Night creatures : birth of goldenfur original

Night creatures : birth of goldenfur

Author: iatula

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Night creatures

Night creatures are children of night. They get their power from moon and silver.

There are three clan of night creatures: werewolf, vampire and witch.Each clan of creatures is divided three: normal, halfbreed and kings. There are also hybrids.


Normal werewolf can turn into wolf. Their five senses and strength is lot stronger then humans so they need to control themselves to not discovered by humans. They live as pack. There are eight major packs. It is said that their alphas are descendants of first werewolf king and only their bloodline can give birth of another king.

Halfbreed werewolf is child of werewolf and human. They can't turn into wolfs. Their strength is high quality but not abnormal as werewolfs also their strong five senses don't stand out too much and sometimes they die without knowing their identity.

King werewolf is also named goldenfur. Name cames from their wolf forms fur. When their powers are awakened they are evolved into harmonic creature. Goldenfur is only harmonic creature because only she/he can take power from both moon and sun. Goldenfur is most strong existence. Its power is to discovery people( their mind and origin)


Witch's are only female. They have ranking. Witch's five senses are lot strongest then other creatures. Also their IQ is high. Their speciality is potions and spells. They have power ranking. Low ranking witch's can do potions and basic spells. Middle ranking witch's spells and potions are stronger, some can do weak curse. High ranking is most dangerous. They can fuse spells with potions or it can be curse fused with potion.

Halfbreed are male. They only have high intellect.

King witch is named albino. If you don't know albinism is genetic mutation. So albino witch can be anybody but blood line also have their role at birth of king witch's. Well Albinos are highest rank in witch system. They have premonition. Albino is elso evolved one a mystical creature. She can get power from stars. Higher witch can also evolve as mystical creature but its very hard. Stars is great help for albinos premontion.


Normal vampire are afraid of Sun and gold. Their powers are pair with werewolfs. They are most proud creatures. They look down on humans. All of them serves king vampires. Vampires don't need blood but for them blood is another source of power. It's more true when it cames from powerful one.

Halfbreed vampires born from love are rare because of vampire pride. But vampires oftend kidnap human females to give birth halfbreed vampires. Even thought they are lot weaker then vampires, they have resistance toward sun. And Vampires make them into slaves. Vampire who fall in love with other creature specially humans are targeted and banished.

King vampires are caled Royals. Well the vampire family is called Royals. Most of them has higher powers than other vampires. Strong ones can hypnosis. There is also emperor. Emperor is haighest rank, true vampire king. Its power is absolute. Vampire hypnosis always isn't successfully.Because if one have strong mind they can resist. But if it emperor only matured goldenfur can resist. Every emperor has power disapper. It can be called sickness. After some time(centuries) their powers slowly dissapear so until their powers complety dissapear they must choose strong Royal and give him/ her his/her powers and new emperor is born. The candidats are one with strong hypnoses power and abilty of "bite". Well vampires have hard time when it cames making babies and most time they try to fight werewolfs( well for them they are rivials. And their pride is hurt because goldenfur is stronger then emperor) so when it cames to multiple their numbers these candidates or emperor(very rare) bits human and new vampire is born. Then brinewashing and solider is ready.

There are also hybrids. Mostr rares species. There are three kind of hybrid: vampire-witch, witch-werewolf,werewolf-vampire.

Vampire-witch hybrid

Well witch-hybrids are all girl. There are two ways for vampire-witchs born. First, well natural way. But witch gene is dominantic when girl is born its mostly witch. But sometimes its hybrid. And boy always is vampire with little more higher five senses and intellect. The scond way is bite. But mostly it doesn't work because hybrids are like monster that aren't welcomed. Even halfbreeds are more liked. So bitten witches cases are rare and even more rare is their change. Couse hybrids aren't welcomed, most bitten witches don't whish to change so until they change they make potions or ask more powerful witchs help to stop change.

Witch-werewolf hybrid

Witch-werewolf is born from the werewolf and witch. WereWolf bite cant change anything just bitten may die. Of course this hybrid also is female. And their transformation is famale with wolf ears and tail and little fur. When transform they are mostly naked couse clothes make them uncomfortable in that form and even if they are naked, they have fur and their bodies aren't exposed.

Werewolf-vampire hybrid

There are three ways to create werewolf-vampire, theoretically. They are only hybrid with both female and male. First way to give birth to werewolf-vampire I think it isn't needed to say. As I said theoretically there are three ways to make werewolf-vampire. It's theoretically couse second way is to bite werewolf. After bite werewolfs wolf form transforms into another, hybrid form. Well, it's still theory couse none of bitten werewolfs survived transformation. And third way is to bite werewolf halfbreed. But it's rare couse even if they don't have wolf form they still try to resist it (it's instinct not something that they can control ). That type of hybrids are most unwanted, because their second form. When they transform they became taller, skinny and ugly creatures.(it's same form as werewolf that professor Lupine transform in Harry Potter 3). Even thought they become only skin and bones, they have monstrous strength. Even pair with kings so because of their abnormality they are considered as monsters.

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