93.1% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 27: DWDSS Chapter 26

Chapter 27: DWDSS Chapter 26

East-sea City spirit train station.

A dark blue spirit train slowly entered the station and came to a stop. In East-sea City, nearly all of the spirit trains were blue in color. After coming to a stop, the train's doors opened up, letting the people on-board off. Many people greeted each other but after a moment, the station returned to its usual hustle and bustle as people headed towards the exit. Tang Wu Lin tightly held onto his rucksack as he followed Reino and the stream of people towards the exit. This was the first time he had ever been to such a major city so his curious gaze was wandering all over the place. The train station's ceiling was constructed from a bunch of metal tubes. With a glance, Tang Wu Lin could tell that all these metal tubes had been casted and were pressed into completion like ordinary metal. Tang Wu Lin's expression wasn't too good and he seemed rather gloomy. Before his eyes was an unfamiliar environment. Naturally, a nine-year-old child like him would inevitably feel a bit frightened by this. He had come to East-sea City to attend the East-sea City Academy. He had thought his mom or dad would have accompanied him here, but his dad told him he was a big kid already, and that he should go and experience it for himself. After buying him a ticket, they brought him to the spirit train and saw him off. This was the first time Tang Wu Lin was so far away from home. Even after leaving the house, Lang Yue had been tirelessly instructing him on various matters. His mind had already gone blank when he arrived and he could only follow the stream of people outwards with a face full of perplexion. While he was following the stream of people, it suddenly split in two, giving Tang Wu Lin a clear look at a polished black spirit car that was parked on the platform. The stream of people had split in order to avoid this car.

Two men in black suits got out of the car and peered into the crowd. They waved and called out to a young man in high class clothes that was arriving from behind Wulin. Right at this moment one of the passing by people bumped into Wulin, sending him crashing into that young master. When Tang Wu Lin turned around to look, Tang Wu Lin was only able to catch a glimpse of the side of his face. This youth looked to be about the same age from his appearance. He was dressed in blue from head to toe and had short brown hair. Fair white skin, a straight nose, eyes that were slightly sunken in, long eyelashes that curled up slightly and eyes that were deep green in color.

Staggering backwards from the collision, the youth caught himself and abruptly turned towards Tang Wu Lin. The youth was handsome but Tang Wu Lin could clearly feel that he had a cold and arrogant temperament. The youths expression soured, but after a glance, he continued walking towards the spirit car. His expression wasn't one of indifference to his offender, rather, it was one of disdain.

"My apologies!" Tang Wu Lin hastily said.

The man who had stepped forward to greet his young master raised his hand and pushed Tang Wu Lin away, back into the crowd, nearly causing him to fall over.

"Be careful you hick." The man in black said fiercely before following the youth to the car.

Reino stepped out towards that man at that moment and held his shoulder with one hand. He had been separated from Wulin and found him in time to see that man pushing him away and calling him a hick. Reino put some strength in his hand and the man's shoulder let out sounds like crackers, eliciting a howl from him.

"Has no one taught you any manner , you trash ?" Reino retorted while putting pressure on the man's crushed shoulder . When the other man and the kid tried to interfere, he sent out a look filled with killing intent that was mixed with Soul and Spiritual Power. The Other man dragged the howling man to the car along with his young master and drove off in a hurry. Reino went to Wulin in the meantime,

"You OK ?"

"Ya, wasn't hurt anyway. Just surprised .These city people are truly too tyrannical!"


They found how to take bus to the East-sea academy from a police officer and found it easily in the direction they were pointed at .Tang Wu Lin saw a sign with white words on a blue background that said: East-sea Academy.Under the sign was a chair, and behind the chair were several 17 to 18-year-old youths in blue sportswear.When they saw Tang Wu Lin and Reino walk over, a black haired girl smiled and said, "Little brothers, are you here to report?"

The black haired girl had a pair of red phoenix eyes, a moderate build and a sweet appearance that gave a feeling of warmth as she gave them forms to fill out for their new student's reporting.

The girl introduced herself as Liu Yu Xin. She was first year at East-sea academy and was in charge of receiving new students this year. She encouraged Tang Wulin despite coming to know that he had Blue-silver grass as his martial spirit. When it came to Reino, she was surprised,

"Otherworldly Meteoric Sword? Never heard of it. Can you show me?" Reino nodded and released his Otherworldly Meteoric Sword. Its release also signaled release of his soul power, which had already reached Rank 20 now that he had added a Spirit Soul to it. The pressure coming off it caught the attention of passersby before he finally put it away. Liu Yu Xin stamped both of their recommendation letter before handing it back to them along with a small placard for each of them.

"Wear this metal placard around your neck as it's proof that you've been admitted to the academy when you get to the gates. You still need to go check-in and receive your supplies. Get on the bus behind me and we'll take off for the academy once a few more students arrive."

After a while bus was completely filled. Only Wulin and Reino had come without parents, rest all of the students had their parents accompanying them. They watched as the scenery outside of the window slowly changed to stores that lined the streets. The bus was travelling amongst an endless stream of vehicles. Urgency and the scent of steel permeated the atmosphere. Everyone on the streets were bustling about. At the very least, it was countless times busier than the streets of Glorybound City. A lofty building slid into view after the 20 minute long bus ride. In front of them was a high wall. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"We've arrived at the academy. Please get off the bus now, everybody." A familiar voice came from the front, drawing Tang Wu Lin's attention. It was Senior Sister Liu Yu Xin who had been sitting all the way at the front. She greeted all of the students, along with their parents, who had come to report in. When Tang Wu Lin and Reino hastily got off the bus, Liu Yu Xin instantly recognized him as this junior brothers of hers had left a profound impression on her.

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