89.65% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 26: DWDSS Chapter 25

Chapter 26: DWDSS Chapter 25

Three days later Tang Wulin completed forging two personal forging hammers for himself out of the refined heavy silver. Now this was his first complete thousand refined work . Looking at the appearance of the hammer, this Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammer was no different from the Thousand Refined Tungsten hammer Wulin had used previously for forging. Even its size was similar. The difference was that the weight was several times heavier. If not for Tang Wu Lin's strength combined with his spirit soul's strengthening, even moving the hammer would not have been an easy task.


Tang Wulin's Perspective

At first glance, the pair of Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers didn't appear eye-catching. Their grey exterior made them appear like ordinary forging hammers. Upon closer inspection however, one would discover dark, wave-like patterns covering its whole body. The dark wavy patterns on the handle even seemed to be nurturing an endless strength.

A spiral pattern twisted along the hammers' handles, down to the very end, where it stopped at a sharp point. He had spent three whole days forging these hammers, little by little. During the forging process, he could feel in his blood that he was doing half the work for twice the results. Even though he worked with such efficiency, it had still taken him three whole days to complete the project.

"It's finished. Let's see what the Thousand Refined special effect is," Mang Tian said to Tang Wu Lin. Even a master blacksmith like Mang Tian had expectant eyes.

"Mn." Tang Wu Lin nodded and gripped the pair of Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers in his hands. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

He had already conducted a series of measurements after forging them. The hammer in his left hand weighed 152 kilograms while the hammer in his right hand weighed 166 kilograms. Although these hammers appeared small, their weight could definitely be described by using one word: astonishing. As Tang Wu Lin held the spiral patterned handles, he could sense the spirit power in his body surging forth.


Reino was watching from the side. He found Tang Wulin to truly be a born genius in blacksmithing . Even he was where he was because of guidance of Hephaestus's teachings.

Reino called out "Wow Wulin , congrats. Senior Mang you have my respect for sincerely teaching and treating Wulin like your son and turning his talent into what it is ." Reino took out two hammers with a dull deep bluish-black colour reflexively and they looked like two cylindrical heads joined by a handle with warious runes engraved all over. They were as long as his arm and the hammer head as big as an adults head in diameter.

"You are a blacksmith too ? And those hammers…. I have never seen anything like them." Mang Tian whispered in shock.

Reino just smiled in reply and took out his own chunk of Heavy Silver. Operating the forge he heated up the metal.

"I will show you a bit of my own understanding of blacksmithing Wulin!"

Taking a deep breathe he twirled the hammers once as if they were twigs before giving a crisp strike with his right hand producing a 'ding'. After that his hands continuously struck the metal, each strike precise and swift and clean, impurities expelled at high pace with each strike. For the next hour his striking speed kept on increasing under the astonished eyes of Wulin and Mang Tian, until at the end they could see his blurred hands creating afterimage effect of tens of hammers and arms striking the metal .

"Hephaestus's Blacksmithing Arts : Revolving Cloning Strike!!" Reino struck out with right hammer , sending the metal spinning into the air. Before Mang Tian could stop him from hurting himself , he saw Reino splitting into multiple clones. He struck out with all of it at once, producing hundreds of hammer strikes that made the metal spin like a tornado and struck it continuously within span of microseconds, creating illusion of a constant 'ding that didn't fade for a long time. Parallely holding his hammers, he struck out and slammed the metal back on the forging table with his hammers, releasing a thick five foot diameter white light into the air.

Mang Tian could only look on in shock and Wulin had his eyes shining in excitement at this display.

"Was that first grade thousand refinements?" Mang Tian asked

"Yes" replied Reino

"Thank you for the display. It was wonderful watching you." Mang Tian said sincerely as that was the fastest , cleanest and best forging he had seen in a long time.


Mang Tian let them both go after telling Wulin about the workshop he owned at East Sea city. He promised Wulin he would visit there at times to meet him. On the way back Wulin was brimming in happiness about his new heavy silver bracelets and hammers . The silver bracelets were a gift from MangTian, a pair of storage devices to keep his hammers with him always.

The next week , Tang Wulin and Reino left for East Sea City. This was the second largest seaside city in the Sun-Moon Federation. Its main feature was its port, which served as a nexus for travelling the seas and exploiting the resources of the ocean. The city had a population of over three million people. By exploiting the natural resources in the ocean, the city was able to prosper. Even when compared to the rest of the Sun-Moon Federation, it could still be considered a second-tier city. East-sea City had a long history and its overall appearance had preserved its original state of a simple and unadorned style. In the last several hundred years, the Sun-Moon Federation had taken extra care to protect some of the more ancient buildings. Thus, many of the millennium old buildings could be found in this ancient city.

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    i havent read the duo luo dalu 3 so i cant really feel this arc which is to say im not enjoying this arc compared to the 1st one

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    Obrigado pelo capítulo.

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