72.41% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 21: DWDSS Chapter 020 - Acing the Elementary Academy

Chapter 21: DWDSS Chapter 020 - Acing the Elementary Academy

A week later , a black haired teen was standing in front of the headmaster of an elementary school in Glory-bound City.

"Child, would you display your martial soul for me." the head master asked

Reino raised his hand and grabbed the air in front of him casually , a two foot long sword appeared in his hand. It was filled with runes of its blue-grayish blade that glowed with soft golden glow. The sword gave a soft hum as it settled in Reino's hand.

"Powerful spirit!" the Headmaster said with approval "Lets test rest of your abilities"

Reino went through a series of other tests. He aced in knowledge related to Soul Masters and Spirit Beasts. He had sufficient knowledge of the world's geography. The main surprise was when Reino was asked to take the Strength measuring test, He casually punched with each hand and obtained 1000 for each one. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The Headmaster was convinced that he was an absolute genius and decided to personally accompany him to the Soul Pagoda. When they reached there, they saw that another boy and his Father were already talking to the Soul Master in Charge who was explaining to them about Spirit Souls and Spiritual Power.

Seeing the headmaster the Soul Master came towards them with a smile.

"Oh Head Master, How come you are here?" the Soul Master asked

"Greetings to Headmaster!" the boy and his father too greeted the headmaster who gave a nod in return

"I have brought a pretty good student of mine to have the Spiritual Power Test and get him a Spirit Soul!" headmaster said enthusiastically "I see that little Wulin is here for that purpose too eh ?" the headmaster said while smiling kindly at the boy who had greeted him.

"Yes !" said the boy whose name turned out to be Tang Wulin.

"That is fine !" Said the Soul Master " I was just going to perform a spiritual power test for Tang Wulin. So let's continue the explanation. "For normal Soul Masters, spiritual power isn't too important. It's also divided into ranks, but it isn't divided the same way spirit power is. However, when it comes to high level Soul Masters, the strength of their spiritual powers becomes much more significant. A strong spirit soul requires spiritual power equally as strong to fuse with."

"Before the existence of spirit souls, there weren't any ranks for spiritual power at all. But when spirit souls first appeared, the previous generations gradually realized that fusing with a spirit soul required much more spiritual power than fusing with a spirit ring. After extensive research, they created the rankings for spiritual power. It was only in the last two thousand years or so that the rankings were completed."

Tang Wu Lin inquisitively asked, "Then how many levels is spiritual power divided into?"

The Soul Master responded, "From low to high, spiritual power is divided into: Spirit Origin, Spirit Opening, Spirit Sea, Spirit Abyss, Spirit Domain, and the fabled Divine Origin. These six realms are quite simple. Everyone is in the Spirit Origin realm when they are born. As for the meaning behind Spirit Origin, it means that it's the single origin everyone starts from. Afterwards, nature takes on a new look. This is the most basic of soul levels. You should be at this level. As for the rest, you'll learn it in school so I won't speak of it. Alright then. I'll start testing what degree of Spirit Origin you've reached."

The Soul Master took Wulin to a metal contraption in the room. A metal helmet fell onto his head. Then, metal arms linked together and strapped his head in. "Don't be so tense. Relax your body. You might feel a bit of vertigo in a bit; that's normal. You just need to stay relaxed." The Soul Master repeatedly warned.

"Yes." Tang Wu Lin hastily promised.

A slight humming noise arose as the helmet began to emit a soft white glow. The Soul Master watched the spirit transmitter screen on the side as the screen began to display data.When the numbers first appeared, they jumped up extremely quickly. After a moment, the numbers gradually stabilized. When the Soul Master saw the number, his expression changed to one of astonishment.

The numbers stopped increasing after a moment and settled within a range. The Soul Master turned off the apparatus and took off the helmet. "It's done."

Tang Wu Lin really did feel dizzy, even though he had previously only felt a slight irritation in his head. He had once seen the indistinct sight of the golden world of fused spirit souls, and now, during the test, he had once again managed to see it. He had to put in a lot of effort in order to see it clearly, and when he almost succeeded to clearly glimpse it, the test had already ended.

"It's a pretty good number." The Soul Master nodded and smiled at Tang Wu Lin. "You have the best spiritual power out of all the Spirit Scholars I've had these past few years. Your spiritual power is 38. Remember this number. I'm going to have the machine make a record for you, so you can hand it over once you attend an intermediate Soul Master academy.

As he was unclear about the boundaries of the spiritual power system, Tang Wu Lin also wasn't clear about the significance of having a spiritual power level of 38.

Seeing Tang Wu Lin's perplexed expression, the Soul Master kindly explained, "Spirit Origin realm can be ranged between level 1 to 100 spiritual power. Levels 30 and below are elementary ranked. Levels 30 to 60 are intermediate ranked. Levels 60 to 90 are advanced rank. Levels 90 to 100 is the peak of Spirit Origin. You've already entered Spirit Origin realm intermediate rank at such a young age; that isn't easy at all. I'm a 28th rank Great Soul Master, yet my spiritual power is only at level 87. With spiritual power in the intermediate rank of Spirit Origin realm, you'll be able to fuse with a hundred year yellow spirit soul."

This good news caused Tang Wu Lin to immediately brighten up a bit. What's more, the Soul Master's explanation of spiritual power had enabled him to see another magnificent side to the world of Soul Masters.

"Next is you" the Soul Master said while looking at Reino. Reino walked up to the machine and obediently allowed himself to be strapped in. The machine hummed loudly while the numbers displayed rushed ahead too quickly to be read. When the numbers finally stabilized and the Soul Master was shocked.

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