68.96% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 20: DWDSS Chapter 019 - Hephaestus

Chapter 20: DWDSS Chapter 019 - Hephaestus

Once Reino breached the dimensional barrier surrounding the world, he was directly teleported to an old withered cottage at the edge of a forest. Loud banging could be heard from inside as Reino walked towards the cottage. He hesitated at the door, wondering whether or not to peak inside.

However at that moment a voice called out from inside the cottage, "Are you going to stand there the whole day boy ? Or are you going to come in already?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Reino cautiously pushed aside the door and entered in. He saw a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair and beard watching at him with a hammer in one hand and an unfinished sword in other, sitting in front of a roughly made forge. After watching Reino from top to bottom, the man then looked at the unfinished sword in his hand before throwing it at a wall. The sword went through the wall as if it was made of tofu until only its hilt stuck out from the wall. Reino's eyes widened at this, how strong was that blade?

"Tch, that was a failure too?!" The man spat out and turned towards Reino. Reino could see that his beard would sometimes catch fire sparks on its own and then go back to normal.

"I am Hephaestus boy, god of blacksmithing" Hephaestus said as Tico affirmed it to Reino in his mind "Ahura Mazda asked me for a favor, to train you until you can hold on your own in this world. Because unlike your previous one, this world is stranger and more difficult."

Reino nodded excitedly as he believed that Hephaestus's training would make him really strong, little did he know that what a world of pain he would be into.


Time passed quickly for Reino as he barely had any time to rest ever since he arrived in this world. He learned about the geography , about spirit beasts, about spirit rings. This was also the time that he realized that his power was sealed to level 10 of this world's cultivation ranking and was equivalent to rank 50 of his original ranking system. 'So about 5 of my original ranks per cultivation level' Reino thought.

Hephaestus also helped him test get a certificate for his proof of awakening a battle spirit but left the place for his battle spirit blank since they couldn't let the world know of Dark Devil God Tiger a his battle spirit. It was probably one of this world's most feared both in terms of battle spirit and spirit beast. Luckily One of Reino's Unique skills and Dark Devil God Tiger's Devour Skill combined to give birth to a new solution to Reino's problem. Devour and Unique Skill [Chaos Eater] combine to produce Origin Devour Skill that let Reino gain new battle spirits by devouring other soul masters or spirit beasts. However the defect of that was , although the Devil god tiger's new skill could absorb soul power from anyone to advance its cultivation, it could only allow rare and powerful spirits that can endure its presence as a battle spirits for Reino, else the battle spirit would get destroyed by Devil God Tiger's presence and would Hurt Reino mentally and Spiritually and might even cripple his cultivation. Their search went on for a long time until Hephaestus was reminded of the presence of ghostly sword spirits in mine he had discovered a few years ago. The mine was barren because the sword spirits had devoured the metal in it to advance their own cultivation and evolution.

Reino spent a few weeks in the mine until he finally found an extremely strong spirit for himself, Otherworldly Meteoric Sword . The Battle Spirit provided him with two innate abilities: Focus Enhancement and a sword art called Unparalled Sword Art . Hephaestus was happy with Reino's new battle spirit too, and cautioned Jun to never reveal Dark Devil God Tiger to anyone. At this time Tico decided to throw in another bomb as she said that Reino could have assigned one of his transformations to be his battle spirit. Reino could only look at her with dead eyes but he then sighed as it was his fault for not consulting with Tico as she knew about the system better than him. At any case , since he could only pick one of his transformation to be his spirit he picked Oni to be his Battle Spirit. So ultimately Reino ended up having three battle spirits: Dark Devil God tiger, Otherworldly Meteoric Sword , and Mystic Oni which was evolved from his Oni Transformation when it became his battle spirit.


Three years later,

Bang bang bong bong bang bang

Loud noises were heard from the forge where Reino was pounding away on a lump of sparkling metal which was glowing more and more with each strike. However it was like they were isolated in a realm where nothing except the forge existed. With a final strike a beam of light burst out from it and a clapping ensued from behind him.

"Amazing, it took you only three years to master my techniques . Hephaestus's Blacksmithing Arts and Heaven Prevailing Runic Arts you have mastered both. Now the rest of the techniques useful to this world you can learn from a master from this world. My training is finished. As a final piece of advice, I will tell you to go to GloryBound City. I can sense your fate is connected to someone in that place. There you can officially graduate from the school by showing your awakening certificate and giving a formal exam to the principal . Also you can buy spirit souls from Soul Pagoda branch of the city."

Reino nodded to all his advice then raised his hand and clenched his fist. The space around them shattered and they reappeared in their cottage.

"No matter how many times I see it, you Realm Transportation Technique is marvelous. Your Mystic Oni is a Top Notch spirit seeing how it can use spatial attribute to this extent. Very Well then, take care of yourself kid. Maybe I will see you one day somewhere huh ?" Saying so Hephaestus faded away in front of Reino's eyes.

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    thank you for mixing 2 awesome storys

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    Thx for the chapter!

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    man i love this novel. just the lack of the release thanks for the chap author

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