82.75% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 24: DWDSS Chapter 23

Chapter 24: DWDSS Chapter 23

He gently touched the spirit soul ball within his hand. A spirit soul didn't possess much of a material existence, much less a low grade spirit soul such as this one. His finger gently passed through the Grass Snake's body. It seemed to have felt it, as it uncoiled itself. Even though it had an illusory form, it was still able to twist around his finger and intimately stick out its little forked tongue as if to lick him. He brought his hand up to his face, allowing him to clearly look into the Grass Snake spirit soul's small brown eyes. Its eyes were cloudy and unfocused, with a hint of terror to its confusion.

'I have to trust Reino, it is not like I have any other choice 'Tang Wu Lin mocked himself as he flipped his palm, releasing spirit power to summon a faint blue halo from which the Blue-silver Grass appeared from. The Grass Snake could instinctively sense the existence of the Blue-silver Grass as it climbed up Tang Wu Lin's finger, quickly reaching the Blue-silver Grass. The soft blue light glowing from the Blue-silver grass suddenly released a powerful radiance and something within Wulin and the snake activated simultaneously. The snake released a yellow ring of light when light from the grass fell on it. Tang Wulin slowly merged with the spirit soul and his soul power broke through rank 11 as his fusion was successful, and the blue-silver grass grew lushly from his hand.

Right at that moment, Tang Wu Lin suddenly felt a wave of heat coming from his tailbone. This heat soon turned into a scorching hot sensation which traveled up his spine before continuing to spread throughout his body. The aura around his body had experienced a slight change after this. The blade of blue-silver Grass which had just finished evolving and the little Grass Snake suddenly stiffened and froze in place. The faint golden veined pattern appeared once again, rapidly descending from Tang Wu Lin's forehead while the golden thread from his tailbone quickly rose. The two golden lights met at the apex of his vertebra and merged into one. This golden color was much clearer than before. It hadn't only spread all over his body, but also onto the little Grass Snake in his palm and the blue-silver Grass which had just finished evolving. The originally dark and gloomy blue-silver Grass now had a slender golden line along it, reaching all the way to its tip. Another change arose in it under the influence of the golden veined pattern. It was as if the dull vine-like grass had suddenly gained a skeleton and its tenacity had drastically increased. Moreover, the grass's dull surface gradually gained a glossy luster with a faintly discernible blue halo and a slender gold stripe. It appeared more striking than before.

The same transformation appeared on the little Grass Snake as its earthen yellow body gradually turned yellow. Its scales stuck out a bit now, and they contained a distinct radiance to them. Those golden stripes extended from its tail and up its body, converging at a single point on its head. The Grass Snake grew one centimeter from its previous eight centimeters. Its protruding tiny scales had turned golden in color. The murky look in its eyes was gone, replaced with clarity. Tang Wulin fell unconscious while further changes took place in his body.

On hearing Tang Wulin's noises disappearing from his room . Tang Zi Ran , Nuo'er and Reino entered the room. On seeing that Tang Wulin was fast asleep and that Reino assured them he was fine calmed them down and they went to sleep after a quiet dinner.

After they all slept , Reino stayed awake on his quilt he had spread at a corner of the apartment and Meditated, while Tico tried various combinations to make best Spirit Souls for Reino's Battle Spirits.

For His first spirit soul for the Otherworldly Meteoric Sword, Tico bought and combined A Demon Spirit called Laevateinn from System and fused it with spirit characteristics for a Tool Spirit and manufactured a custom spirit for Otherworldly Meteoric Sword. The Custom Tool Spirit Soul was given the name : Sun Sword Laevateinn. It could control light and fire and grow along with its host due to it being a custom spirit. In its first Soul Skill , it gave ability to slash out with an incredibly hot fire, named as Blazing Asunder.

For His first spirit soul for the Mystic Oni, Tico bought and combined A Demon Spirit called Demi-Fiend from System and fused it with spirit characteristics for a Tool Spirit and manufactured a custom spirit for Mystic Oni. The Custom Tool Spirit Soul was given the name : Demon's Magatama. In its first Soul Skill , It helped Oni to fuse its attributes to all the attacks of the host or itself, named as Demon Infusion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Dark Devil God Tiger refused to have any spirit souls weaker than ten thousand for itself so they had to drop the plan for giving it spirit soul too. While they were doing that , Reino suddenly remembered something he wanted to ask Tico long ago but had forgotten.

"Tico, is there a way to constantly cycle cultivation and body strengthening?"

"yes , I can do that for you automatically without need for your interference. But for that I will have to use dark Devil God Tiger's origin Devour Skill together with Tang Sect's Mysterious Heaven Skill so if you try to use Dark Devil God Tiger's skill in between, it will break the auto cultivation. Also , long periods of auto cultivation can create dull throbbing in your muscles as they will be constantly stimulated so you will have to bear through it as Dark Devil God Tiger's innate physique will automatically heal it in a while."

"Fine, you win. Auto cycle it all the time unless I tell to stop or we are in a fight." saying so Reino went to sleep as Tico started the auto cycling .

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