22.97% Evil Emperor's Enchanting Martial Consort / Chapter 17: The Art of Refining Pills

Chapter 17: The Art of Refining Pills

Such a change lasted for a few minutes, resulting in Gu Hua's entire body been covered by the dirty black grease. Her body issued a nausea-inducing a stench. However, where she had originally felt pain and weakness of the internal organs, on the contrary, she now felt relaxed.

Gu Hua quickly stripped and, using the spirit spring water, she washed away the filth on her body and clothes. Once she was clean she felt refreshed, her whole body full of strength, like she had been reborn. Could it be that not only this space upgraded, but even the spirit spring upgraded?

Like in a legend, the spirit water would not only heal injuries, it would now even remove impurities within the body?! Gu Hua was overjoyed at this turn of events.

The ripple in the clear spring water reflected the little girl's tender and snow white skin. A pair of ink like phoenix eyes slowly opened, they were not charming and flirtatious, rather they were like the darkness under the starry sky. A vast, resplendent expanse.

The red lips were no longer chapped and cracked, instead, they were like peach blossom petals, glossy and delicate. The upper lip was slightly raised, as if in silent invitation. She also noticed that her hair was not black but red in colour just the same as they were in her previous life.

"Well done!" Gu Hua flicked her finger, feeling her mood become good. As a woman, she was pleased with her appearance.

Besides her space being upgraded and her changed appearance, she also found out, that after she had drunk the spring water, her internal energy has been fully recovered.

Moreover, although she was still unable to absorb spiritual energy, she could assimilate the spiritual energy in her space. When Gu Hua felt the spiritual energy enter and circulate in her body, she could feel her mind becoming energized, any remaining traces of tiredness disappearing.

Gu Hua quickly walked to the front of The Palace of Light, in surprise she looked at the half-closed door, seeing a trace of golden light spilling out.

The second door of The Palace of Light had really opened! Becoming excited, her heart beat wildly and incessantly.

In the middle of this The Palace of Light's second room, hanging in the air, there was a small snow white fur ball. From the snow white ball, a golden lustre was emitted, and through the thin barrier, a creature with a curled body could vaguely be seen floating quietly inside.

At first glance, this small creature reminded Gu Hua of the polar bear she meets in her previous life, when she visited the Arctic, near the North Pole. Behind the Jade Heaven door except for the white fur ball, there was a small stone table in the centre of the room which had some papers and a book on it.

Gu Hua lightly stepped forward, slowly approaching the furball and circling around it, a faint fragrance like warm bread reaching her nose.

She was astonished as she felt an intimate feeling, that she had never felt before, suddenly surge up from the bottom of her heart. As if the creature and she were connected by blood, her ears could even hear the "thud thud" of the young creature's pulse.

With a bewildered expression, Gu Hua slowly extended her hand, gently caressing the smooth fur of the creature.

"Where did this creature comes from? and what I supposed to do with these piece of papers and book." She couldn't help but ask as she stared at the Mr. snowball.

"This is a baby nine tail fox spirit beast and this is also going to be your first spirit beast, he's been waiting for you more than hundreds and thousands of years." A childlike voice sounded out.

"Who are you?" Gu Hua turned around and did not find a trace of anyone or any animals nearby.

A small figure slowly took form and manifested before her. A small child looking around to be 5 years old, with two red buns on his head, wearing a purple bib was looking at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I am the soul of the Boundless Beast" Replied the boy with a sense of pride.

"So, in other words, you are the soul that resides in that dark blue stone?" Gu Hua couldn't help but ask in surprise as she observed the little boy in front of her.

Looking at the befuddled expression of Gu Hua, the soul nodded and continued " Yes, I am. I am the Sovereign of Spirit Stones, I was born with an innate capability of sensing space and dimensions. The blue stone you mention is only half part of the Boundless Beast, the other half has always been with you and so your physical body wasn't able to enter this space before. Since I was able to sense your personal space when you have taken me in your hands, So I decided to give you a surprise by joining the Boundless Beast. I thought you would be happy with me."The little boy proudly lifted his head, taking all the credit.

Gu Hua couldn't help but nod in agreement. It was indeed much better than before.

"So, what do mean when you said that he is been waiting for me more than hundreds and thousands of years? Also if he really is been waiting for me more than hundreds and thousands of years so, why it is still so tiny not a grown-up fox? and which type off weird recipes are written on the papers on the stone table? do they taste good?"

"Master I can answer all your questions for you, but please don't ask me all at once." the little boy's gaze was upon Gu Hua's face, he curled his lips into a faint smile.

"Also those papers aren't some weird recipes they are pill recipes, these pill recipes are just beginners level. Master you don't have to worry since you don't know anything about alchemy I will teach you how to refine pills, also this book is Elementary Apothecary Book this also help you in Refining Pills. But before that, you still have to form a proper contract with me. Also, there are many pill recipes that belong to ancient times and are quite powerful but you are still not strong enough for opening those doors." Little Boy said as he pointed towards the other doors.

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