79.31% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 23: DWDSS Chapter 22

Chapter 23: DWDSS Chapter 22

However as soon as he saw the spirit soul the Soul Master became gloomy and apologized to tang Wulin and his dad.

"I am sorry , it is a trash spirit grass snake. Actually such kinds of spirits are made by combining the genes of non - spirit beasts instead of usual spirit beasts. Although spirit souls are able to be produced, unless their fusion with martial soul triggers a mutation , they remain the weakest kind of spirit soul. I recommend you don't fuse with it and get another spirit later"

Tang Wulin's eyes were bleak and grave as he he tried to suppress the feeling the disappointment inside him. At the moment Reino sensed a weird fluctuation inside Wulin because of his own connection to Devil God Tiger. Reino was shocked that anything could make the Devil God tiger feel such caution. He decided to help Wulin.

"How much is all of these spirit souls in this lottery?" Reino stepped forward and asked.

"Are you kidding boy ?" the Soul Master asked.

"I most certainly am not. " Said Reino as he took out a storage bracelet he had bought earlier from the System to keep appearance in the society and to hide his Inventory skill from prying eyes. He instantly exchanged for 100,000,000 federation coins for 1,000,000 Sp, more than enough for at least 3333 random draws. He said so to the Soul Master who took the storage bracelet and checked for himself.

"Yes, this more than enough " Said the Soul master 'More like it is more than enough for all the stock we have here' he thought.

"You can choose whichever one you like out of these " said Reino while smiling kindly at Wulin.

"N..No . I cant do that." Wulin said with pride and determination in his voice "I cant take such a big favor."

'Stubborn kid' Reino thought . He walked to Wulin and held his hand out "Hi, I am Reino Jigoku. You are Tang Wulin right ? Nice to meet you. Can we be friends?"

"y..Yes!" said Wulin , shock at Reino's Straightforward behaviour bringing both Wulin and his father out of their depression. Reino used the Soul Master's help to awaken all the spirit souls in the spirit soul balls. And then he left along with Wulin and his father while carrying the spirit souls in a special Storage pouch he had created to store living things, it was possible for him because of Heaven Prevailing Runic Arts Hephaestus had taught him. Outside the Soul Pagoda, the headmaster went back to school after reminding Reino to come on the graduation day to receive his recommendation certificate. While going along with Wulin , Reino suddenly turned towards Wulin's father with a question.

"Uncle, actually I am an orphan. My master has already left on a journey after instructing me to come here and get graduated and gain recommendation to join intermediate academy. Can I live along with you all?" Seeing him hesitate Reino added "Don't worry about my expenses, I can take care of it more than easily as you saw earlier. I just want to stay with people I trust."

Tang Zi ran was touched by that and decided to bring him home with them. On the way Reino made Tico and Dark Devil God Tiger Devour all the Spirit Souls. Dark Devil God Tiger quickly became stronger with all the nutrition he was getting, raising Reino's cultivation rank equivalent to 30, only Reino couldn't actively display that power and it was sealed due to his lack of spirit soul rings. He consulted with Tico about Wulin's spirit soul,

"Tico , can you somehow make that spirit stronger and more suitable to Wulin?"

"i can make it much stronger than it is currently thanks to the information I have gained after devouring these spirit souls. However to make it suitable for Tang Wulin, it is recommended to give the Spirit Soul a trace of dragon bloodline due to Tang Wulin having a dragon bloodline himself which I detected when it resonated with Dark Devil God Tiger earlier. Aprt from that, it is recommended to add body strengthening element and cultivation speed increasing element to it to the spirit soul. Apart from that others will make it unsuitable for Wulin's martial soul which appears to be a variant of Blue Silver Grass."

"Hmm. How will you add these qualities to that spirit soul ?"

"Host just needs to hold the spirit soul for a few moments and it will be done."

Reino nodded to himself and went beside Wulin. "Hey Wulin, can I see your spirit soul for a while? I want to try something." Wulin didn't suspect anything and gave it to him and Reino fell a step backwards while pretending to examine the spirit soul to escape detection of Wulin and his father. At that instant he told Tico to make the changes they had decided. Tico instantly responded and added a pure dragon bloodline trace to the grass snake which would activate on Wulin trying to fuse with it along with the body strengthening and Cultivation speedup innate abilities. Reino gave it back to Wulin that it was better now than before. Wulin didn't understand what he was talking about but something about Reino comforted him and he decided to trust him and fuse with the spirit soul on reaching home. On the way home, Reino exchanged 50 Sp for 5000 federation coins and purchased tons of delicious food ingredients despite Tang Zi Ran's protest.

"Uncle, it is my gift to Wulin on his successful step on the journey to the world of Soul Masters. Trust me , What Wulin has now will be a treasure for him instead of a curse." Tang Zi Ran could only be confused at this as his gaze alternated between Wulin and Reino.

Upon reaching home, Wulin's mother and his adoptive sister Nuo'er met them at the doorway. While Tang Zi Ran explaining everything to them , Tang Wulin went to his room and started to fuse with the Spirit Soul. Reino could feel the weak fluctuations of Soul Power and smiled to himself. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

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