unique skill [Predator] of Slime Rimuru. Evolving to Unique Skill [Gluttony] »

As the end of the Fight reached , many non combatant orcs and a single heavily injured orc general had arrived and kneeled in front of Rimuru begging for forgiveness. Rimuru eventually adopted them into his family since he had decided to devour the Orc Disaster's sins along with his powers.

After making plans to support his new subordinates, Rimuru finally took his family back to his village.

[Quest completed

Level +10 rewarded

1 Dimensional Transportation Pass Received

Tang Sect Cultivation Techniques Received]


Few months passed after this .

Reino spent most of his time deep inside Veldora's cave where Rimuru was born and polished all his skill in this time. Seeing that he finally had a basic mastery on his skills. He finally decided to end his seclusion.

'Tang Sect Arts are great! Wish I could go to the cultivation world where it is being used!' Reino thought wishfully

"You can" Tico Replied "You can use the Dimensional Transportation Pass. I will handle the rest."

After that Reino talked to Rimuru about it. Initially he had wanted to leave a clone here without telling anyone. But he decided he owed him more than that. After explaining to Rimuru he left a clone to him which he could absorb later and gain Ultimate Skill : Clone King Yevon once Reino had left.

After that, Reino finally activated Dimensional Transportation Pass with a goodbye to Rimuru. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Chapter 17 - Defeat of the Orc Lord and Tranportation to New World

Niks Niks

Reino jumps dimensions to world of Douluo Dalu in search of new adventures and powers.

The storyline will follow time line of Douluo Dalu 3 with some new unexpected characters not present in original timeline.

Comments (7)

  • Niks


    Third manga : the legend of the dragon king Although initially it wasn't so .... I will let u read d rest in the next few chapters :)

  • Demonic_Lord


    Is it the first, second, or third of the manga? Or is it the novel? Maybe anime?

  • bloodstained_alyss


    Ohhh! I see! It's not just a crossover, it's a story of the MC who's a worldwalker!

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