69.11% Astral God Black / Chapter 47: Demands

Chapter 47: Demands

Lan Ying Yue giggles a bit and smiles mysteriously. "You will know eventually." Hei shrugs as he gets up from the table. "I am heading out. You better clean up everything before you leave. Don't let me have to return and show you the way out."

He launches his movement technique instantly and quickly leaves the house. He continues to move through the sect's ground as he tries to locate someone from the Beast Constellation Clan who is an elite or Long Shenyuan. However, the more he searches, the more he realizes that this awfully white sect almost looks the same everywhere.

As if he is running in circles, he sees almost same scene everywhere. Eventually, he manages to spot someone he is familiar with. Moving like darkness dancing in the night, Hei quickly arrives behind her.

"Xing Yinghua, I have words I would like to exchange with you." Xing Yinghua who seemed to be walking towards an astral gate stops and coldly looks back on Hei. "What do you want?" Hei calmly observes this princess's frosty expression with a tinge of anger in it.

"Did I offend you? Fine, whatever, I have something important to ask you." The Ice Princess of the Constellation Beast Clan calmly stands in place. She faces Hei as a domineering and heavenly energy seem to permeate from her body.

The atmosphere slowly drops in temperature and gradually, a bit of snow can be seen slowly floating down from the sky. Hei casually speaks without caring too much, "I want something from you. I wonder if you will give it to me. It's probably really important to you…"

The eyes of Xing Yinghua widen as she looks on Hei with suspicion. Her face seems slightly flustered while anger is apparent. These 2 emotions cause her face to actually redden all the way to her neck.

"What are you asking for? I thought you were with that Demon girl. You already switched sides…Furthermore, I do not like skirt chasers…" Hei looks on her with confusion. "What the hell? Demon girl? Skirt chaser? What the hell are you talking about?"

As they both stare at each in confusion about each other's words, a small squad of scouts are being sent out through an astral gate. The person leading says to the rest, "We will be scouting Zone 5, everyone, please be careful."

Xing Yinghua shakes her head as if disappointed in Hei. "Not only are you a traitor, but you're a skirt chaser and a liar…you're the worst!" She angrily turns around and walks off. Maybe due to anger or it was probably intentional; Xing Yinghua actually enters the astral gate with the scouts.

She gets teleported away and the gate closes. Hei scratches the side of head in confusion. "What the hell is she talking about? When since I started chasing skirts? Also, was she even supposed to be a part of that mission?" Hei notices that the astral gate she was probably walking towards still stays open.

Eventually, he notices Xing Lang walking towards his direction. As she walks, she seems to be constantly observing the area, seemingly searching for someone. When she arrives almost directly in front of Hei, she frowns and says something to him which makes him become suspicious.

"Where is that princess? We agreed to both go to Zone 20 to meet up with the other advanced party. That shameless dragon also said we should come there due to many persons of our level are there fighting."

Hei suspiciously looks on her and looks to the already closed astral gate. "She just went through that astral gate to Zone 5 with some scouts." Xing Lang looks on Hei completely dumb struck. "What did you just say?" Her voice seems quite worried as she asks Hei. He nonchalantly replies, "She went to Zone 5."

Xing Lang jumps in shock with wariness on her face. "That is one of the most dangerous places…The zones from 1-10 are all places where we have the most difficulty battling in and she went there. Immortals mostly battle there…"

Hei frowns as he listens to Xing Lang. She suspiciously looks on Hei, "What did you do and say to her?" Hei casually explains what just transpired from his perspective which are the exact words exchanged, nothing related to feelings or facial expressions.

She stares at Hei as her face gets red with rage. "You're a bastard, you know that? You deserve death you selfish little prick. You should just leave our clan. All your talent is overshadowed by your disgusting behavior…No wonder…it's no wonder you smell like Sapphire Jade."

Hei frowns as he is lost in confusion. "Why is it you're all obsessed with this Sapphire Jade? I've never even seen it before." Xing Lang looks deeply at Hei with disgust. "You're the worst…even the shameless dragon isn't as venomous and toxic as you."

"I think you should just scram from my clan…you don't deserve to be with us. Even if you come from some ancient clan, you're still just a little skirt chasing traitor. Your loyalty is to yourself only."

She walks off in anger, "I will go to Senior Sister Wuya to see if she can help with this situation. You better just scram from my clan." Hei stands there a bit lost as to what exactly is happening. He calmly excuses himself since he has once again been bashed.

As he walks, he thinks to himself, "Seems the time period I've been gone for has led me on a path of naivety. For now, I will simply sit and meditate as I ponder upon the 3 source powers I have unlocked."

He continues to walk but he hears some persons speaking. "Have you heard? Recently the Hidden Dragon Sect has gotten more brutal in their attacks. Many have died or returned critically injured. Zones 1-10 have become serious war zones. Mostly immortals fight there with a few peak Revolving Core experts."

Another person comments, "I hear that from Zones 1-6, it's confirmed that actual Celestials are doing battle…can you believe that? These persons are near the peak and they are actually battling."

Someone else adds, "A battle between immortals is already heaven shaking. Higher ranked immortals are even more fearsome. But Celestials…when they battle, if they fight near anything weaker, death is the only thing left. Imagine if high ranked Celestials are present?"

Hei listens to all these words as he shakes his head. He ponders, "That girl… will probably die at this rate. She got herself into some deep trouble this time. What the hell was she thinking?" He sighs and shrugs it off.

He finally arrives at the very familiar sapphire house. He sits in the garden and relaxes. By now, he has realized that night is finally approaching. Hei lies down among the flowers as they gently sway but not in an extremely distracting manner. They sway as if they are just trying to keep things calm and cool for Hei to rest peacefully.

Hei looks to the skies as nightfall slowly creeps over. He thinks of the various source powers and senses them in his blood itself. The stars in the sky seem a bit different from the ones Hei usually saw in the Liu Heavenly Astral Clan.

These ones seem more desolate and they twinkle with a seemingly fierce yearning to not forever be alone. For some unknown reason, the stars here are widely spaced among each other.

Like this, Hei slowly closes his eyes as he thinks of the various source powers and tries to sense them individually. Gradually, Hei seems to slip into a meditative trance as he lies down. He senses the area within his blood which contains energy from his powerful bloodline and the next area which contains his heaven defying physique.

Hours pass in the blink of an eye and its actually close to midnight. For some strange reason, Hei feels like someone is about to touch him. This prompts him open his eyes quickly. He is just about to see a palm about to touch his forehead.

His eyes snap open and he quickly and grabs the palm. His other hand grabs his brick which transforms into a small sword. Just as he is about to remove the arm the girl screams, "Hei! It's me!" The edge of the short sword stops a little over a centimeter from her arm.

He frowns with an annoyed face but is slightly relived. "What do you want? What were you trying to do?" His hand holding her arm in place doesn't move as his grip almost breaks it. "Hei, you're hurting me…."

Hei gets up and steps back while letting go of her hand. His face is filled with frost and anger as he observes her. She rubs her arm which seems slightly red; Hei's palm print can be seen outlined perfectly in the same gripping motion.

Tears can be seen in her eyes as she sadly gets up. "I was just trying to wake you gently to tell you something but never mind!" She storms off in anger and sadness straight into Hei's house. He looks on her without much care and grumbles, "Oh screw you…Don't act like this is my fault at alone…Wait…This is my house!"

He walks to the door and tries to pull the door but realizes it is actually locked. His face become colder as he angrily shouts, "What the hell are you doing? This is my house, what the hell do you take this for?"

The girl's voice rings out tearfully, "Do die you meanie known as Hei. Go die like that girl from your clan who will soon die!" Hei's eyes widen in shock and suspicion. "What was that you said?"

Lan Ying Yue remains quiet as if she is trying to be suspenseful or is trying to calm down. Her whimpers can be faintly heard but this just serves to make Hei even angrier. His right fist swings back as a baleful power gathers into his arm. Space behind his fist seems to be pushed back.

As if sensing Hei's anger, the door is unlocked before he unleashes his attack. He stops and opens the door. The beautiful and sweet looking Lan Ying Yue's face is actually stained with tear marks as she covers her eyes in sadness and shame. Her arm which was gripped by Hei seems to slightly swell and hangs to the side, clearly injured.

"You really hate me this much? I know I am a horrible person but still…Is it because of the house?" Hei looks on her and looks on the hand which he used to grip her arm. He sighs a bit and tries to be gentle as he asks, "What did you say happen to my clan member?"

This doesn't seem to be effective as she angrily shouts, "You really are the worst! You almost broke my hand in 2 and didn't even apologize!" Hei sighs once more and tries to be 'nice' which sounds even more uncaring. "Sorry about the hand."

She shakes her head in despair, "There is no helping you…Your clan member was captured with some of the scouts. She should never have gone with them. A few of them were forced to try and fight to get her back and ended up getting captured too."

Hei looks at the crying female as a slightly annoying feeling runs through his chest. "What exactly happened?" The girl's arm slowly begins to heal but the pain in her chest doesn't subside.

"After she went on the mission with them 'by accident', she got separated from the squad. Obviously they won't let a talent of an ally die randomly so they had to split their forces and try to find her. They eventually found her but were unfortunately ambushed by many high ranking Immortals and a Celestial. Their distress call sent back a few words."

"Send us the right hand of that Nameless Patriarch for her disciples and the head of the undying zombie Fan Chang for Xing Yinghua."

Hei calmly replies in a matter which makes Lan Ying Yue shocked, "How many hours have passed?" She replies while shaking her head, "4 hours have passed."

As if not thinking too much, Hei walks off to the garden once more. He sits cross-legged and slowly meditates. A terrifying calm seems to surround him as if nothing is present but darkness. Hei actually felt genuine emotions and he seems truly enraged! His chilling voice rings out, "How dare them make demands…"

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  • Supreme_Turtle


    I like the story but this is starting to annoy me ill try a few more chaps but i cant stand everyone leaving him in the dark and this background character constantly being pushy, i hope the mc leaves this place as there is zero benefit, or kicks the girl out as all she does is act like she has info and guilt trips him while constantly trying to invoke sympathy.

  • illusoryforce


    If I'm being honest, this book was good and "had" potential but now the author is just throwing random stuff in there and barely explains what is going on or even creates a clear picture of the situation. The MC so far even though OP is too dumb and cocky as hell to the point of stupidity. Ah I can't even bear to say more

  • Devilbesideyou666


    Thanks for the chapter.... I think....

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