65.51% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 19: DWDSS Chapter 018 - Unexpected Encounter and Benefits

Chapter 19: DWDSS Chapter 018 - Unexpected Encounter and Benefits

The Dimensional Transportation Pass took him in a place of void beyond Time and Space, searching for the suitable world according to his choice. Having Tico with him made things easier as she used his energy to guide him through this realm of Nothingness. Just as they were about to reach the world Reino had asked Tico of, the dimension around them started to shake. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the calm space turned turbulent, and Dark lightning flashed followed by the loud sound of Space collapsing. In a matter of moments, the Space had turned pitch black with dense amount of small black cracks, Reino was struck by a sudden chill in their hearts.

All of a sudden, there was a loud sound of an explosion of turbulent space, the spatial shock-wave damaged Reino internally and he spat mouthful of blood. A strange black gash split apart the air 3 feet away from him, as if a huge black eye opening in the air. At this moment, a strange light emitted from the black opening. A ball-shaped object, as large as an infant's fist, black as coal but with green, blue, black, gray and silver colors swirling around it, shot out. Reino's blood which had spurted out of his mouth just happened to land upon it. Suddenly, a burst of unbelievable cold burst forth from the black object, dashing into Reino's body in a flash.

Reino shuddered as he felt as if he had been thrown in an ice cellar. Reino felt his senses disappearing one by one as scenes from an unknown place flashed in his mind. A long blue haired boy with a trident facing a Black Tiger with a scorpion like tail. Flashes and Explosions of light ensued as they both clashed. The tiger sending out blasts of lightning at the boy. The long bluish green grasses on the ground grew rapidly and tried to engulf the tiger. Finally he saw both the tiger and boy transform into cub and kid respectively and the boy killing the tiger with a weird black box weapon.

At the same time a weird gray fog was circling him like a cocoon. Inside the fog, Reino was becoming something more than a monster. His body was shrinking down to that of a 6-7 year old. Miraculous changes were taking place in his body that even he didn't realize. His skin glowed with vitality and a strange demonic looking black-gray tattoo glowed especially distinctively on his fair skin.

Inside his mind however something entirely weird was going on.


When Reino opened his eyes, he found himself in a place in complete darkness. While he was waiting in the Dark, three silhouette separated themselves from the Darkness and came forward. One was a Black Tiger with sinister glowing eyes and a scorpion like tail, another was a giant ancient looking book with a wrinkled skin like cover and the final one was a teen girl with purple hair in a bunny suit along with Rabbit Ears.

Seeing Reino confused , the Girl came forward. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Hello , I am Tico" Tico said while pointing at herself.

Reino could only say "Hi " in a shocked voice.

"Let me explain. This tiger gentleman here was travelling to another dimension but we crossed path with his core and it was assimilated into host as one of his battle spirits."

"What is a battle spirit?"

"The Place where we were travelling to is called Douluo Continent. All of the people residing upon the Douluo Continent possessed something called a "battle spirit." The battle spirit is a part of the body which could be awakened when they became six years old, regardless of whether they were animals or plants or tools or other types. Through the means of an awakening ceremony, they were able to awaken their own battle spirit. This was helpful for them to grow stronger and powerful, just like host gaining a transformation. Thanks to Host's transformation ability, host doesn't have a fixed type. So you were assimilated with the Dark Devil God tiger and it became your battle spirit. Since you were already a monster and had powers from a different world, your physique which nourished from being transformed in this Origin Chaos Dimension, developed an ability to host more than one battle spirit. To prevent conflict in host's body, Necronomicon will act as a repository for host to gain and store battle spirits which you can strengthen simultaneously. Spirit Rings are the souls released by Spirit Beasts following their death, sacrifice, or contract with humans. The Spirit Ring can only be absorbed by the person who delivers the final blow and kills it and should be at a Rank Bottleneck(Rank 10, 20, 30, etc.) to be able to absorb it. However in the past few thousand years, a new method was developed."

"Hold on! A few thousand years ??"

"Yes. Unfortunately Dark Devil god Tiger had just comprehended Time and Spatial attribute when he got killed . So when he assimilated with host, he by mistake sent us forward by a few thousand years from the time it was killed. From what I could gather, in this time the spirit beasts are very less in number. Instead, people have developed method of artificial intelligent spirit that can act as a source of power and a companion for host and battle spirits. Since the Dark Devil God Tiger's assimilation with the host was special, he can act both as your Battle Spirit and Independent intelligent spirit. "

"Well all this is a bit confusing, but in short you are my partner right?" Reino asked the black tiger. The tiger growled at him before turning his head aside.

"I will take that as a yes." Reino replied as he opened his eyes in the real world and continued on towards the Douluo Continent.

Niks Niks

You guys might remember Dark Devil God Tiger from Douluo Dalu 1 and Heavenly Jewel Change

I was quite a Fan of Tang San and Dark Devil God Tiger's fight sequence in Douluo Dalu 1 . I always felt if the tiger had pai a little more attention then it would have been the one ruling the Douluo Dalu world today.

Therefore, watch out as it makes its comeback.

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  • Sri101


    I hope he gets a mental type spirit and the clear sky hammer spirit as well. I also hope he gets a complete set of spirit bones and an external one like Tang San’s.

  • SMomoTempest


    Soul Land: legend if the dragon k*ng Thanks for the chapter and.... 2 wife pls

  • Demonic_Lord


    ... so soul land 3...

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