36% Evil Emperor's Enchanting Martial Consort / Chapter 27: Seen Enough?

Chapter 27: Seen Enough?

When she spoke, she looked up at the man in the carriage. Only to discover an impeccably handsome man no older than twenty years old.

A light flashed in her eyes, her mind suddenly felt stunned, like she had inhaled a breath of icy cold air. In this world, there was actually such an evildoer. Dressed in a gorgeous black robe with narrow sleeves, the collar of his outer clothes was decorated with silver and purple embroidery, mixed with dark thread it marked out patterns of magic clouds. A wide belt of the same colour rested on his waist. His stature was tall, straight, and slender, like a stern young bamboo shoot, with light phoenix-like eyes that slightly narrowed. He was an unrivalled beauty of the mortal world and on his face, the curled corners of his mouth evoked a demonic charm.

His entire person emitted a one of a kind aura, a heavenly nature with a luxurious atmosphere. 

What was most stunning about that handsome face, was the faint light surrounding him. It highlighted his youthful and elegant features. His eyes were deep and distant, containing a mix of a refined youngster and a youth with evil charm. Like a well-carved jade, the lustre it gave off charmed people heart and soul.

In her previous life, Levy had seen countless handsome celebrities. But if those men were placed next to this man, it would be like comparing the light of a firefly to a bright moon, stone to fine jade. They couldn't be mentioned on equal terms. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

His bright eyes were clear and penetrating as if he clearly understood everything. While his gaze stared fixedly at Gu Hua, the corners of his mouth carried a trace of a charmingly smile, and the meaning behind this smiling expression seemed to be rather deep.

"See something good?" He opened his mouth and asked, with an expression that seemed to contain pure joy. As he was mesmerised by her eyes.

A light flashed in An Haden's eyes and his pitch-black inky phoenix eyes met with Gu Hua's beautiful eyes. All of a sudden, he discovered a similar feeling of being alive after thousands of years. His cold heart once again started to beat, the frequency of the pulsing heartbeat within his chest became a bit faster than its former speed.

Gu Hua narrowed her eyes as the corner of her mouth slowly bent as she coldly replied, "Seen enough?"

In regards to a person who had appeared without being invited, she was still calm and unruffled while appreciating his looks, while the man doesn't possess a trace of hostility toward her.

While she was thinking about running away, the corners of his mouth sketched a playful smile as he seized the chance to grab her waist, pulling her toward him.

Gu Hua slightly knitted her brow as she doesn't know in which area she currently is or where she should go first to the bank or general's home?

But before she reached a conclusion, the scene before her suddenly blurred, her body moved, and in another blink of an eye, she was sitting. Not only that, she was actually settled within the arms of this man she had just met.

How could Gu Hua possibly let someone else take advantage of her whenever they pleased? She subconsciously lifted her dagger to slice at the other party's artery in the neck. However, An Haden's reaction ought to be considered to be quite fast. Gu Hua's hand had not even streaked across, and he had already single-handedly forced her hand behind her back.

Gu Hua had never expected such a large discrepancy between her martial arts and this guy. She was right in front of him, but she could not even deal with one blow.

Gu Hua did not know why but she instinctively felt as if this man was extremely dangerous.

Unknown to her the moment he grabbed her waist her ear cuff in the shape of a little girl wearing a golden dress started to shine as the pair of black and white wings attached to her back started to flutter.

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  • Lovellah


    This is one of my favorite novel.. sadly its so slow in updating and it takes some day to update😢please author sama i need mass release😢 i love the story ,, so interesting and full of adventures,,,,

  • SamSike2K2


    Nice chapter

  • GypsyQueen


    Not bad at all

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