50% Foodtopia / Chapter 1: Dragon Mill Fruit [1]
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Author: TheOnigiri

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Chapter 1: Dragon Mill Fruit [1]

Soberland, the famous island of their meat jerky and beers. It is surrounded by a huge lake and thick forests. Due to the wild nature of the water, the lake appears more to be like a sea while remaining as the freshwater lake. Their specialty is their blue cow, beef jerky, and goblin beers. Despite the Soberland being one of the most dangerous islands in the Costarika Continent, this island is always brimmed with tourist from all over the places. They came for the sake of trying their luck on one fruit.

The Dragon Mill Fruit.

In the far deepest part of the forest, there are rumors said the existence of a tree resembling a mill while the fruit of the tree resembled a dragon while it is sleeping, hence the name Dragon Mill Fruit.

"They say it tastes extremely bitter but when one wrapped it with the tree's leaf and boil it, the fruit became smooth, liquid yet jelly-like texture and taste HEAVENLY sweet!" The wrinkles on the old man loosened when he spoke excitedly about the rumored fruit. "Of course, I have lived for seventy years in this town but I have yet to find anyone who managed to bring the fruit back." He sighed in remorse as he talked to the young man with funny looking red hair in front of him.

The young man nodded and left to let the man continue selling fishes. He also put aside the fishing rod that he got from the old man. The fishing rod is pocket-friendly as it can be kept inside his pant's pocket and it can extend to as long as two meters, although, the durability seems a bit on the worse side.

He looked at the map in his left hand and the old sketch of the Dragon Mill Fruit in his other hand.

"... Hm, not bad... this will do for my first dish," he said in a solemn voice while trying to be smug and overly confident.

He was thinking that, since there are hardly ever anyone brought back the fruit, they ought to taste it by cooking it simply and he just needs to make it into pudding or cake to finish his first quest. That shouldn't be too hard, is what he thinks.

The young man looked into the distance as he felt the burden on his shoulder.

It has been few weeks, almost a month even ever since he was sent to this strange world by the Earth God because he destroyed everything that is on verge of extinction be it by intentional or accidental, he caused explosion wherever he went so he was sent here. Most of the extinct species are micro-organisms, insects, plants and sea creatures.

He is a detonator specialist worked for no one except for money. He sells his products to other and when people used it, he is counted as the cause of the species extinction. Sometimes, he also one of them that caused the explosion. However, that's not the point. They are too small to notice and he is known for his extreme explosion nature, so he does not realize at all that he has caused exactly nine hundred, ninety-nine thousand species to go extinct.

He only knows about it because the Earth God appeared in his dream and reprimanded him.

With the appearance of a blinding white long-haired man in the white robe, the Earth God pointed his finger toward the man and sentenced him without giving a chance to explain.

"Puny human, you have caused exactly nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand species to go extinct. To make you learn that there are many precious materials can a single creature possess, I hereby sentenced you to create nine hundred and ninety-nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine new dishes but you shall no longer remain in the Earth."

"Wait, what?!! What creates a dish, what punish? What is my fault? Your mother! You better explain properly!" He cursed without refrain one bit to the God as he felt like falling into the void.

"I will send a system to keep track on you. Farewell." The annoying voice still rang in his mind even up to this day.

Before he knows it, he got sent to a whole strange new world with a funny looking red hair and odd fashion of brown sleeveless open leather vest and dark gold cotton pants. He realized that he also stood under the bridge of a port.

Then, the system came to greet him.

「Register your name.」Out of nowhere, a rectangular almost transparent screen appeared in front of him.

"Sput the mother fish..." He cursed immediately after being scared by the system.

「Your name is Sput the mother fish. Is this correct?」

The system spontaneous response made him swore. "Flippin roly, of course not!"

[Understood. Register your name again.] The screen reappeared.

With no choice except for consenting to the system, he spoke in an exhausted manner. "Rockey." [pronounced as Rok key]

[Your name is Rockey. Is this correct?]

He looked at the screen for a while and replied shortly. "Yes."

After saying such a short word, the screen loaded a bunch of information before his eyes.

[Rockey | Sentenced Criminal |

Punishment countdown. 999,999,999 New Dish left to create.

New Quest has been generated.

There is no better profession than Gourmet Master. They are the developer of new dishes and the way they appreciated the creatures in this world is even better than environmentalist and vegetarian. Task: You are required to develop a new dish based on fruit.

Activate your Inventory by speaking 'Inventory' through the mind.]

After that screen appeared, he did as he was instructed although he grumbles quite a lot and then, he got a bunch of things.

[Nova Kitchen Knife] [System Map] [Nova Whetstone]

Without even giving him a penny, he was forced to do the quest of cooking a new dish based on fruit.

If not for the fact that he met with the old man from earlier, he would have died from starvation because no one recognizes him and this island is not so friendly with strangers. No matter how he begged or tried to work, no one seems to trust in him which makes him irritated quite a bit.

He looked at the screen that always nearby him and frowned. 'What a scumload of pickles.' He grumbled as he walked toward the Criatura Forest with the remaining energy he has. The old man from earlier packed him a simple box of rice balls and a plastic bag of salt and sugar for an instant energy booster. He thanked him but the old man just gave him the rice balls due to his pitiful appearance of starving.

Just as he walked toward the forest, he heard someone shouted. "Halt! You are not allowed to enter without a pass."

"What the--" He turned around and saw a small boy with long ear raised his hand forward toward his direction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

His hair is light green and his eyes are too. The boy holds a book in his other hand while his right hand extended forward to halt Rockey from entering the forest.

TheOnigiri TheOnigiri

I like Toriko manga and you could say that I was inspired by the story to create this. However, I am not making a fanfict since I am creating a whole different world set up for this novel. There might be some similarity like Gourmet Hunter title and Gourmet Master but that's just because there is no better word for a profession in Food World is there? The profanity here is weird just because... this is food novel. I don't like using F**k word or b*tch so... don't ask me to change it.

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  • Redrose


    Quiet good

  • Dheeta


    i gave5 stars for first chapter

  • CaptainBoyHole


    Not bad start

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