26.66% Evil Emperor's Enchanting Martial Consort / Chapter 20: The Youth That Seized Souls

Chapter 20: The Youth That Seized Souls

At noon, the most prosperous street of capital city was bustling with activities, the crowd coming and going, with peddlers shouting about their wares on the sides.

Long Xiao Mainland is famous for its people's medical expertise.

It is said that the most famous force is the Medical Pavilion. This Medical Pavilion not only sells medical herbs of various kinds, but also have very skilled physicians. However, these physicians generally don't come out to save people. Even if you offer them a million gold, it may still not be possible to get their attention.

However, at this moment, there was a person at Medical Pavilion's gate that attracted everyone's eyes. Even the doctors that were originally in the middle of seeing their patients, couldn't help but pause their work as their eyes staring towards the door.

A youth wearing white scholar clothes slowly walked over, his long eyebrows like willows, his cold eyes similar to stars, his skin was like jade; porcelain fair and delicate. As the sunlight fell on his high and straight nose, not even the tiniest flaw could be seen.

The youth's stature was not tall, instead it was slender and beautiful, his body looking obviously weak. When his cold glance swept over, it gave people an oppressed feeling, like the cold frost from unyielding snow.

Seeing this youth, they couldn't help but be stunned. Under the brilliant sunshine, he resembled a spot of pure white snow, a natural and pure beauty, bright and glamorous without boundaries.

A women standing not far away from the youth choked on her own saliva, inattentively muttering, "Which family's little young master is this, why is the feeling he gives off so…so…" Able to attract a spirit and seize the soul!

This youth that made everyone stunned is actually Gu Hua disguised as a man. Gu Hua did not hesitate to enter the Medical Pavilion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Young Master?"

As Gu Hua looked around this famous medical court, not giving her attention o the people saring a her. A man dressed in a blue robe came to her side, and politely said: "Excuse me, did you come to our Medical Pavilion to buy herbs?"

Gu Hua nodded her head slightly and took out a piece of paper she had with her: "I want the herbs on this list. Please bring them to me."

The man in the blue robe was still wearing a smile, and he took the paper from Gu Hua and said, "Okay, please wait, and I'll have the herbs for you in a little while."

Having said that, the blue robed man left to get the specified herbs for Gu Hua.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gu Hua started to appraise the Medical Pavilion. Right now she only wants to get the herbs so she can take a tour of the city before returning back home. She also feel bad for using money from her mother's dowry. Since it doesn't belongs to her.

So, she also wants to make some money so she can use it in future also put back the money which she has taken from dowry.

"Young Master, the herbs you want, I have prepared them for you."

Just when Gu Hua reached the middle of the hall, that male individual in blue clothes came in front of her while holding the herbs. His face still had that polite smile: "A total of four million taels of silver."

"Four million tael? That expensive?" Gu Hua's nerves twitched a bit. Once again she came to realize how poor she is.

Moreover, these herbs were only enough for her to soak for a week. If she bought enough to last month, she's afraid that the cash in mother's dowry would not be enough for her to squander. It seems like it's time for her to make some money.

Gu Hua slightly raising her head, she cast a glance at blue robed man"I'll take these herbs first. Here are the bank notes of four million tael. However, this price of yours is too expensive, how about you gift me those grass plants."

The young girls's eyes flashed for a moment, pointing to the corner where green herb grass laid. She made the statement with a smile full of meaning.

The blue robed man became stunned for a moment; then he politely smiled: "Young Master, these are just one of the most common herb grasses, and are of no real use. If Young Master likes, you can take away that corner of herb grass. "

"Many thanks. Gu Hua didn't try to be polite, she packaged all of the herb grass and walked back to the door without looking back.

VenusNoire VenusNoire

I told you guys that I will be posting new chapters after 10 but since I have a 3 days gap between my next exam, so I deiced to write one today. Also I like to thank all of you for wishing me luck for my exams. They are going really well. Also for reading this novel.

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    thank you for the chapter.... i hope you also do well in your next exam

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    Thanks for the chapter. Keep up the good work.

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    Next thor 💕 Thank you for the chapter ❤

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