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I have to say, I like your writing style. And you're able to capture the depth as well. I wish I could write as well as you. The storyline was interesting, a bit on the heavy side, but it was able to keep me occupied until the end. So that definitely meant something. Thanks for introducing this to me!
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GREAT WRITING STYLE, grammar and word construction. Creativity wise, it's good too. Cool that author has already planned a couple of chaps. Looking forward to this. Keeping this to my library. :)
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Pretty good story so far, very well written with decent descriptions, etc. Probably one of the better ones, in terms of grammar and spelling, on this site.
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Pretty interesting so far. The main characters, Rykar and Loki are well established. We have a their background, their family, their standings and of course their personalities solidly defined in only one chapter. The story starts a lot like these old cultivation novels, MC (this time it’s more than one) is a underdog in a remote village, and is oppressed by his peers. For me personally, this story starts a bit too basic, as I have read a lot of these types of stories. The side characters bully the two MCs as these stories would have it, and the MC silently take it, until they can’t get their revenge. The bully of course, is one with superior power to the MC, which i shall why they can’t retaliate. However should not stop others from shying away, from this story. As for those who like these type of genres, I’d definetly recommend this novel. The grammar is great, and the writing style i shall interesting, which make it better than 90% of all originals. There’s foreshadowing (MCs body ‘marks’) and a clear established world. It has everything a starting story needs, and some more. One thing I’d like would be that the story was more show, than tell, as a lot of tidbits of info is being said by the narrator. But, that is a problem which almost all novels (translated and original) have. TL;DR To summarize, it’s a solid read, and anyone picking this up would surely not be disappointed.
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I'm going to go ahead and make a shameless 5* review the first.. Its my first novel so i would appreciate any and all feedback while trying to answer anything I've left out while being too vague etc. As I'm aiming for realistic reactions and personalities, there are switches in the mood from being serious to playful, as I think would be played out in the real relationship between young brothers with competitive attitudes. All in all, Happy reading!
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